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April Week 1


Year 5 gave an excellent performance for their Easter Assembly on Thursday. Great acting, great playing and great singing!

The Story of the Resurrection mirrored the sadness felt at losing the connection with friends and family because of Covid and the joy of the return, reflected by a normal assembly with an audience and a hall full of pupils.

Thank you to Miss Smith, Mr Thomas, Ms Horsewood and Mrs Craddock for preparing the pupils so well and for a brilliant performance of the Easter Story!


Mother's Day

For the first year ever, the PTA decided to introduce a Mother's Day tea to the annual calendar of events. Thank you to the amazing team of Lina Cavozzi, Diane, Melissa and Charlotte Gosling, Laura Blackaller, Malalai Mohmand and Kate Orr, for working their socks off to get the boxes ready. The feedback was amazing for such a lovely event!



Ramadan is starting tomorrow for our Muslim Families. Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, marked by fasting, reflection, charity and prayer. We will talk about what Ramadan and Eid mean to our Muslim children and they can share their experiences with their fellow pupils after the Easter holidays.



Benji is just loving our phonic sessions. Everyday he rushes to the carpet to get started - and after he joins in with sounding out the letters, he goes off to write them all on his own. I can see some here! Well done, Benji!

Jaxon has been so busy building and counting as he goes! Here, he counted right up to 15 duplo pieces - with no mistakes! Jaxon loves to construct both on the small-scale and the large-scale outside. Well done, Jaxon. You are so clever at your counting.

Kingfisher Nursery

Kingfisher Nursery have had an exciting week exploring our Easter theme!

We worked on our fine motor skills as we decorated our own Easter Eggs using squeezy glitter glue, adding stickers and more decorations! We looked at the different shapes we created with the glitter glue and the different colours used.

Our Easter messy table was a lot of fun as we explored the pastel paints using stamps to create bunnies, eggs, chicks and more!

We have finished our week with cooking - a Kingfisher Nursery favourite! Have a look at our lovely Easter Nests.

We have had a fantastic term and look forward to seeing you all after the Easter break!


We have had a fantastic time in Reception for the last 2 weeks learning about life cycles. We have watched our chicks hatch and grow and have made the most of using them as inspiration for so much learning! Today we also released our butterflies after watching their process of metamorphosis from caterpillars.

We hope all of the children have a fantastic time in the holidays... We are so proud of them!

Please continue to read and practise sounds daily :)

This week's achievement award goes all of Reception for all their incredible work this term.

Year 1

Year 1 has had a fabulous week! In English we have been looking at the poem ‘If the world was crazy’ by Shel Silvertein. We have had a go at performing the poem as well as adding our own lines about what we would eat, wear and do if the world was crazy. The children had lots of wacky ideas!

In Maths, we have been learning about capacity and volume. They have explored the concept in a practical way, using a variety of containers. They then compared the volume in a container by describing whether it is full, nearly full, empty or nearly empty. We also looked at how we can show this using the inequality symbols less than, more than and equal to (< > = ).

In Science, we have been looking at the changes in the seasons with regards to the weather and daylight hours. Since last week, the Children have been recording the daily weather and temperature including rainfall. We watched the weather forecast and even had a go at presenting the weather ourselves. This week we have discovered that the UK weather is extremely unpredictable and although it feels like Winter again, it is in fact still Spring.

For Easter break please continue to read with your children daily, practicing reading fluency. They have also brought home their new Brain-boosters homework for the next half term.

Thank you for your continued support and wish you all a lovely Easter Break.

This weeks achievement awards go to: Sienna Madle for her imaginative 'If the world was crazy' poem; and Zachariah for his continued enthusiasm and effort in all subjects.

Year 2

Year 2 has had a wonderful week! In English we have been writing a recount about our trip to Culture Palace last week when we met the author Fiona Lumbers. We have been describing everything we did while we were there as well as our journey to and from Enfield. In Maths, we have been doing great work in finding the vertical line of symmetry in many 2D shapes as well as using our positional and directional language.

In Science, which has been our topic since last week, we have been looking at animals including humans. The children identified the main basic needs for all animals and discussed how important healthy living is. We had a fun investigation about what happens to our bodies when we do certain types of exercise (bunny hops, skipping, jogging, etc) and we discovered that our heart rate increased significantly, even doubled, after a minute of exercise! We also did a sneeze experiment using a balloon and flour and saw how far germs travel with just one sneeze.

On Thursday we had a surprise visit from Miss Grant who brought her little baby girl, Holly, in Year 2 and introduced her to everyone. The children had the chance to see and have a chat with Miss Grant as well as have a close look at baby Holly, who is absolutely adorable! What a fabulous surprise that was!

For Easter break please continue to read with your children daily and keep practising handwriting using the CGP book that you have at home. We will collect the CGP books in the first week of Summer term 1 (by Tuesday) to see how much they have progressed. Also, please keep practising Times Tables Rockstars and Nessy (only for specific pupils).

Have a lovely Easter Break and make sure you take time to rest and recharge!

This week our Achievement Awards go to Skye and Holly for their brilliant recounts of our trip to Culture Palace.

Kingfisher 1

This week in Maths we explored position, direction and movement. The BeeBots were a firm favourite with the children.

In English we Read Easter poems and looked at the features including rhyming words. We learnt about different Easter traditions.

All the children enjoyed a fun packed morning at Hollywood Bowl!

We wish you all a happy and safe Easter holiday!

This week's achievement award goes to Daniel for his lovely reading, well done!

Year 3

Year 3 have been learning poetic techniques and have created our own free verse poem to describe the ocean. They have used lots of lovely figurative language to describe the sea as an animal of their choice.

