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Week 2

Our school have been using the VLE for at least a year now!

Hail Phelan! Hail Phelan! On Roman Day,4SB and 4F had to dress up as Romans.

First thing in the morning they went outside in playground to find roman numerals that spell out a roman code. During the day, they did all kinds of activities which included making mosaics of roman pictures, had a war with the other class and they also made a sculpture of a roman, which most kids thought was very cool.​ By Ruby (5S)

Our school have been using the VLE for at least a year now. It is a great way to learn especially as you can do it with your friends. The VLE stands for Virtual Learning Environment which totally lives up to its name.



Week 1

SATs Preparation Classes for Year 2 and Year 6 - moved to Tuesday 18th Feb to Thursday 21st between 10am -12pm.

Letters have been sent to individual pupils!

From Monday 4th February, if your child/ren arrives in school after the whistle then they will be registered as late. Please aim to be in the playground for 8.45am!

Parents asked about the cost of the Year 5 trip to the Golden Hinde (£18) original cost (£25)

Response: The school chooses trips carefully to enhance the education of the pupils. Commercial venues such as Harry Potter are expensive. However, to ensure that our pupils enjoy the best educational experiences we always provide subsidies for these trips. In addition, any parents/carers can speak to the office if they experiencing financial difficulties and payments can be made in installments.




Week 4

The school day finishes at 3.15…

Safer Internet day! National E-Safety Week starts in February but every week is E-safety week at Livingstone School. 

Just as we have a problem with pupils coming in late, there are also pupils who are not being collected on time. If this is a reoccurring issue, parents/carers will be notified and if the late collections persists they will charged for the care at CABIN Club rates.

Please remind pupils of the risks of using the Internet not just on their computers and tablets but also on their phones and games consoles.



Week 2

Overall attendance last term was 97%.  Well done everyone !

But we’re only 5 minutes late!

5 minutes once a week... Over half a day lost in school each year

5 minutes twice a week.. More than one day lost in school each year

5 minutes every day.. Nearly 16 hours or 3 days lost in school each year

That’s nearly 7 weeks missed over your child’s school career

A few minutes won‘t affect their chance to learn - will it?

When you are late your child loses 




Week 3

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

On behalf of all the staff, thank you for all your good wishes and generous gifts.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on Monday 7th January when school re-opens at 8.50am.

(Breakfast and CABIN Club open as normal)



Week 2

Livingstone pupil writes to MP and is invited to the House of Commons!

Christmas fair raises £3500!

My trip to the House of Commons was amazing. After an opportunity to interview our local MP, Teresa Villiers (who was very nice and cared about what we spoke about), I was then taken through to the House of Commons. 

On Saturday 1st December, we had a Christmas Fair. Santa Clause came to his grotto in the pond area. We also had a few stalls which sold food and toys. Not only did we have stalls, but we also had four great tombola’s that had chocolate, bottles, teddy bears and a Christmas tree tombola. 

Year 2 performed a marvellous, yes, and I mean fantastic show with lots of fabulous songs about dinosaurs! Their sweet little voices went along with each other so well; no wonder we couldn’t take our eyes off them. 



Week 1

The Christmas Fair was an outstanding success and we made an amazing £3,500!

Thank you Father Christmas for coming to our school every year and bringing such lovely gifts!

Thank you to all the pupils, parents, staff and friends of the school who helped and attended.

A big thank you goes to the PTA, especially Lina and Kerry and the team of helpers who work tremendously hard all year round and who organised such a wonderful event. It is due to their work and the generosity of supporters of Livingstone School that we are getting a new minibus for Christmas.





Week 5

Christmas Fair

Saturday 1st Dec 1pm - 4pm!

Great Assembly Yesterday…..You Rock Your Times Tables!

With Top Prizes, Auction Lots and Family Fun

Win a Luxury Christmas Hamper, Tablet & Mega Pamper Package.

Amazing Crazy Golf/Soft Play/Cinema/Panto and Zoo Family Tickets

Fabulous Reflexology, Fitness, Hairdressing and Beauty packages.

Vouchers to Top Barnet Cafes and Restaurants

Mega Football Coaching and Tutoring Sessions

Special Guests- Father Christmas and Livingstone Choir

Chocolate Tombola, Raffles, Games, Crafts, Toys and much more…!



Week 4

Livingstone School Choir will be singing at two events this term!! 

Please ensure that packed lunches do not include any foods with nuts and no sweets or chocolates.

Livingstone School Choir will be singing at two events this term!

 At the Christmas Fair on 1st December the Choir will be singing Christmas songs and carols at 2.30pm.

Children In Need 





















Including donations from KF pupils



Week 3

Livingstone 1 – Woodridge 0!

Please turn off your engines when waiting near the school. Keep our air quality safe.

 On Thursday 8th November, Year 5/6 girls played their first game in the Girls League for Barnet. If you had watched the game, you wouldn't have guessed that it was their first time playing together.  

On Thursday 8th November, children from years 5/6 participated in an indoor athletics competition. The children had practised super hard with our P.E apprentice, Sarah, and some children managed to win their races.

