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March Week 1

Friday 5th March 2021

As you know, after many weeks of lockdown, we finally received the wonderful news that schools are going to re-open.

From Monday 8th March it will be mandatory for all school age children to return and due to good hygiene practices, a new testing regime and the programme of vaccinations, we are ready to bring pupils back safely.

Following guidance from the government we are going to be having staggered start and finish times.

The arrangements for these children are listed below:

Pupils in Year 6

8.30am - Drop off at main gate, through KS2 Playground and straight into class.

3.00pm - Collection from in between Yr4 & Yr3 exit or 6B classroom door.

Exit KF Yellow Gates

Pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5

8.40am - Drop off at main gate, through KS2 playground and straight into class.

3.10pm - Collection Yr4 & 5 from outside the classroom doors.

Collection Yr3 from atrium door next to The Den.

Exit KF Yellow Gates

Pupils Years 1 and 2

8.50am – Drop off at main gate, through KS2 playground and straight to class.

3.15pm - Collection from Yr1 & 2 Class Zones in KS1 playground.

Exit KF Yellow gates.


8.55am – Drop off parallel to the Cabin near Bike Shelter.

3.05pm – Exit parallel to the Cabin near Bike Shelter.


9.00am – Drop off outside the Cabin near Bike Shelter.

3.00pm – Exit Parallel to the Cabin near Bike Shelter.

KF Nur

9.00am – Drop off directly outside the Cabin.

2.55pm – Exit directly outside the Cabin.

KF1 and 2

9.00am – Drop off KF1 outside 1st Yellow Gate.

Drop off KF2 outside 2nd Yellow Gate.

2.55pm –Exit KF1 + KF2 outside 1st Yellow Gate.

Well-Being for All


We know that some pupils may be experiencing some anxiety returning to school, however, it was clear from our last return following lockdown, that even the most worried pupils settled well after entering the classroom. To prepare for the return, the teaching teams have ensured that we have a great start planned with lots of TLC and activities designed to re-establish routines and positive outlooks.

Rest assured, if some pupils have anxiety issues that go beyond first day nerves, every member of staff will be looking out for them and Diane, our Pastoral Manager will support them. We will inform parents/carers of any concerns and if you would like to speak to someone, please get in touch with us by email or by phone.

We also have designated Pastoral Support time for parents/ carers, so if you would like time to speak to Diane personally, contact us and she will arrange a time for you.

Finally, I know there is lots to catch up on after such a long lockdown but please keep to the rules regarding social distancing from other families. Please drop off and collect promptly at the times given and call or email the school office with any queries. The office staff and teachers will see you but keep meetings by appointment only.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Uniform Purchases and Uniform Give-way


Parents/carers wishing to buy new school uniform should preferably purchase the required items via School Money. Alternatively, if this is not possible you can contact the school office by phone or email to place an order.

Mr Sudbury has gone through the mountain of lost property that has accumulated - if you have uniform that was lost before the lockdown, please send a message via the office and he will try to locate the missing items.

He is also making up bags of free uniform to give away to any families who would like to claim one. Again, please call or email the office if this offer is of interest to you and specify the ages/ sizes of your children. We have sweatshirts, t-shirts, trousers, summer dresses and a whole range of clothing ready to go. You can ask for items in a specific size or request a mixed bag.

Mr Sudbury is on stand-by, so please look out for more information over the next few weeks to get your uniform for after Easter and September - it's all for free!

Before and After School Clubs


Starting Monday 8th March, the full provision of Breakfast and Cabin Club will be on offer again for before and after school childcare. Unfortunately, our after school challenge and activity clubs will not be operating as they usually do for the remainder of the spring term.

Breakfast and Cabin Club

Breakfast Club will operate in the Dining Hall. Pupils will need to be dropped off outside the atrium entrance near ICT Suite as before. The Dining Hall will be set up for pupils to sit and eat breakfast in their class ‘bubbles’. Once pupils have eaten and weather permitting they will play in an outside area.

Cabin Club will operate as before in Key Stage ‘bubbles’, in socially distanced groups.

Operating times are:

Breakfast Club - 8am to 8.50am / Cabin Club – 3.15pm to 5.45pm

Please note, we have swapped our Cabin 'bubble' locations around.

EYFS and KS1 will be based in the Cabin and EYFS playground. Please collect your children from outside the Cabin.

KS2 will be based in Bluebirds and KS2 playground. Please collect your children from outside the yellow gate of the Kingfisher playground.


Breakfast and Cabin Club is currently a service for families in need for before and after school childcare due to work commitments. If you require childcare for this purpose please ensure you book the days needed online, in advance, via School Money to support us in reviewing the number of pupils attending and group sizes.

Mothers Day

Throughout the week commencing the 8th March we will be providing pupils with the opportunity to buy a Mother's Day Gift from a socially distanced stall that is being set up in school. It will run throughout the week and pupils will take their gifts home on Friday.

The cost of gifts will range between 50p and £3.00, so if you would like your child to purchase a Mother’s day gift, please send them to school with their money in a named envelope and labelled carrier bag to bring their gift home in.



