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November 2022

Week 4

EYFS Fit Bags

At Livingstone, we strive to be a healthy and active school. We want our children to adopt healthy lifestyles, and this starts at an early age.

Reception and Nursery will start to take home Fit Bags that have been made up to increase physical activity at home.

Every Friday, three children will take these bags home and inside you will find a range of equipment and a selection of fun games to play together. These bags must be returned by Wednesday so that they are ready for Friday to go to new children.

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Week 3

Remembrance Sunday!

Children in Need!

We are extremely proud of the pupils who laid a wreath on behalf of Livingstone last Sunday. Kaitlin, Lois, Catherine and Daisy took part in the event as well as Jaydon who participated as part of the Sea Cadets. Thank you to everyone who went along to pay their respects and thank you to everyone who bought a poppy.

You would have expected that coming after the Autumn Statement and the financial difficulties high-lighted in the Budget, that donations for Children in Need, would have been impacted. In fact, we had lots of pupils coming to school in their Pudsey outfits this morning and lots of very generous contributions made to this very special event. We are grateful to all the donations made to this and to all the charitable causes that we support throughout the year. Thank you Livingstone parents and carers we managed to raise just over £360.



Week 2

World Cup Pop-Up Shop

Thank you to everyone in the PTA who helped sell merchandise
in preparation for the World Cup. We hope that the children
enjoy creating a carnival atmosphere when it starts on the 20th

The school will be closed for INSET on the 21st November,
which by coincidence, happens to be the day when England
play their first match against Iran. Good luck to all the teams but
we hope England win!

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Week 1

Celebrations and Upcoming Event!

Firstly, a belated Happy Diwali to all our Hindu families, and just as they have celebrated with fireworks, we are due to have more on Bonfire Night this Saturday 5th November.

We hope all our families have a wonderful time. Please keep safe and be responsible when letting off fireworks and we recommend attending organised events.



October 2022

Week 3

Spooky Adventure

veryone had a spooktacular day on Thursday at the PTA's Spooky Adventure and it was so lovely to see so many ghoulishly great costumes. Usually, we hold our annual event in the pond area but due to the poor weather, we held it in the main hall. Although this was a last-minute change of plan, the PTA worked effortlessly to ensure the hall was decorated just as spookily as it would be the pond area. Pupils enjoyed the frightfully fantastic activities organised for them and were spoilt for choice when deciding which of the enchanting goodies to buy. A big, big thank you to our PTA and all our families who helped to make this event possible and really fun!

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Week 2

Hello from the new Writers Team.

Welcome to the new pupil newsletter 2022!

We are very pleased to introduce the Livingstone pupil newsletter editors...

Katerina and Lois Y6!!

This year we have many new exciting articles about what we as a school will be doing. We have some new writers from Y5 and Y6 to help us write about the action that will be going on at our school. We have new subjects every term, like Cultural Capital, Y4 Swimming and PGL.

We are very exited for the new term and to write about new subjects.

By Katerina and Lois Y6 :)



Week 1

Parent Consultation Meetings

Parent Consultation Meetings are coming up. The children will have been in school for half a term and the teachers can use their evaluations to feedback to parents/carers on their progress so far as well as any areas for improvement. It is also an opportunity for parents/carers to ask questions, especially for our parents/carers of children in Reception class or children new to the school.

Next week, we will be sending a text message to Reception Class and Years 1 - 5 with a link for parents/carers to book a consultation with their child's teacher. Nursery parents/carers will receive a letter to make their appointments. Please check the dates and times below that will be available for your child's class. Please note, Year 6 consultations will take place after half term and the Year 6 link to make bookings will also be sent after half term.

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September 2022


Week 3

Read with Me

Thank you to all our parents/carers for joining us in this week's Read with Me session. It was really lovely to see so many of you enjoying a story with your children.

Also, we warmly welcome our new Reception families to their first Read with Me Session.

We look forward to seeing you next week!



Week 2

Challenge Clubs

Thank you to all the parents/carers who were able to come to our 'Meet the Teacher' sessions. Impact meetings giving more details about the subjects and methods of teaching will be scheduled throughout the year. However, please do not hesitate to ask if you require more information about the Curriculum.

We are also going to be re-starting Saturday School and Challenge Clubs in the mornings and afternoons. We are very fortunate to have funding that we can allocate to providing these services, so please ensure that pupils identified for this additional teaching attend each session.

Pupils not included in these classes will be supported through interventions and classroom support timetabled during the school day.

