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School Governors

Message from the Chair of Governors, Clive Partridge

The role of the governors is to provide strategic oversight of the school, to ensure that it is providing the best possible teaching and learning for all the children within an environment that is caring and safe, and that the school's values and culture are maintained.   

The Governing Body reconstituted in 2014 and there are now fourteen governors altogether:

  • Two staff governors comprising the headteacher and one governor elected by the staff.
  • Five parent governors elected by the parents.
  • One local authority governor proposed by the local authority and appointed by the Governing Body.
  • Six co-opted governors who are appointed by the other governors based on their experience and contribution.



Mrs Elisabeth Overland-Harper

Ms Ada Shum

Ms Sarah Rose Fletcher

Mr Stefan Bach

Mr Oliver Scott


Mrs Giovanna Phelan  - Headteacher

Miss Maria Stephens - Support Staff


Ms Joanna Chadwick 


Mrs Sally Gentle (Vice Chairman)                

Mr Rob Madle - Deputy Headteacher

Mr Clive Partridge (Chairman)                                  

Mr Lee Shea    

Mr Christopher Ward                                             

Miss Emma Breen 

You can see further details of all the governors and the roles they play in the ‘Meet the governors’ section.

The governors are unpaid volunteers who share the vision for Livingstone as an inclusive school committed to giving every child the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential and working closely with parents to provide a supportive, stimulating and happy environment for every child.

Governors' responsibilities

The governors have a range of specific responsibilities, some of which are statutory (i.e. required by law).  The Governing Body's main role is to help raise standards of achievement in the school:

  • it is accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community
  • it plans the school's future direction with the professionals in the school
  • it appoints the headteacher
  • it makes decisions on the school's budget and staffing
  • it makes sure the national curriculum is taught
  • it helps decide how the school can encourage pupils' spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • it makes sure the school provides for all its children, including those with special needs

The Governing Body’s performance is assessed by OFSTED as part of its regular inspections. In its most recent report in 2018, OFSTED commented:

“Governors know the school well and are highly committed. They are supportive but also challenge school leaders when they believe the school can do even better. Leaders and governors have accurately evaluated the school’s performance to identify strengths and areas for development."

The formal business of the governors, such as approving budgets and agreeing polices, takes place at its termly full Governing Body meeting, but most of the work of governors is done through day-to-day interaction with staff members, and in its four committees.

  • the Welfare Committee focuses on the areas of safeguarding and pastoral care of the children.
  • the Curriculum Committee oversees the teaching and learning within the school, monitoring the levels of attainment and achievement by the children.
  • the Finance and Premises Committee ensures that the school's funds are being properly used, and that the fantastic building and grounds which we all enjoy are well maintained.
  • the Personnel Committee oversees the staff structure and performance.          

How to contact us

If you want to get in touch with any of the governors we can be contacted via the school office.

We are always looking for fresh talent that can contribute to the school, so if you are interested in becoming a governor, we would love to hear from you - please contact me or the headteacher.

Thank you for interest in Livingstone Primary & Nursery School. I encourage you to look at the other information on this website which sets out all the great things that we do. 

Clive Partridge

Chair of Governors

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