 Well done to everyone who took part.



Week 2

Well done to our new P.E Ambassadors! 

Christmas fair is Saturday 1st December between 1pm and 4pm! 

This year we are going to continue with our P.E council to help assist on different sporting activities and ensure that we are doing the best we can to promote sport throughout Livingstone.

Well done to our new P.E Ambassadors;

Sara, Charlie, Alfie, Ruby, Daisy, Aedan, CJ, Sara, Zach, Catherine, Xander, Jamie, Maisie, Charlie, Eleni and Alan.

On Tuesday 6th November, Year 5 went on a trip to the Affinity Water Centre. 



Week 1

We are pleased to report that our overall attendance is 97% so far for this term!

Thank you PTA for the brilliant event!

 A wonderful assembly was performed by Year 4F for Harvest Festival, followed by some magical singing from all the pupils. Miss Fairley and Mrs Church, did a marvellous job ensuring that all the pupils performed to their best ability. Thank you for all the goods donated, which was given to the food bank in East Barnet Village.

Poppies and stationary will be on sale every day from next week.

There will also be a Poppy Cake Sale after school on Thursday 8th November.




Week 3

This Month Livingstone is celebrating Black History Month! 

On the 8th October Year 6 went to PGL Little Canada in the Isle of Wight! 

Black History Month is when we remember all of the black people who have made big accomplishments all over the world. 5S who are taught by Miss Smith, are doing a poem called the Caged Bird which was written by a black poet called Maya Angelou, who turned mute after being attacked. There is also Martin Luther King, who made a speech to treat black people the same as white people. The final black person I’m going to talk about is Rosa Parks who didn’t give up her seat for a white person and had to go to prison for doing that . Happy Black History Month Everyone! By Jim Baker (5BB)



Week 2

On Wednesday, Year 2 visited the Barnet Fire Station as part of their topic the Great Fire of London. 

Yesterday, children from Year 5S and 5BB went to a Tag rugby tournament!

We had a tour of the station where we saw the Watch room, the mess and the gym that the fire fighters train in to get fit. We also got to go inside the fire engines and used the hoses to spray water. Alyssa said “It was a good day and I really enjoyed using the hose to spray the buckets.”

We faced other schools like All Saints, Goldbeaters, Orion and many more. Even though we tried our best, it was hard because the other schools had more practice. Altogether we scored 4 goals. We faced three teams and played one team twice. 



Week 1

Kingfisher 1 Local Visit! 

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London! 

Pupils had a great time shopping at the local Sainsbury’s last week. They walked independently from the school to East Barnet. They had experiences of using money in the shop, reading and writing lists.  They even got Mrs Ferdenzi’s shopping!

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London. Yesterday we filled up buckets of water and threw the water over chalk marks on a wall acting out how people stopped the Great Fire of London from spreading in 1666. The children found this very hard and tiring, running to refill the buckets again and again. We learnt how difficult it was for the people of London at the time and how having a fire service now has improved our lives greatly. 




Week 4

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of welcoming, Mr Clive Partridge, the Chair of our Governing Body to our assembly to present our School Councillors with their badges!

School Dinners are freshly cooked on the premises and are carefully designed to ensure that our pupils get a balanced diet. Menus are on our website and parents who have concerns can speak to the class teacher.

We encourage pupils to eat all of their packed lunch but to ensure that parents know what their child has eaten, unfinished food is returned in the lunch box. Please try to make your child/ren’s lunches as balanced as possible and do not send in sweets, chocolates and foods that are very high in sugar. No nuts or fizzy drinks.



Week 3

School Council Elections took place yesterday and the results will be announced soon…! 

It is extremely important that all parents provide us with any changes to contact details as soon as possible. 

We had our first Parent Rep meeting today and we have had lots of feedback about the start of the year. Please let us know if you would like to come along to the next meeting. We are looking for new representatives for the Reception Class, so please come forward and join us next week.

We had lots of questions on school dinners and packed lunches, so in the next week, a letter will go out which we hope will answer most of the queries.  We will also send out details on how to sign up to sample a lunch.



Week 2

Next Friday we are holding our first Parent Rep meeting of the year!

These meetings take place on the second Friday of every term, they last half an hour and are open to everyone. We always have vacancies so please come along to the next meeting in the CABIN on Friday 21st September 9 am.

Please do not park on the yellow lines when dropping off your child/ren and please respect our neighbours by not blocking their driveways.

Curriculum Booklets and reading diaries should have come home this week following on from ‘Meet the Teacher’. If you were unable to attend and would like to see the class teacher. we will be having Impact Meetings in the first week of October. 



Week 1

We look forward to another promising year at Livingstone! 

It is extremely important that all parents provide us with any changes to contact details as soon as possible. 

Over the next couple of weeks more children will be joining Nursery and Reception class from families who are new to the school. We welcome them into the Livingstone family and look forward to working in partnership on the path to educational success!

School begins at 8.50am and ends at 3.15pm. Please be punctual and please telephone if your child is away from school or write a note if you know in advance. 



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