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Week 1

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

It is with sadness that Buckingham Palace announced yesterday the death of Her Majesty The Queen.

Today all the pupils and staff paid tribute to her life, as our Monarch in assembly. Our thoughts were also with The Royal Family who have lost their Mother and Grandmother.

Incredibly poignant was the fact that only this week we received a letter from the Queen thanking the pupils of Livingstone in response to their letter of best wishes for the Platinum Jubilee (see below)



July 2022

Week 2

Goodbye Year 6

It has come to the end of the school year which also means it has come to the end of Primary School for year 6 ☹. Each and every one of us are devastated to be leaving because Livingstone has been our family since we were toddlers. We would all like to thank our teachers for helping us along our journey and preparing us for Secondary School. The feeling that we are leaving Livingstone behind and entering the unknown is overwhelming but we know we can push through it. Sometimes I wish that I could freeze time and stay at Livingstone forever, but sadly we don’t always get our way. We cannot thank Livingstone enough for the experiences you have so freely given to every individual. You encouraged us and assisted us. I don’t want to say goodbye because this one means forever, but (with a shower of expected despair) it has come to an end.


Lily.M Y6

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Week 1

Reception Graduatio

Livingstone Pupil Excels at the London

Gymnastic Championships

This week, we got to enjoy one of the Livingstone high- lights of the Year - The Livingstone Reception Graduation Assembly. Congratulations to the Reception Class of 2022! We are so proud of all of the progress the children have made this year and their incredible enthusiasm for learning. They have had an amazing year and are ready to move to their new class. Thank you to Ms Purse, Ms Knappett and Ms Edwards and also to the Kingfisher team of Mrs Ferdenzi, Mrs Kotracova, Mrs Craddock and Mrs Cavozzi.

Lily McMahon, in Year 6 came first out of 20 top rated competitors in the Rhythmic Gymnastic Ribbon Competition. This highly prestigious event is part of Lily's journey to represent Great Britain in the 2028 or 2032 Olympics. Congratulations Lily!

Remember, you saw her here first!



June 2022

Diary Dates

JULY 2022

Friday 1st:

  • INSET Day - School closed to pupils

Monday 4th:

  • INSET Day - School closed to pupils
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Week 4

Barnet Education Arts Trust

Key Stage 2 Livingstone Choir performed brilliantly at the Barnet Music Festival!

Our Key Stage 2 Livingstone Choir performed brilliantly at the Barnet Music Festival on Tuesday. They all worked incredibly hard learning six festival songs as well as our own individual item at weekly rehearsals for months. On the day, they made us all so proud as they sang their hearts out on stage in front of a live, enthusiastic audience at the Arts Depot. Well done to all of our choir! Keep singing!



Week 3

Sunny Weather

We may not have sunny weather again this year, but if we do, please remember to put sun cream on your child and send them in with a sun hat.

Pupils are bringing in sunglasses but please be mindful that they can get broken when the children are actively playing.

We know the importance of Vitamin D for everyone and so we like to encourage pupils to go outside but when the weather is as hot as today we will bring them indoors.

Reminder - School uniform hats are available from the school office for £3.50!

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Week 2

Father's Day Stall

P.E Councillor

On Friday 17th June there will be a Father's Day stall held at school which will take place throughout the day. Gifts will be available to buy at a cost of between 50p and £5.00.

If you would like your child to purchase a special Father's Day gift, please send them to school on the day with their money in a named envelope or purse and a carrier bag to bring their gift home in.

Our P.E councillors were fortunate to have some sports leadership training from our local school games organiser, Barnet Partnership for School Sport. On Thursday, children from Years 5 and 6 worked collaboratively to design activity stations linked to the Commonwealth Games and on Friday, they led these sporting activities for some children in Years 3 and 4 where they took control, modelled the activities clearly and were motivantional and helpful. The children who took part were also perfectly behaved and had lots of fun taking part.



May 2022


Week 3

Founder's Day Platinum Jubilee Picni

On Friday 27th May we will be celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a family picnic and dance performances from the pupils. The dances have been chosen to reflect the Queen's role as head of state for the UK and the Commonwealth and will be showcased in the All Weather Sports Pitch from 1.30pm.

Please bring a picnic and join us on the field from 12pm onwards and stay to watch the dancing at 1.30pm. Pupils can sit and eat the picnic with their families or join them with the school dinner of sausage and chips served in a bag, followed by a Jubilee Cup Cake.



