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Week 1

Kingfisher 1 Local Visit! 

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London! 

Pupils had a great time shopping at the local Sainsbury’s last week. They walked independently from the school to East Barnet. They had experiences of using money in the shop, reading and writing lists.  They even got Mrs Ferdenzi’s shopping!

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London. Yesterday we filled up buckets of water and threw the water over chalk marks on a wall acting out how people stopped the Great Fire of London from spreading in 1666. The children found this very hard and tiring, running to refill the buckets again and again. We learnt how difficult it was for the people of London at the time and how having a fire service now has improved our lives greatly. 




Week 4

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of welcoming, Mr Clive Partridge, the Chair of our Governing Body to our assembly to present our School Councillors with their badges!

School Dinners are freshly cooked on the premises and are carefully designed to ensure that our pupils get a balanced diet. Menus are on our website and parents who have concerns can speak to the class teacher.

We encourage pupils to eat all of their packed lunch but to ensure that parents know what their child has eaten, unfinished food is returned in the lunch box. Please try to make your child/ren’s lunches as balanced as possible and do not send in sweets, chocolates and foods that are very high in sugar. No nuts or fizzy drinks.



Week 3

School Council Elections took place yesterday and the results will be announced soon…! 

It is extremely important that all parents provide us with any changes to contact details as soon as possible. 

We had our first Parent Rep meeting today and we have had lots of feedback about the start of the year. Please let us know if you would like to come along to the next meeting. We are looking for new representatives for the Reception Class, so please come forward and join us next week.

We had lots of questions on school dinners and packed lunches, so in the next week, a letter will go out which we hope will answer most of the queries.  We will also send out details on how to sign up to sample a lunch.



Week 2

Next Friday we are holding our first Parent Rep meeting of the year!

These meetings take place on the second Friday of every term, they last half an hour and are open to everyone. We always have vacancies so please come along to the next meeting in the CABIN on Friday 21st September 9 am.

Please do not park on the yellow lines when dropping off your child/ren and please respect our neighbours by not blocking their driveways.

Curriculum Booklets and reading diaries should have come home this week following on from ‘Meet the Teacher’. If you were unable to attend and would like to see the class teacher. we will be having Impact Meetings in the first week of October. 



Week 1

We look forward to another promising year at Livingstone! 

It is extremely important that all parents provide us with any changes to contact details as soon as possible. 

Over the next couple of weeks more children will be joining Nursery and Reception class from families who are new to the school. We welcome them into the Livingstone family and look forward to working in partnership on the path to educational success!

School begins at 8.50am and ends at 3.15pm. Please be punctual and please telephone if your child is away from school or write a note if you know in advance. 



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