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PE Premium

The government has allocated schools funding to improve the provision of Sport. This gives our school the chance to enhance our level of physical activity and to promote physical fitness.


We are dedicated to raising physical fitness, encouraging healthy competition, promoting healthy life styles, providing good P.E lessons and raising aspirations for sport. We have a committed team who strive to ensure children receive high quality sport experiences. Engagement in School Sport and promoting Physical Activity is important to us and we use the P.E Premium to ensure that we are giving children opportunities to participate and have positive experiences with P.E and Sport. 


At Livingstone School we are investing our funding into:

  • Improving healthy eating and lifestyles
  • Training for staff.
  • Playground equipment and P.E equipment
  • Targeting less physically active children.
  • Promoting sport to all year groups.
  • Extra swimming sessions


Livingstone’s goal with the P.E and Sports premium is to raise the participation of all pupils in Physical activity regardless of ability, disability, gender, culture or social background. This funding is being used to widen the range of sports that children can participate in at school and to increase the expertise of all staff members delivering P.E. to the children. By effective teaching, training and providing a rounded extra-curricular timetable we aim to allow all pupils attending Livingstone to experience the benefits of joining in with physical activity, and making healthy lifestyle choices.  Raising fitness levels is one of the priorities at Livingstone. We are aware of the swimming national requirements that are expected so we have added extra swimming sessions for children in years 5 to 6 to achieve this goal. By listening to ‘pupil voice’ we want our children to have the opportunity to be in control of their Physical Education at Livingstone and through leadership roles encourage all our children to lead healthier lifestyles. As the government has identified planned activity as a target, we want to ensure that children have access to fitness opportunities daily for at least 30 minutes. We aim to run extra activity sessions for everyone during lunch time on the playground which are led by our P.E councillors to promote leadership in sport and offer children a chance to take part in a planned sporting activity.

Attached are documents outling the 5 key indicators and what we are doing with our P.E provision against the P.E premium budget. 

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