Week 2

Year 6 SATs!

Founders Day and Jubilee Celebrations!

We are always being amazed by our Livingstone pupils and never more so than this week when Year 6 completed their SATs. After two years of disruption and a mountain of work to complete, you would have expected some nerves.

Most of Year 6 took advantage this week of the free Breakfast Club, kindly provided by Mrs Hunter and Mrs Reynolds and the Yoga sessions delivered by Kate Orr that were organised by Mrs Kelly to help them start each day relaxed and focused. We were pleasantly surprised by the calm and resilient attitude they all had to each test. Everyone of them took the exams in their stride and their behaviour throughout was exceptional.

Join us on Friday 27th May for our Founders Day celebration and Jubilee Picnic.



Week 1

Athletics Competittion

Last week, children from Years 5 and 6 represented our school at an athletics competition where we competed against seven other teams. Each child had to take part in four different sporting activities: 80 m sprint, 600 m run, vortex throw and long jump. The children worked hard to complete each activity to the best of their ability to collect points for our team. All of the scores were tallied together and we proudly placed 5th. It was a great day out and it gave the children a taste of athletics! Well done to Zeynep, Hattie, Lois, Katerina, Qamazarda, Alex, Zach and Mattero.



April 2022

Week 4

Checkout the Diary Dates!

Eid Mubarak!

It's incredible to think that we have now completed two thirds of this year and that we are now well into the Summer Term, which promises to be jam-packed with events!

Check out the diary which is now at the front of the newsletter so nothing is missed.

Happy Eid to all our Muslim families and thank you to anyone who has generously sent in food gifts to celebrate the end of fasting for Ramadan.



Week 3

Keeping Safe on Device

Come and Support our girl's team!

It is very important that all parents and carers monitor the use of their child/ ren's devices such as mobile phones, laptops, iPads etc. Even the youngest children in our school have been talking about inappropriate cartoon characters that are quite scary. Please speak to any older siblings about showing their younger family members age related material only.

On Thursday 19th May, our Livingstone girls' football team are playing Christchurch in the Final at 3:30pm on our very own field. We would love to see lots of parents and children from Key Stage 2 watching and making lots of noise, so please come and support the team.



Week 1

Happy Easter

Mother's Day

Year 5 gave an excellent performance for their Easter Assembly on Thursday. Great acting, great playing and great singing!

The Story of the Resurrection mirrored the sadness felt at losing the connection with friends and family because of Covid and the joy of the return, reflected by a normal assembly with an audience and a hall full of pupils.

Thank you to Miss Smith, Mr Thomas, Ms Horsewood and Mrs Craddock for preparing the pupils so well and for a brilliant performance of the Easter Story!

For the first year ever, the PTA decided to introduce a Mother's Day tea to the annual calendar of events. Thank you to the amazing team of Lina Cavozzi, Diane, Melissa and Charlotte Gosling, Laura Blackaller, Malalai Mohmand and Kate Orr, for working their socks off to get the boxes ready. The feedback was amazing for such a lovely event!



March 2022

Week 4


Year 6 School Journey!

Just before the Easter holiday, Year 6 will be going to PGL (Activity site in the Isle of Wight!). All of us can't wait! The objective of this visit is to increase children's independence and provide opportunities for children's social and/or emotional development. This also gives opportunities for outdoor activities that may not usually be available at school and it also develops new team-building and problem-solving skills.

Autism Acceptance Week!

This year Autism Acceptance Week is being held on the 28th of March. We help autistic kids join in with different activities. The month April is Autism Acceptance month. People celebrate this to help autistic people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.



Week 3

PTA Spring Fun Day

Barnet SEND Inspection Outcome

It was so wonderful to see the faces of the pupils as they got to enjoy the Disco Dome which was the centre piece of the first Livingstone Craft Fair.

Thank you to Lina Cavozzi and her great band of helpers. It was another wonderfully inclusive event, suited to all ages and to all abilities. As a result of the hard work, the PTA managed to raise £1588.61 of which 50% will be donated to the Ukraine Appeal Fund.

We have just received the outcome letter for the Inspection of Barnet SEND services and are pleased to announce that the inspection was a great success. Thank you to all our staff who work with our SEND pupils, especially Kingfisher staff for the amazing work that they do to get the very best out of our pupils. We must give a special mention to Mrs Ferdenzi who was chosen as one the professionals to contribute to the preparation of the inspection and join one of the panels to be interviewed by the inspectors.



