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Sporting Events 2017 - 2018

Cross country intra-house competition

KS2 partcipated in a cross country competition to declare an overall house winner. Each year group was split into two races; girls and boys. Children ran for their house colour to collect a number of different points. Livingstone have some fantastic athletes and everyone demonstrated excellent sportsmanship.

However, there needs to be a winner. That was the...blue team!

Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to watch and support.

7th February

10th January

Teddy bears picnic

“Terrific”, “Magical” and “Amazing” were just some of the words that our children used to describe their experience of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. This event is an inclusive multi skills festival for select children. The children took part in lots of different activities, with their teddy bears, which were all run by Sports Leaders from local secondary schools, also with their teddy bears. Each session the children took part in was different and aimed to get them moving and exercising, they took part in lots of activities including; dancing, football, throwing and catching and skipping. At the end of the festival, a very special stuffed animal popped by to present the children with some certificates, Sarrie the Camel (the Saracens RFC team mascot). 

15th March

Netball Intra-house competition

Year 5 and 6 competed in an outstanding game of netball  to win their house team a trophy.

Year 5 played agaisnt each other to declare a winner to compete agaisnt a year 6 team. As did year 6 to decide who would play agaisnt year 5 for the trophy.

Triumphantly, the year 5 green team won!





28th November

Netball Inter-School Competition 

The year 5 and 6 netball team travelled to Holly Park this week off the back of an impressive victory against Brunswick Park the week before. We got off to the best start possible with Sophia (the smallest player on the court!!) scoring the first points of the game. Unfortunately, we couldn’t capitalise on this great start and ended up losing to a very good Holly Park team. Mrs Church and Mrs Gordon were full of praise for the team, saying that they had never played as well as they did.   

16th November

Family Festival

Every year group throughout the academic year has the opportunity to take part in an afternoon of various sporting activities at East Barnet Secondary School. This is a local partnership school that Livingstone has a connection with. Other schools from Barnet participate too and it is a chance for the children to mix with different peers.  It is a fun and engaging activity for children to explore. As well as be inspired, as the event is ran by students from the school. Year 4 took part and had an incredible time getting involved!

17th October

Cross Country Competition

Children from years 4 to 6 went to Allianz Park to participate in a cross country race against other schools. The level of determination and team-work was outstanding. Everyone performed fantastically and achieved personal bests. Well done to Zoe, Antoni, Roxy, Alfie, Sarah, Darina, Luke, JJ, Mohamed, Naydar and Arthur.



28th March 2018

Year 3 Dance Intra-house

To promote healthy competition, both Year 3 classes took part in a dance competition where they had to perform a routine that they created themselves in their house teams.  Each group practised extremely hard with the help of Lauren, our P.E specialist teacher, to think of an imaginative sequence. Each dance routine was precise, well thought out and very creative. Every team had the opportunity to perform in front of Lauren, Miss Fairley and our P.E apprentice Sarah.  Even though all the dances were speculator, there had to be a winner. Well done to the yellow teams!


10th May 2018

Year 4 had the opportunity to compete in a tag rugby festival at Allianz Park. The children had practised extremely hard and it had paid off! Two teams were taken to compete and they had won various matches. It has a beautiful day to watch great sportsmanship. Well done to all the children who took part.

30th June 2018

Year 4 Dodgeball Intra-house

It has become evident throughout the year that dodgeball is a popular sport in Year 4 so we decided to compete in a competition within 4F and 4T. The winners from each class then entered the final against each other. In the final, was the red team from 4F and the yellow team from 4T. The room was electric! The hall was full of laughter and screams. The team that came out on top was….the red team! Well done to everyone.


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