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Week 1

Congratulations to Mr Madle Barnet Teacher of the Year!

School Council Cake Sale

For the RSPCA Friday 12th July 3.15pm

We are all very proud of everything he has done for Livingstone pupils and for pupils he has taught from other schools.

What an amazing achievement!

This year we are losing Mrs Peyre (TA) who is leaving us after 17 years of outstanding service to the school. She has been one of the key members of Kingfisher and has helped to raise the attainment of all the pupils in Kingfisher over many years. We wish her the best from everyone.




Week 4

Congratulations to all of the Reception pupils for their fabulous Assembly!

Zumba Exercise Class Livingstone School

10am Saturday 13th July

Tickets £10 With Raffle

All proceeds to Livingstone

They have all made remarkable progress in such a short time. Thank you to Mrs Segal, Mrs Feshias, Ms Knappett, Mrs Mendelsohn and Ms Jones Dawson for an action-packed year and for getting them ready for Year 1!

Who needs Glastonbury when we have our own Camp night!

Thank you to everyone who participated, a good time was had by all and special thanks to Mrs Church and Mrs Craddock for organizing such a great event.



Week 3

Livingstone School Winners of the Small School Athletics Competition!

Zumba Exercise Class Livingstone School

Saturday 13th July 10am

Tickets £10 With Raffle. All proceeds to Livingstone

 Due to the amazing success of our Athletic team we have added a special celebratory Assembly at 9am Friday 28th June.

At this special assembly we will be presenting medals to all the participants and re-telling the events of the day.

David, Maria, Naomi and Jana represented Livingstone at QE boys' Primary Challenge, where they had to solve Maths and logic problems, write a limerick and take part in a spelling Bee. It was extremely challenging but our team did us proud!



Week 1

Livingstone Summer Fair with Live Band!

Saturday 22nd June 2019

3:30pm to 5:30pm

Adults - £1              Children - free

Dance Day

EYFS/Yr1/Yr2/Yr3 - Tuesday 11th June

Assembly at 2.15


Yr4/Yr5/Yr6 - Thursday 13th June

Assembly at 2pm

Everyone Welcome

Please make sure pupils have a full P.E. kit on the day.




Week 3

Well done to everyone in Year 6 for working so hard and successfully completing their SATs!

Summer Fair and 65th Anniversary Party! Saturday 8th June 

Tickets available from office


 Ticket includes a complimentary drink. The event will feature a live band and will be followed by a Disco. There will be a bar, barbecue and raffle all for an amazing £7

Well, where to begin. Our girls’ football team have had a phenomenal football season.  They have won many matches making us the winner of our league and putting us in the final. 



Week 2

Summer Fair and 65th Anniversary Party!

Saturday 8th June  Tickets Available

On Thursday, Year 5S spent a day in the gorgeous French capital!

Summer Fair ticket  £7.00 and each includes a complimentary drink.

The event will feature a live band and this will be followed by a Disco. There will be a bar, barbecue and raffle all for an amazing £7.

On Thursday, Year 5S spent a day in the gorgeous French capital. The rain at the beginning of the trip did not dampen the children’s mood as it didn’t last long. They were able to enjoy their lunch having spectacular views of the Eiffel Tower and the gardens surrounding it. The scenic cruise on the River Seine was an all-time favourite as they passed under famous bridges and landmarks of Paris (Notre Dame de Paris, Musee d’Orsey, etc). Some children even listened to the audioguide in French!



Week 1

Summer Fair and 65th Anniversary Party! Saturday 8th June

Tickets Available @ Livingstone School and Nursery £7.00 and each ticket includes a complimentary drink.

The event will feature a live band and this will be followed by a Disco. There will be a bar, barbecue and raffle all for an amazing £7!

All the way from Los Angeles and This Morning we had the pleasure of Mr Mitchell aka MC Grammar hosting for one of our best ever assemblies emphasising the importance of reading. 




Week 4

All the way from LA see Mr Mitchell (aka MC Grammar) Live on stage at Livingstone 2.45pm on Thursday 2nd May!

Livingstone are now live on Twitter- where you can find the latest news and achievements. You can follow us @livingstoneEN4

Mr Mitchell, our Teacher for More Able Pupils at Livingstone Primary and Nursery School, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show this week. His family were invited as Mr Mitchell (aka MC Grammar) enjoys rapping popular children stories to his children and to school pupils. You can see the full video on YouTube https://youtu.be/uvdAOPP5xZk

In the next pupil voice newsletter we will reveal a pupil that landed a role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, a pupil that is on the front cover of a magazine and a pupil that landed the lead role at 'Chicken Shed' production.

We also reveal what it is like to star in a Reality TV Show!



Week 1

Happy Easter from Year 5 and everyone at Livingstone! Drumroll for Year 3, Miss Purse and Mrs Reynolds!

We had a wonderful Year 5 Assembly prepared by Miss Smith and Mr Thomas on the story of Easter. This was followed by a gentle uplifting song about the coming of Spring. Thank you to Mrs Madejczyk for leading the singing. Thank you to the PTA for providing an Easter Egg for everyone and to Rev Laura from St James’ for coming to our Assembly

The wonderful Rastko led the Year 3 class in a great performance of African Drumming on Thursday. For those of you who were unable to attend, we are hoping to put a short clip on the website. 




Student Newsletter

On Thursday 21st March, it was World Down Syndrome Day!