Week 2

Well done to all the Year 6 pupils who performed ‘I'm a Believer’ at the Dance Festival!

They were spectacular! They had a great look thanks to Miss Fairley and put on a fabulous performance thanks to our dance teacher Hannah from Non Stop Action, Miss Breen, Mrs Armstrong and Diane who prepared them on a very tight schedule. Even when the music stopped just seconds before they were due to finish, Year 6 just carried on and finished the dance to perfection and to the delight of a packed audience. It was such an enjoyable evening and hosted by the Barnet Schools PE Partnership, Anne Fisher and Kim Henderson who did everything they could to bring this memorable event back to the Artsdepot after an interruption caused by COVID.



Week 1

It was great to see parents and carers back in school for parent consultations.

It was great to see parents and carers back in school for parent consultations and as the term is progressing, we are seeing more events being re-introduced into the school calendar. Whole school assemblies have returned. We have had a programme of competitive matches, school visits and workshops, with more scheduled. In the next few weeks we are taking part the Dance Festival at the Artsdepot and the choir is being re-started ready for participation in the Music Festival. Despite small outbreaks of COVID, there is a feeling of optimism and a belief that despite setbacks, pupils are getting back on track with their learning and getting the all-round education that they deserve.



February 2022

Week 4

Learning to live with Covid!

After two years of major disruption, we are moving slowly but steadily towards the end of the pandemic restrictions.

This means that from this week:

People no longer have to wear masks

People who test positive for Covid will no longer have to self-isolate.

No one will have to isolate or test daily for seven days if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive.

However, as Covid is still a health risk for a small minority of people, in line with government recommendations, we will still be advising that pupils and members of staff who are clearly unwell or testing positive, to stay at home and avoid contact with others for at least five full days.



Week 2

Cultural Capital

This term we did Cultural Capital assemblies run by Mr Madle. This is how the children of Livingstone learnt essential knowledge about people who have inspiring stories. We learnt about The Beatles, Emma Radacanu, Ben Wilson, Zaha Hadid and AA Milne. Some of our writers have written articles about these people so that we 'learn more and remember more'. Please read about the people below to see what we have been learning in school. Enjoy. By Lily M Yr6 (Editor)



Week 1

IMPACT Maths Meetings!

After half term, we are inviting parents/ carers in for an hour-long Maths session, where you will have the opportunity to take part in activities with your child and their class teacher. Sessions will start at 9:00 am and end at 10:00 am - please see below the dates set for each year group.

We highly recommend that you join us for this session so you can…

see the variety of resources we use to support maths learning in school experience maths activities that your child completes work with your child get ideas on how to support and encourage your child’s maths learning at home



January 2022

Week 4

Changes to COVID Restriction

Following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement, the Schools’ Covid 19 Operational Guidance has been updated and the Government are now advising that face coverings are no longer required in classrooms (from 20th January) or communal areas from 27th January.

However, in Barnet, cases of COVID-19 are still high and we are seeing ongoing transmission of COVID within our educational settings. In order to continue to protect the public health within our school communities, we are still being advised that educational settings which have 2 or more cases of COVID-19 consider temporarily reinstating face coverings for adults in communal areas.

As we currently have a small number of cases in our school, we will follow these recommendations until advised otherwise. However, compliance with these recommendations will be entirely at the discretion of each individual.



Week 3

This Friday marks mid- point in our first half term of the year!

It is unbelievable to think that this Friday marks mid- point in our first half term of the year and although we have not had any snow, due to the position of the school playground, it can be quite icy when we have had a very cold night. For this reason, families may be directed to come through the front door to avoid crossing the main playground because it can be very slippery. Please be mindful, especially of the younger pupils who are vulnerable when they run ahead and when going through narrow entrances. If parents/ carers need to speak to a member of staff at the beginning or end of the school day, and it is very crowded, please allow access to and from the classes and use to office to give your message and the office staff will make sure it gets to them.



Week 2

Livingstone has had a very productive start!

Despite many families having their Christmas holidays interrupted by the spread of COVID, we are pleased to report that Livingstone has had a very productive start to the term with only some pupils being delayed a return by a few days and a very small number testing positive this week.

With the number of isolation days being cut to potentially 5 days and the use of Lateral Flow Tests being permitted to enable a quick return to school, even after testing positive, there is hope that we can get continuity of learning and good learning outcomes for all of the pupils.

