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January Week 2

Friday 10th January

‘If you want to help, help Children in Need’

On Friday 15 November, Livingstone School participated in Children in Need Day. On the day, children from every class gave money and stored it in bottles to be counted later on. On behalf of the school, I am delighted to say that lots of children gave money for the cause and that many children wore Pugsy accessories for the occasion. I am proud to say that Livingstone School raised £284.18. By Isabella 6B


This week 4 girls did an assembly on animal cruelty. They did a PowerPoint on how caring for  animals the correct way is very important. Anaiya, Kiera, Roxy and Maya also asked the students if they could bring in dog and cat food or if they couldn't, to donate a generous £1.00. The girls are very passionate about helping the RSPCA to get as many animals adopted as possible, or get them something to eat and a roof to sleep under. Here are some helpful tips you can use if you see a type of animal abuse in your area: try to track it; if you need to report it, it would help a lot. There will be a box in each classroom and the office and the class with the most food or raise the most money will get an amazing prize! By Maya 6B

Please Come and join us in sampling a school dinner at Lunchtime on Thursday 16th January 2020. Let the office know by Wednesday 15th January if you are interested for £2.35

Year 5 went kayaking and orienteering to Lea Valley for a School trip. I’m sure everyone enjoyed kayaking even though a few people fell in the water. Personally, I found it really exciting as it was my first time and I’m sure it was for many others too! Orienteering was a fantastic activity too, the staff there taught us how to read maps and find our way around the site. I saw orienteering as a great opportunity as it could certainly help us when we’re older. Overall, this was a really good trip as it was a challenge and helped are independence. By Hailey 5S


On Tuesday 26th November 2019, all of the KF2 pupils and 2 pupils from KF1 went to UNITAS activity zone to participate in the Pentahlon Sports festival. After having their lunch, they played many different activities such as: curling, boccia, golf, dancing, rowing, table tennis, connect 4, table football and more. They had lots of fun and really enjoyed the festival. By Advay and Nikil 5S

At the Verulamium Museum you can see a lot of sculptures and ancient things back from the Roman Times.


As you walk into the actual Museum part, you walk into a green room. If you walk on from that room you go into a mosaic room. In the colourful mosaic room, there are three mosaics: one of them is on the floor, above that is another mosaic. Beside those, there is one behind glass.


In the workshop, there were different tables for different activities. There was a bathroom themed table, a kitchen themed table and a building themed table. At the end of the lesson a few children got to dress up.

Roman wall

When we went for a muddy walk, we saw a Roman Wall. We all took a big picture there and went to the left overs of a Roman House, The floor was a mosaic but it was broken

Gift Shop In the gift shop, there were so many things: pens, pencils, necklaces, bracelets and many more! After we all paid for our things we went outside onto the mini bus.

By Lily Year 4


Year 6s’ learn Shakespeare

On Tuesday 12th of November, Year Six went to see Macbeth at the Wyllyotts Theatre. As part of their Literacy work they took part in a drama work shop with the Young Shakespeare Company at school. Adding on to this, all of the children looked forward to seeing it as well as acting it out. The children had a wonderful experience and wish to see different Shakespeare plays. On top of that, they also enjoyed the workshop as well as the play! By Jana 6S

Year 3 visit to the Mosque

On the 12th November 2019 Year 3 had a fascinating visit to the Mosque in Enfield. To get there, they went on the top deck of the bus which was much fun. A mosque is a place where Muslims go to pray. When they arrived at the Mosque, the children had to take off their shoes, to respect the rules in the Mosque. They learnt that their Holy Day is Friday and take the prayer mats face Mecca in Saudi Arabia. They were shown around the Mosque by the Immam- he is the head of the Mosque and their god is Allah. The Mosque has three floors, and the holy book is the Qur’an.

