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Livingstone Newsletter

February Week 1


Teacher Strikes

Friday 3rd February

Livingstone School was able to open this week following the industrial action. However, we are alerting all parents/carers not to assume that this will be the case next time there is a strike. As soon as we have more information on the situation you will be notified if the school is going to be affected.

A week of celebrations for our girls and mixed football teams!


IMPACT Meetings for Parents and Carers

  • After half term, we are inviting parents/carers in for an hour-long phonics/spelling session, where you will have the opportunity to take part in activities with your child and their class teacher. Sessions are between 9:00 am and 10:00 am - please see below the dates set for each year group (excluding EYFS as these have taken place already).

We highly recommend that you join us for this session so you can…

  • see the variety of resources we use to support learning.
  • experience activities that your child completes.
  • work with your child.
  • get ideas on how to support and encourage your child’s learning at home.

Monday 27th February:

  • Year 5 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Tuesday 28th February:

  • Year 6 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Thursday 2nd March:

  • Kingfisher 2 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:10 - 9:40 am

Friday 3rd:

  • Year 4 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Monday 6th:

  • Year 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00- 10:00 am

Thursday 9th:

  • Kingfisher 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:10- 9:40 am

Friday 10th:

  • Year 2 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Thank you to our Nursery and Reception parents/carers for joining us already for their IMPACT Meetings, we hoped you found them informative.

After School Activity Clubs


Activity Clubs for the next half of the term will be available online for booking from 8 am on Monday morning (6th February). Booking and payment is required by Friday 17th February.

Bookings for most of the clubs is for six weeks, however for Spanish and Yoga, booking is for five weeks. Yoga will not run on Friday 24th February and Spanish will not run on Monday 27th February.


This week in the Nursery we have continued our theme of Nocturnal Animals. We have been collaging large-scale tawny owls with lots of feathers just like the ones in the story, 'Owl Babies'. The children have all worked hard and have learnt that owls have special feathers to help them fly silently

Kingfisher Nursery

This week the children have been learning all about nocturnal animals. The key text is the beautiful 'Owl babies.' The children have engaged beautifully with the text and resources. They have been collaging, drawing and counting owls and role playing the story with puppets.


This week we have been enjoying our story: The Rainbow Fish. We have been talking about beauty and kindness, sharing and good friends. We have been very busy learning about 2D shapes, roleplaying and retelling the story and making beautiful collage fish. We have been predicting and testing materials to see if they sink or float too!

Achievement Awards!

Isaac - For working hard in phonics lessons. Great Fred talk Isaac!

Carter - For trying hard in all reception activities this week, you have been so busy, well done!

Year 1

Year 1 have been budding scientists this week as they investigated how to use their 5 senses in the woods. We have been using our reasoning skills to classify animals into groups such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects and fish.

In Maths, we explored doubles and 'near doubles.' The Maths homework will help reinforce these concepts. The children have been working hard on their retelling of Where the Wild Things Are and we look forward to publishing our work next week. Please continue to read the 2 phonics books with your child every day, practise their set 2 and 3 sounds and write in the reading diary. Thank you to our Mystery Readers! The children are really enjoying hearing books read to them in different languages and with such expression.

Achievement Awards!

Achievement awards this week go to Aysha and Cody for their excellent progress in phonics!

Year 2

We have been continuing to learn about fractions in Maths. We have been finding halves, quarters, two quarters, three quarters and thirds of a given amount.

In English, we discussed questions we would ask Robot (Lone Robot) and created a plan for our narrative next week.

We finished our self-portraits this week and they have been filled with compliments! Super work, Year 2!

PSHE has been our foundation subject this week focused on relationships. We have discussed how it feels when we fall out with a friend and discussed the difference between a disagreement and bullying.


Reasoning- pages 21, 22 and 23.

Arithmetic- pages 43,44 and 45.

Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Zachariah for his great math work and challenging himself and Dilan for his good discussions in PSHE.

Kingfisher 1

This week in Kingfisher 1 we have continued to explore traditional tales. This week was the 3 little pigs. The children were familiar with this tale and had a great time acting it out! They were able to discuss and retell and made their own houses, choosing their own materials.

In Maths we have been learning about shape. The children have been naming, describing, sorting and constructing with 2D and 3D shapes.


All of KF1 for their brilliant role play work in English. Well done!

Year 3

Year 3 have had a very busy week! They have begun their swimming lessons and have really enjoyed it. They have also been on a trip to Covent Garden to see an opera called 'The Man on the Moon'. They behaved excellently and it was a great experience. In Maths, we have begun our work on measurements (cm, m, mm) and in English we have learnt about imperative verbs, adverbs and conjunctions.

Year 4

This week in Year 4, we have been looking at perimeter of rectilinear shapes in Maths. In English, we have started preparing for our explanation text all about volcanoes.

In Art, I'm sad to say that we have finally finished our creative pieces. The children have absolutely loved creating explosive art and so have Mrs Craddock and I!


Maths: perimeter pages 44 to 45

SPaG: Paragraphs and and layout - pages 64 to 67

TTRS: 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Cyrus for his excellent work in maths, and to Medina for her fabulous Maragret Godfrey inspired volcano in art. Well done!

