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The Early Years Foundation Stage
The Curriculum at Livingstone Nursery and Reception 
The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stagereferred to above, provides a framework for the learning and development requirements.  This is a complete Curriculum from birth to five years - and it sets out a series of Early Learning Goals which children at the end of the Reception year aim to meet.
To help us deliver the EYFS Curriculum here at Livingstone Nursery and Reception, we follow the newly revised (September 2021) document 'Development Matters - the Non-Statutory Curriculum Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage'.   This document describes the seven Areas of Learning and Development in detail, but here are its key headings:
The Prime Areas of Learning
  • Communication and Language; developing speaking and listening skills;
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development; developing social skills, self-confidence, self-awareness and learning how to manage feeling and behaviour;
  • Physical Development; developing large motor movements such as running, jumping, throwing, catching etc., as well as fine motor movements such as mark-making and writing.  It also includes childrens' development in terms of their health and self-care skills.
‚ÄčThe Specific Areas of Learning
  • Literacy; developing a good understanding of Phonics, Reading and Writing;
  • Maths; developing a good understanding of Number, Mathematical Language, Reasoning, Shape and Space;
  • Understanding of the World; developing childrens' understanding of People and Communities, the World and Technology;
  • Expressive Arts and Design; developing and nurturing children's creative talents through art and music as well as developing their imaginary play skills.

Our Facilities: - Our Nursery and Reception classes share their own large outdoor space as well as having their own undercover play and learning area, enabling outdoor access - whatever the weather!  

Our Surrounding Area

We are also extremely fortunate to be situated alongside Hadley Woods. Click on the link to find out how we take advantage of our own school grounds, pond and wildlife area as well as our beautiful surroundings. 

Visits to the Early Years Department are always welcomed
Please contact our school office to arrange a visit

If you would like more information about how to apply for a place at Livingstone School Nursery, please contact the school office.  We admit children from 3 years of age and you would be most welcome to come and visit the Nursery and have a play session!  You do not have to be within the catchment of Livingstone School to attend our Nursery!  We offer morning and afternoon places as well as the 30 hour entitlement for working parents and carers.  In addition to this, we offer wrap-around-care with a breakfast and after-school club.  Contact us to find out more!

If you would like more information about how to apply for a place at Livingstone School Reception class, please also contact the school office or Barnet Schools Admissions Team who will be able to help you.


We look forward to seeing you at Livingstone Nursery and/or Reception class!


EYFS Curriculum

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