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December Week 1

Friday 3rd December

PTA Family Quiz - a huge success!

Over 35 families enjoyed eating pizza and being entertained at our PTA quiz. Move over Chris Tarrant, Noel Edmonds and Gino D'Acampo - the best Quiz Master is our very own Mrs Church. We raised around £300 but more importantly, we managed to bring our community together with laughter. Thank you to Lina, Mrs Church, the Chaffe family, Kelly, Laura, Teresa, Mrs Stephens, Mrs Phelan and Diane for organising an amazing night.


Raffle Prizes and Bid Up


The raffle prize draw from the Christmas Fair will take place on Monday 6th December at 12:30pm. We will be recording the draw for everyone to see.

Everyone should have received the information via text about the wonderful prizes available for 'Bid Up'. Monday 6th December is also the deadline!


Years 1, 2 and 3 Christmas Show – ‘The Angel Who Nearly Missed It All.’


The Christmas Show is fast approaching and the children and staff have been working very hard in rehearsals.

For health and safety reasons, we have allocated specific days for each year group and each families will be issued with 2 tickets per show next week. We will be filming the Christmas show for those unable to attend.

The performances will take place on these dates so please make sure you save the date for your child’s year group.

Year 1 - Friday 10th December 1:45 pm

Year 2 - Monday 13th December 9:00 am

Year 3 - Tuesday 14th December 9:00 am

Admission will be by ticket only, please be on time and please wear a mask. We cannot let adults in who do not have a ticket. After the show, there will be our usual Christmas charity collection for a local charity.

The tickets will be issued next week.

Christmas Events and End of Term


Here is the information for the forthcoming Christmas events:

Thursday 9th:

Nursery PM and Reception Christmas Songs to parents/carers - 2.30 pm - outdoor event - dress for all weather

Friday 10th:

Nursery and Reception Christmas songs to parents/ carers - 9.10 am -outdoor event -dress for all weathers!

Christmas Jumper Day with £1 donation to Save the Children (optional)

Christmas Show to Year 1 parents/carers only @ 1.45 pm - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Monday 13th:

Christmas Show to Year 2 parents/carers only @ 9 am - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Tuesday 14th:

Christmas Show to Year 3 parents/carers only @ 9 am - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 class parties - no donations required

Wednesday 15th:

Christmas Dinner Day - if your child usually brings a packed lunch but you would like them to have the Christmas dinner please book online via School Money.

Thursday 16th:

Church Christmas Celebration for Rec - Year 6. Unfortunately this year we cannot have parents/ carers attending due to the limits on numbers. Please let the school know if you do not wish your child/ren to attend this event.

Years 1 and 2 class parties -no donations required

Friday 17th:

School finishes for Autumn term at 2 pm - No Cabin Club


Nursery have been using ICT software 1st Paint to make some patterns. They selected the colours and used their fingers to draw each picture.'

Kingfisher Nursery

What an exciting week for Kingfisher Nursery as we start exploring our Christmas theme!

We looked at snowy scenes with our foam tuff-tray and our Christmas train scene. The Christmas decorating started early as we glued and added sparkle to our crowns ready for our Nursery performance. We made our very own baubles with colourful foam prints!

We ended our week with a very exciting visit from Santa! We had a chance to see him in his grotto and also in our classroom - how lucky are we!


Oh what fun in Reception class this week! We have been working hard to learn our Christmas songs, ready to sing to the parents next week and have been on our best behaviour since the elves have arrived! They arrived on Wednesday in a special box, and we read the story before writing a list of names. When we came into school on Thursday they had chosen their own names and made themselves the stars of the day! We learnt about Hanukkah and some of the children told us all about the traditions that they have at home and how they celebrate. We have worked hard in phonics this week and would like you to practice these sounds at home:

Ms Edwards' group - sounds up to qu, ng and nk

Ms Purse's group - sounds up to y

Ms Knappett's group - recapping m a s d t

Arianna - for being extremely brave in the playground

Holly - for doing brilliantly in phonics this week

Year 1

We began our first History topic in Year 1 this week: Changes within Living Memory. We watched some videos of old toys and compared them to current versions. We also had a look at an old rocking horse, skipping rope and toy soldiers in class and were able to touch them, pick them up and discuss them with our friends. We then discussed ‘good’ historical questions that we could ask using the words ‘Who’ ‘What’ ‘Why’ ‘When’ ‘Where’ and ‘How’. Then we went back around the classroom adding our questions to the artefact that we were mostly interested in.