Year 3 really enjoyed watching people taking part in their afternoon prayer. An interesting day had by all, and as a parting gift, the Immam gave them all a sweet. By Felix 6S

Football Trent Vs. Livingstone

On Tuesday 19th November, the year 5-6 football team played Trent School at Livingstone. Unfortunately, the boys lost 8-2, but remarkable teamwork and resilience was shown. Congratulations to Aedan, Aidan and JJ for defence, Malachi as left wing, Kiah as right wing, Harry. L, Ryley and Samy as midfield, and Tyler as goal keeper, well done once again and remember to never give up! By Maria 6S



Tag rugby tournament

A couple of weeks ago Livingstone Primary School took two teams to a tag rugby tournament. This was held at the Saracens Rugby Club in Cockfosters. There were lots of schools in Barnet taking part. Each team did fantastically demonstrating team work, effort, enthusiasm, deduction and commitment. 

Each team played four games winning most of them, drawing a couple and losing only one, which is amazing! One of the best demonstrations of rugby was when Ryley Eames intercepted a pass from the other team and went on an amazing run and as he was about to be tagged, he passed to Harry Laws who went on to score a try.

I saw so many examples of great sportsmanship that demonstrated how tries can be scored together as a team. We are looking forward to playing at Cromer Road School this week.

Thank you so much to Mr Boucon, Alfie, Miss Fairley and Mr Madle for coaching and supporting us.

By Jack Cuggy 6S

Fit Bags

Each fit bag has a selection of equipment such as bean bags, balls and quoits. They also have instructions, in a folder, on how to play different physical games/activities.

Each class that has fit bags has 3 of them. Every weekend 3 children take 1 fit bag each. There is also a camera for children to take pictures of them and their families playing the games to share with the class. The purpose is to try and encourage children to be active. It sounds like lots of fun! By Sammie Yr5

Livingstone Represents at Remembrance Day Service

On Remembrance Sunday, Jim, Kiera, Alfie and Caitlin marched through the streets from the British Legion Club to the East Barnet memorial as part of the parade. Jim and Kiera placed a reef (of artificial poppies) under the memorial as part of the service to remember the soldier who fought and died for us in the war. Alfie and Kaitlin each carried a ceramic poppy. By Kiera 6B


Anyone fancy the cello?

Miss Tyler Brown is teaching the cello for anyone who is interested. If you are, please contact the school office.


Diary Dates



Year Group/s

Approx. Cost


January 2020

Monday 13th

Maths and English Clubs begin for Spring 1



Mondays and Thursdays (invite only)

Tuesday 14th

Activity Clubs for Spring 1 Begin




Wednesday 15th

Boys Football Match v Sacred Heart (home) at 3.30pm

Football Team


Pupils by selection


School Dinner Taster Day for parents



Parents are welcome!

Friday 17th

Parent Representative Meeting 9am

Rec – Y6



Monday 20th

Year 6B WW2 Workshop





Girls Football Match v Christ Church (home) at 3.30pm

Football Team


Pupils by selection

Tuesday 21st

Year 6S WW2 Workshop




Thursday 30th

Netball Match v Holly Park (home) 3.30pm

Netball Team


Pupils by selection

February 2020

Monday 10th

Bookings for Activity Clubs Spring 2 go online for bookings 8am





Year 3 Egyptian Day




Tuesday 11th

Safer Internet Day





Netball Match v St. Johns (home)

Netball Team


Pupils by selection

Thursday 13th

KS1 Spring Ball 2-3pm

Rec –Y3




KS2 Spring Ball 3.30-4.45pm

Y4 - 6



Friday 14th

School Finishes for Half Term 3.15pm




HALF TERM – Monday 17th – Friday 21st February 2020

Monday 24th

Spring 2 Term Begins




Tuesday 25th

Activity Clubs for Spring 2 Begin

Y1 - 6



Wednesday 26th

Tag Rugby Match v All Saints (home) 3.30pm

Rugby Team


Pupils by selection

Thursday 27th

Year 5 Paris Meeting at 3.15pm

Y5B and 5S


Meeting to be held in 5B classroom

Friday 28th

Boys Football Match v Woodridge (home) 3.30pm

Football Team


Pupils by selection

More dates to follow….

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