Please contact the office if a member of your family or child shows symptoms or tests positive and we will advise best practice to follow in each individual case. Look out for text messages as they will keep everyone notified of any positive cases. If we work together in partnership, we hope to minimise the risk of COVID spreading.



Week 1

Happy New Year to Everyone!

I would like to thank everyone for working so hard to ensure 2021 ended on such a high. We managed to complete all the planned events and only just missed out on the Christmas visit to the church. We hope to apply the same determination to the Spring Term, with the expectation that pupils will give their best effort to achieve their full potential in gaining knowledge and learning new skills. There may be setbacks but we will continue to approach each task ahead with a 'can-do' attitude to ensure that our pupils maintain access to activities and high quality learning opportunities in its many forms.

Mrs Phelan



December 2021

Week 3

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

To all our Livingstone families, we wish you a wonderful, restful and safe festive break.

This has been a truly memorable term, which due to the dedication and hard work of our Livingstone team, has enabled the pupils the best possible return to school, despite the setbacks caused by COVID.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by parents/carers, governors and friends of the school. With your support not only have we managed to deliver the best possible curriculum but also the enriching experiences which make attending Livingstone such a unique and fulfilling experience for the children.

On behalf of all the staff, thank you for all your good wishes and generous gifts.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday 4th January when school re-opens at 8 am.

(Breakfast and CABIN Club open as normal)



Week 2

Christmas Show!

Every year, Year 3 performs a Christmas show for everyone to watch and enjoy. This year, Year 3 performed a wonderful show, which beautifully presents the story of Jesus, how an angel nearly missed it all and how the Advent (Christmas) holiday was made. They have wowed everyone! We hope that everyone had fun while making or watching the show. We would like to thank the teachers who have set up this show and the pupils who carried it out amazingly.

by Lily.M Y6



Week 1

PTA Family Quiz - a huge success!

Raffle Prizes and Bid Up

Over 35 families enjoyed eating pizza and being entertained at our PTA quiz. Move over Chris Tarrant, Noel Edmonds and Gino D'Acampo - the best Quiz Master is our very own Mrs Church. We raised around £300 but more importantly, we managed to bring our community together with laughter. Thank you to Lina, Mrs Church, the Chaffe family, Kelly, Laura, Teresa, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Phelan and Diane for organising an amazing night.

The raffle prize draw from the Christmas Fair will take place on Monday 6th December at 12:30pm. We will be recording the draw for everyone to see.

Everyone should have received the information via text about the wonderful prizes available for 'Bid Up'. Monday 6th December is also the deadline!



November 2021

Week 4

COVID Updates!

At the beginning of term we had hoped to follow the DFE recommendations which permitted pupils to come into school even if they had been exposed to the virus, as long as they tested negative. However, based on cases increasing in schools, this recommendation was recently amended by our local authority, as over time it was noted that the biggest risk to the spread of COVID was the exposure to the virus in the family home. Therefore, following Barnet Health recommendations, though we would not close the class for a small number of cases (fewer than 10% or 3/4 cases), in line with this new guidance, we are asking that pupils with a family member testing positive and living in the same home to stay off school and isolate in order to limit the spread.



Week 3

'In a World Where You Can Be Anything... Be Kind'!

Livingstone and Cop26

This week, we have focused on friendship, specifically learning about how to spread a bit of kindness. The children have learned about the small things that make a difference, such as a simple 'smile' and saying kind things to each other as well as being thoughtful and caring everyday.

Livingstone school have been playing their part in saving the planet and looking after the environment. Here are some pictures from Forest School and our Creative Curriculum..



Week 2

What a busy week!

We are so proud of the children and staff for all the hard work and resilience they have shown after the last two years and it's fantastic that we are now able to add more exciting opportunities and events to the school planner following the lift of COVID restrictions. After all the ups and downs, it's great to see the children participating in and enjoying all the activities that had to be put on hold for a while. They never fail to amaze us with their enthusiasm and achievements.



Week 1

Happy Diwali - Festival of Lights!

Bonfire Night

This week in our assemblies we have been talking about Diwali and Bonfire Night. Both events involve the use of fireworks, so please remind your children of the Firework Code to ensure everyone keeps safe. We wish our Hindu families happy Diwali and for everyone to enjoy any firework displays over the weekend.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance that reading has on improving the educational outcomes of your children. For this reason every class is hosting an Impact Meeting which shows how we teach reading and how you can help your child to improve. Please ensure that you come to these workshops or send another carer such as grandparent as you will learn things that will help your child/ren.



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