Year 5

This week, the children started their work on decimals. They learned the place value of tenths, hundredths and thousandths, and wrote equivalent fractions e.g. 0.32 = 32/100.

In English, they practised the grammar they'll use in their non- chronological reports next week: passive voice, relative clauses and colons. They also organised information into paragraphs and put the facts into a suitable cohesive order.

In the afternoons, they learned more about how England became the England we know today, and about the Battle of Hastings ending the Anglo-Saxon and Viking rule of England.

CGP Books

Maths: pages 38 -39 (writing decimals as fractions)

English: pages 16 -17 (basic relative clauses)


Achievement Awards!

The first award goes to Sienna for always trying her best and having a positive attitude to learning. The second goes to Fatemah for her excellent English work on colons and relative clauses. Well done, girls!

Year 6

Year 6 have been working hard, this week, as they have completed their long write based upon experiencing a night of the Blitz and they have also finished the algebra unit in Maths. Every week, they make us proud with the resilience and progress they demonstrate.

In History, the children have been learning about evacuation and the famous landmarks which were bombed during World War II. Next week, we return to Science and begin learning about light.

Homework pages

Maths - pages 44 and 45

English - pages 94 and 95


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Christopher for his algebra work, and Kaitlin for the powerful vocabulary she included in her long write. Well done!

Kingfisher 2

Over this week we have been focussing on expanding our sentences using co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions (but, so because, when, if, that, although) working well to produce some good thoughtful work.

Money is our latest topic in Maths. The boys have been working hard to compare, order, match, recall and explore the value of different coins and notes.

Achievement Awards!

This week’s achievement award goes to Calvin for working independently to produce sentences using conjunctions and participating well in class discussions! Keep it up Calvin!


Football News - Girls John King Cup

On Wednesday, girls from Years 5 and 6 played against Wessex Gardens in the second round of the John King cup.

With the unfamiliarity of the pitch, it took a little time for our girls to get used to the change in surroundings. After a while, they got into the swing of it and were giving it their all. It was a tense game where the opposing team were 2 goals ahead. After battling it out, the game ended 4-4 and it had to go to penalties! The pressure was on with each team missing the penalty until....Kaitlin scored! The girls had won!

We are now through to the quarter finals against St.Johns N20.

Well done to Kaitlin, Catherine, Katerina, Lois, Hattie, Geetehsri, Arbel and Chloe.

Mixed League Football

Yesterday, our mixed league team played against All Saints Primary school. We were so impressed with how in sync the team was. They are improving with every match working together and their showing off their skills. It was a brilliant game to watch. We also appreciate the support our team receives from our spectators (parents,carers and staff).

We won 4-0 with goals being scored by Alex, Qamazarda, Albion and Jack.D. Woohoo!

Well done to Aidan, Alex, Albion, Matteo, Zach, Qamazarda, Jack, Xander, Arbel and Lois.


Parent Champions Coffee morning - February 10th


Join us for a coffee, cakes and a chat. Find out about local activities available to you during half term and ask us anything you would like to know. We will do our very best to help you.

Money Smart Workshop: There are a few more spaces left for the free workshop that will give you amazing tips and advice on how to improve your finances, reduce your household bills and help you save money for the future. Please complete the form:




Monday 6th:

  • Activity Clubs for Spring Term 2 go online for booking.

Tuesday 7th:

  • Safer Internet Day

Wednesday 8th:

  • Selected KF2 Boccia Tournament at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre - PM
  • Girls Football Match vs Woodridge - 3:30 pm (HOME)

Thursday 9th:

  • Netball Match vs Underhill - 3.30 pm (AWAY)

Friday 10th:

  • Activity Clubs for Spring Term 1 finish
  • Parent Champions Coffee Morning at 9am in the Cabin. Everyone welcome.
  • School finishes for Half Term at 3:15 pm (Cabin Club open)

HALF TERM: Monday 13th - Friday 17th February 2023 (School Closed)

Monday 20th:

  • Start of Spring Term 2 - pupils return to school.
  • Activity Clubs begin for Spring 2

Wednesday 22nd:

  • EYFS and KS1 Parent/Carer Consultation Meetings 9:00 - 11:30 am
  • KS2 Parent/Carer Consultation Meetings 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Thursday 23rd:

  • EYFS - Year 6 Parent/Carer Consultations 4:00 - 6:30pm

Friday 24th:

  • PTA Glow in the Dark Disco for Nur, Rec, Years 1 and 2 from 2:00- 3:00 pm
  • PTA Glow in the Dark Party for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 from 3:15 - 4:30 pm

Monday 27th:

  • Year 5 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Tuesday 28th:

  • Year 6 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am
  • Girls Football Match vs Foulds 3:30 pm (AWAY)

MARCH 2023

Wednesday 1st:

  • KS2 Cross Country Competition at Oakhill Park - PM

Thursday 2nd:

  • Kingfisher 2 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:10 - 9:40 am
  • Mixed Football Match vs Cromer Road 3:30 pm (HOME)

Friday 3rd:

  • Year 4 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Monday 6th:

  • Year 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00- 10:00 am

Thursday 9th:

  • Kingfisher 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:10- 9:40 am

Friday 10th:

  • Year 2 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am
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