In Maths this week, we have been learning about perimeter and children have practised measuring length and naming shapes. Last week, we spent some time completing a range of tests and the children should be very proud of themselves as we have worked incredibly hard this term. Well done to everyone!

Our foundation subject this week has been D.T where we have learnt about shell structures. Our shell structure was a food packaging box to contain and protect biscuits. Children have evaluated a range of existing products, practised strengthening structures, designed their own example and made a product.

Ms Boucon and I have been very impressed with the Brain Booster homework so thank you to all the parents and carers who have supported their children. There are no CGP tasks as your child will be taking home the new Brain Booster homework for Summer 1.

Have a lovely break, Year 3!

As it is the last week of term, I am giving the award to everyone as I am so proud of how enthusiastic the children are towards our foundation subjects and how engaged they have all been in the lessons.

Year 4

Year 4 have worked incredibly hard this week learning about a variety of topics. This week, we have finished making and evaluating our torches in D&T. We have learnt about sacred texts in RE, the wider world around us in PSHE, the use of creative computing where the children created their own quizzes using Microsoft Forms and spreadsheets and charts using Excel.

There are no CGP book pages, but the children will be bringing home their new Brain Boosters tasks. Thank you to all the parents who have supported their children with this term's tasks.

We are all so proud of their efforts this term and they should be as well. We hope you have a well deserved break!

This week's achievement award goes to the whole of year 4 for their positive and hard working attitudes throughout this term. Well done all!

Year 5

Year 5 have had a fantastic final week of the term. Their hard work practising for the Easter assembly paid off; they delivered a wonderful performance of the Easter story. We are very proud that they remembered their lines and cues.

In Maths, they learned about percentages and their fraction and decimal equivalents (for example, 70% = 70/100 = 0.7), and in DT they constructed their motorised vehicles. The children worked extremely hard on this difficult task, and five out of eight groups were successful in making their car. They tested them on flat ground first and then on an uneven surface, which was the main criteria of the design brief.

Myself, Mr Thomas and Mrs Horsewood are very proud of the children's achievements and progress this term.

There are no CGP book pages, but the children will be bringing home their new Brain Boosters tasks. Thank you to all the parents who have supported their children with this term's tasks.

Have a lovely half term!


This week's awards go to Lois, Teddy and Alyssa for their fantastic teamwork when constructing their motorised vehicle - well done, you three!

Year 6

Year 6 have had an amazing time here on the Isle of Wight at PGL. They have shown us independence, resilience and determination as they pushed themselves to try new things despite their reservations. They have all tried each activity from the giant swing to the trapeze and should all be very proud of themselves. I’m sure they will all tell you that the sensory trail was their favourite as it was ours!

This week’s achievement awards go to every member of Y6 for their outstanding behaviour and personal achievements this week. You have all been amazing!

Kingfisher 2

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. We all had great fun at bowling yesterday and have been doing lots of lovely Easter activities this week.

In Maths last week, we were recognising and finding quarters and exploring unit and non-unit fractions. Some of the boys wrote simple fraction sentences and worked well to show their understanding of what the numerator and denominator represented. Arin did well, sorting images into a table of wholes and halves.

The children recapped key events in the story of ‘The Smeds and The Smoos’ in English and explored key points to include in their own writing. They did a great job writing a descriptive adventure story and changing details to write their own version.

Well done to George and Calvin, who both get the Achievement award this week!

George showed fab perseverance when writing his adventure story and produced a great piece of work. He has also been very mature when discussing the importance of homework! Thumbs up George!

Calvin was fabulous at bowling yesterday! He tried really hard and managed to end with a great score without the use of the ramp!!! Superstar!!!


This week in Maths we have explored 3D shapes. We enjoyed playing barrier games where we had to practise our positional language and give instructions. Also, we used 3D shapes to recreate famous buildings.

In English we finished our topic of dinosaurs and enjoyed creating a fact sheet about our favourite dinosaurs using our research that we completed last week.

This week the award goes to all of the Nightingales for their hard work and enthusiasm this term. Well done Nightingales!

Times Tables Golf Trip


Congratulations to those children selected by their teachers for trying extremely hard with learning their times tables. They were treated to a trip to Jungle Falls Adventure Golf. They all had a well-deserved fun time!


Times Tables Golf Trip

Times Tables Golf Trip


Diary Dates

April 2022

EASTER HOLS Monday 4th April - Monday 18th April 2022

Monday 18th:

Bank Holiday - School Closed

Tuesday 19th:

Summer 1 term begins - Pupils Return

No Activity Clubs this week - Cabin and Breakfast Club as normal.

Year 6 SAT's Practice Week

Thursday 21st:

Reception Trip to Aldenham Country Park

Friday 22nd:

SEN Panathlon at Copthall Leisure Centre

Monday 25th:

Activity Clubs begin for Summer 1

May 2022

Monday 2nd May:

Bank Holiday - School Closed

Friday 6th May:

Class Photos

Monday 9th:

Year 6 SATs Week

Monday 16th:

Year 3 Swimming Lessons begin - everyday for 2 weeks

Year 3 Road Safety Workshop - PM

Monday 23rd:

Science Week

Activity Clubs for Summer 2 go online for booking.

Friday 27th:

Founder's Day

End of Summer 1 term - School finishes at normal time for Half Term.

Activity Clubs finish for Summer 1

HALF TERM Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June 2022

June 2022

Monday 6th:

Summer 2 term begins - Pupils return to school

Phonics Screening Check Week

Activity Clubs begin for Summer 2

More dates will follow...

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