Thank you to those parents who have emailed or brought in photos of your children as babies, toddlers and present day Year 1 pupils. Please can you make sure these photos are in by Monday 6th December so we can use them for our History lessons next week.

We look forward to seeing you for 'Read with Me' on Monday 6th December and the Christmas Show on Friday 10th December.

Achievement awards this week go to Lola for her excellent achievement in her Maths reasoning paper and Sienna Maloney for her investigative historical skills.

Year 2

This week the children have been working really hard on their Maths and Reading assessments. We are very proud of the progress they have all made. Well done year 2! Keep up the great work!

We have also started our new Geography unit on the polar regions which has been very exciting. We have learnt about the locations of the Arctic Circle and Antarctica within earth and why these places are so cold. We have looked at the locations of them in relation to the equator and how they differ to countries near the equator. We have really enjoyed this topic so far and have enjoyed watching some clips of the Blue Planet where we have seen the icebergs and frozen ice. We have used google earth to locate various places on the globe and this has been really interesting. We look forward to continuing this unit next week where we will start to learn about the animals within these places and the physical features of these parts of the world.


Our achievement awards go to Evie for her brilliant effort and focus in all her assessments and to Lukas for his excellent geographical knowledge and questioning about the polar regions.

Kingfisher 1

This week in Maths KF1 pupils learnt about fractions. They experimented with playdough, pizza shapes and cut jam sandwiches into halves and quarters.

In English we continued to explore different fantasy stories. The children joined Zog, the dragon, in his flying adventures retelling the story in role play activities.

We have enjoyed dressing our Christmas tree and the children can not wait for the exciting Christmas activities.

This week's achievement awards go to Toby for completing his sticker chart and Arthur for his excellent interpretation of Zog. Well done!

Year 3

This week children have completed a range of tests in Maths and English. They have worked incredibly hard and we are very happy with their results. We are super proud and they should be proud of themselves too. Well done, Year 3! *Round of applause* :D

Our afternoons have been spent rehearsing for our fabulous show. On top of this, we had a brilliant science lesson to end our science topic; Animals Including Humans. We have been learning about the diet of animals and on Tuesday we focused on what a barn owl eats. We learnt all about regurgitation, focusing on the process of owls regurgitating and why this happens. We went onto investigating what was inside an owl pellet. To begin with, the children were a little squeamish but it was followed with big smiles and eager hands to get stuck in and dissect a owl pellet to identify what was inside.

CGP Books

Maths- 8-9

English-pages 36-37

This week's awards go to Cyrus for his brilliant science vocabulary and Medina for her excellent effort with her reading.

Year 4

Year 4 have worked exceptionally hard this week, completing their end of term assessments. They have demonstrated a mature and positive attitude. We are all extremely proud of them and they should all be proud of their efforts too! Well done, year 4!

We have finally finished created our mosaics, below is a selection of mosaics that they have created. We love to be able to show you all of them. but this newsletter would go on forever. They will be taking them home to show you all soon!

We have now started our new topic of mechanical systems in Design and Technology where we have been exploring a range of levers and linkages in everyday products. We have used this knowledge to create prototypes and begin designing our persuasive adverts which will include of range of mechanical systems.


Maths: pg 22

English: pg 68-69

This week's achievement awards go to George and Jacob for their amazing mosaics - well done!

Year 5

Miss Smith and Mr Thomas could not be more proud of the children this week! They have done fantastically in their assessments and shown excellent progress since September - long may their hard work and effort pay off.

In Maths, the children have learned how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000, including decimals too. It's a tough skill but thankfully, they'll get lots of practise in their arithmetic lessons.

In English, we have continued our work on persuasive adverts. The children have learned how to use colons to introduce a list, conjunctions to extend their sentences and chosen powerful adjectives and adverbs to persuade their reader.

We have started our new DT topic on frame structures (specifically bridges). The children enjoyed practising techniques to strengthen structures using art straws. Next week, they'll be making bridges in small groups - very exciting!