Well done to all the Year 6 pupils who performed ‘Aladdin’ at the Dance Festival 

We celebrated people who have Down Syndrome and embraced their differences. During assembly, everyone got to learn about Down Syndrome with 18 facts that we didn’t know about people with this disability. They are heroes – heroes that don’t wear capes but heroes who are capable of making anyone smile whenever they are feeling down, heroes that love to joke around and always look on the bright side of any situation. 

On Wednesday 13th March, the members of Year 6 performed a dance to the song ‘Friend Like Me’ from the world-wide known movie Aladdin, at the Arts Depot for the Dance Festival. 



Week 4

SATs Preparation Classes for Year 2 and Year 6 Monday 15th -Thursday 18th April between 10am - 12pm. Letters will be sent to individual pupils

This week, Year 5 visited the Fo Guang Shan Buddhist temple in Oxford Circus where they offered incense to Buddha, learned meditation techniques, found out more about the story of Buddha and learned about the lotus flower symbol.

Special Thanks to Mrs Stephens for the Cake Sale and to Caroline Moffatt (Aiden and Edward’s mum) who helped at short notice!



Week 3

Science Week ended on a high notes!

Well done to all the Year 6 pupils who performed ‘Aladdin’ at the Dance Festival 

Science Week ended on a high note when Jenny Davies, Polar explorer, talked about her incredible attempt at breaking the World Record of reaching the South Pole single-handed.

Well done to all the Year 6 pupils who performed ‘Aladdin’ at the Dance Festival – they were spectacular! Thank you goes to our dance teacher Lauren, Diane and Mrs Armstrong who prepared them on a very tight schedule. Parents wishing to buy a copy of the DVD will need to place an order with the office.



Week 2

We have Winners of World Book Day Character! 

School Council at WE Day where they got to see Prince Harry and Meghan and lots of celebrities promoting the importance of service to the community at home and abroad.

How many characters can you recognize?



Week 1

Mega Book Swap on Wednesday 6th MarchBring in a book that you have read and swap it for keeps!

The schools catering service would like to invite children on packed lunches to have a school dinner on March 7th 2019 when we will be celebrating World Book Day 2019!

We’ll be inviting pupils to join us to take part in the largest celebration of reading in the world. Every child dining with us will get a bookmark.

The celebration menu will be:

Chicken Nuggets, Quorn Dippers, Jacket Potato with Cheese or Baked Beans

Chips Carrots, Green Beans and Chocolate Tiffin




Week 3

Overall attendance for this half term was 94%. 

SATs Preparation Classes for Year 2 and Year 6. Tuesday 18th Feb -Thursday 21st between 10am -12pm.

Sophia, Dorina and Sarah led a whole school Assembly on Equality. They talked about human rights and the role of women. They spoke about women that changed history and gave a story for each class about women who changed the world such as Valentina Tereshkova, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, Maria Montessori and many more including lesser known women such as Jessica Watson who at the age of 16 became the youngest person to sail around the world solo.

We should also mention ex-pupil Ruby Grant who at the age of 16 is currently playing for England U16s and Arsenal. She won the FA Youth Cup in 2017 and marked her SSE Women’s FA Cup debut with a hat-trick on Sunday as Arsenal ran out 4-0 winners over Crawley Wasps.



Week 2

Our school have been using the VLE for at least a year now!

Hail Phelan! Hail Phelan! On Roman Day,4SB and 4F had to dress up as Romans.

First thing in the morning they went outside in playground to find roman numerals that spell out a roman code. During the day, they did all kinds of activities which included making mosaics of roman pictures, had a war with the other class and they also made a sculpture of a roman, which most kids thought was very cool.​ By Ruby (5S)

Our school have been using the VLE for at least a year now. It is a great way to learn especially as you can do it with your friends. The VLE stands for Virtual Learning Environment which totally lives up to its name.



Week 1

SATs Preparation Classes for Year 2 and Year 6 - moved to Tuesday 18th Feb to Thursday 21st between 10am -12pm.

Letters have been sent to individual pupils!

From Monday 4th February, if your child/ren arrives in school after the whistle then they will be registered as late. Please aim to be in the playground for 8.45am!

Parents asked about the cost of the Year 5 trip to the Golden Hinde (£18) original cost (£25)

Response: The school chooses trips carefully to enhance the education of the pupils. Commercial venues such as Harry Potter are expensive. However, to ensure that our pupils enjoy the best educational experiences we always provide subsidies for these trips. In addition, any parents/carers can speak to the office if they experiencing financial difficulties and payments can be made in installments.




Week 4

The school day finishes at 3.15…

Safer Internet day! National E-Safety Week starts in February but every week is E-safety week at Livingstone School. 

Just as we have a problem with pupils coming in late, there are also pupils who are not being collected on time. If this is a reoccurring issue, parents/carers will be notified and if the late collections persists they will charged for the care at CABIN Club rates.

Please remind pupils of the risks of using the Internet not just on their computers and tablets but also on their phones and games consoles.



Week 2

Overall attendance last term was 97%.  Well done everyone !

But we’re only 5 minutes late!

5 minutes once a week... Over half a day lost in school each year

5 minutes twice a week.. More than one day lost in school each year

5 minutes every day.. Nearly 16 hours or 3 days lost in school each year

That’s nearly 7 weeks missed over your child’s school career

A few minutes won‘t affect their chance to learn - will it?

When you are late your child loses 



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