CGP Books

English pages 36-37 (capital letters, full stops and question marks)

Maths pages 21-22 (multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000)

This week's awards go to Qamarzada and Leo for their excellent progress in reading - well done, boys!

Year 6

It has been assessment week in Year 6 and the children have done really well - they should be very proud of the progress they have made. In English, we have been continuing with our work towards their diary entry in role as Lily, Malkin or Robert from our class book 'Cogheart'. We have begun our new PSHE topic about living in the wider world - we have been looking at discrimination, prejudice and the Equality Act 2010, so far.


This week's achievement awards go to Ben for his excellent progress in his assessments and Tyler for his progress in Arithmetic. Keep up the good work, boys!

Kingfisher 2

It’s been assessment week this week and the children have been working through a number of assessment papers. There has been lots of question reading and the boys have needed to pull out all their previous learning but they have been so grown up and got on with anything asked of them.

In Maths we managed to fit in some Geometry and have been describing turns. We’ve been using vocabulary such as quarter turns, three quarter turns, half turns and full turns as well as learning about clockwise and anticlockwise.

Today was exciting as we had a special visitor too! Ho Ho Ho!

All the boys in KF2 have really tried their best in the assessments and done us proud, so this week the Achievement Award goes to each of them for their great effort and hard work!!


This week in Nightingales the children have been completing tests in Reading, Grammar and Maths. They have worked incredibly hard demonstrating perseverance and positivity throughout. We could not be any more proud of the progress that they have made this term and all of the children should be extremely proud of themselves.


This week all of the children in Nightingales have earned the achievement award for their excellent attitude and results in their tests.

Planet Youth Camps' offer to all Livingstone Pupils


KS1 Christmas Sports Festival

Some of our pupils from Years 1 and 2 who attend the multi-sports after school club participated in a wonderful sports event with a theme of Christmas. It was a fun day out for them to take part in a variety of different games to encourage team work, friendly competition and physical skills. We are so proud of how they behaved on the trip. They displayed excellent enthusiasm and positivity. They all had smiles on their faces as they took part in dodgeball, relay races, volleyball and much more.

Goodbye and Good Luck!

Next week, activity clubs will finish for the Autumn term. We are very sad to be saying goodbye to Charmaine from Lemon Jelly Arts who, after 9 years of teaching Dance and Drama to many of our pupils, past and present, is moving on to a new and exciting venture. For this reason, we are also very happy for her and wish her the best of luck with her future aspirations. Her last day with us will be next Tuesday.

Livingstone has and will continue to hold a very special place in Charmaine's heart and in her words will always be her 'favourite school!'

We would like to take this opportunity to say a very special thank you for her dedication, passion and enthusiasm over the years.


Happy Hannukah to all our Jewish Families


Diary Dates

December 2021

Wednesday 8th:

Years 5 and 6 Boys Football Match v Northside - Home 3.15 pm

Thursday 9th:

Parent Champion coffee morning - 8.45 am

Nursery PM and Reception Christmas Songs to parents/carers - 2.30 pm

Friday 10th:

Activity Clubs finish for Autumn 2

Christmas Jumper Day with £1 donation to Save the Children (optional)

Nursery and Reception Christmas songs to parents/ carers - 9.10 am

Christmas Show to Year 1 parents/carers only (tickets will be sent next week) - 1:45pm

Monday 13th:

Activity Clubs for Spring 1 go online for booking 8.00 am

Christmas Show to Year 2 parents/carers only (tickets will be sent next week) - 9:00am

Tuesday 14th:

Christmas Show to Year 3 parents/carers only (tickets will be sent next week) - 9:00am

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 class parties

Wednesday 15th:

Christmas Dinner Day

Thursday 16th:

Rec - Year 6 Church Christmas Celebration. Unfortunately this year we cannot have parents/ carers attending due to the limits on numbers. Please let the school know if you do not wish your child/ren to attend this event

Years 1 and 2 class parties

Friday 17th:

School finishes for Autumn term at 2 pm - No Cabin Club

School Holiday:

Monday 20th December 2021 - Monday 3rd January 2022

Pupils return to school on Tuesday 4th January 2022 for start of the Spring Term

More dates will follow...

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