World Book Day £1 book tokens were given out to children at school. All other pupils will be able to collect their vouchers upon their return to school from Monday 8th March. World Book Day £1 book tokens will be valid until Sunday 28 March 2021.

We hope you made the most of our last Creative Wednesday and we urge you to read, read, read!

"Books are a uniquely portable magic." (Stephen King)

World Book Day 2021

2021 World Book Day, just like everything else, was different. Different, however, did not mean less creative or less fun. We adapted this year's World Book Day and sent a powerful, positive message about books and reading, even in lockdown. Many of our pupils dressed up as their favourite book character and found unusual places to read their books; we saw readers in bath tubs, on trees, on slides or hanging upside down like Spiderman!

Their inventiveness in recreating a book cover didn't fail to impress us once more. Some pupils also chose to create their own alternative endings to traditional tales and chapter books they have been reading at home and in class, while others preferred to perform poetry or use paper puppets to retell stories like Funny Bones, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. We saw many wonderful bookmark designs being created and some of our bravest pupils entered Wave Ed's competition, for a chance of getting their design professionally printed on bookmarks.


Nursery have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. They have made their own model pigs, counted in threes and learnt a song about the story too. They have produced some lovely mark-making and writing based on the story and have also found out more about real pigs on the farm.

Mrs Sampson


Leading on from Jack and the Beanstalk and My Garden, Reception have been learning all about plants and using their imaginations to create their own dream gardens. Some have even started to grow!

We enjoyed the Freshwater Theatre Company Fairy stories Workshop to celebrate our work on The Gingerbread Man, The Ugly Duckling and Jack and the Beanstalk.

We have also explored finding half of an object.

Thank you for all of your support and hard work during Lockdown. We look forward to seeing Reception back at school on Monday!

Mrs Segal

Year 1

In Year 1 this week, pupils had a choice of art activities - from drawing their own cartoons to paper sculptures, landscapes and much more! They particularly enjoyed the Art for Kids Hub on YouTube where you can learn to draw pretty much anything you want! Year 1 are full of talented and creative artists. I always enjoys looking at the amazing work that they create.

Holly created a 'David Hockney' inspired landscape and Elsie drew a cartoon ice-cream surprise!

Miss Purse

Year 2

Year 2 have been revising the four operations in Maths and have created their own arrays practically. In English, they have been using the Lone Robot animation from the Literacy Shed to inspire their writing and created some fantastic descriptive sentences about the robot on his journey through the forest, onto the train and inside the dark factory. They were focusing on using different suffix words within their writing.

The big question in History is 'How has transport changed in our local area?' Pupils have been looking at the Great Northern Line that goes through to New Barnet station. Some took a trip to the train station and looked at maps to see where the trains stop. We also found out that in the past, New Barnet station used to be called Barnet station and used to be the first stop out of Kings Cross in London.

Fantastic work Y2 this week. Well done!

Miss Grant

Year 3

In Maths, Year 3 have continued their learning focus on measurement. They have been identifying different units of measurements to compare and add and subtract lengths. They have even converted between millimetres, centimetres and metres!

Year 3 are mad about rocks! In Science, they have explored the different properties of rocks and identified the different types to discuss similarities and differences. Geology 'rocks'!

Miss Fairley

Year 4

Year 4 have worked on punctuating direct speech and selecting appropriate speech verbs this week. Katerina has continued to show passion for writing by producing a great piece of work.

Also, in Maths they have been finding fractions of an amount. Zuhaib has focused and worked hard this week. Here is an extract of his excellent work.

Well done Katerina and Zuhaib!

Mr Boucon

Year 5

This week in English, Year 5 continued their work on Earth and Space by using a short science-fiction film, Invasions, to inspire their creative writing. The children practised writing complex sentences and expanded noun phrases.

Well done to Emmanuel and Lily M for their lovely sentences.

Miss Smith

Kingfisher 1

This week, Kingfisher 1 have be solving twin addition problems in Maths and writing CVC words in English.

Mrs Fedenzi and Miss Kiazim

Kingfisher 2

This week, KF2 have been identifying 3D shapes in real life objects in Maths and writing descriptive sentences.

Well done to Jamie who worked independently to identify 3D shapes and to Kayce who wrote an excellent descriptive sentence using a word bank.

Miss Nicholson

Year 6

In English, Year 6 have been writing sentences in the past perfect, present perfect and future perfect tenses linked to our class book ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’.

In Maths they have been learning about area and perimeter and in French they have been speaking and writing the time.

Malak 6B - French

8:00 - il est huit heures

7:30 – il est sept heures et demie

6:20 - il est six heures vingt

3:35 – il est quatre heures moins vingt cinq

9:45 - il est dix heures moins le quart

10:15 - il est dix heures et quartre

4:25 - il est deux heures et vingt cinq

2:10 - il est deux heures dix

3:50 - il est quatre heures moins dix

1:05 - il est une heure cinq

They also had a fantastic virtual workshop with Barbara Winton, daughter of Sir Nicholas Winton who saved over 600 children through his work on Kindertransport.

Ms Breen, Miss Lax and Mrs Speed

Lateral Flow Testing for Households


On Sunday 28 February, the Department of Health and Social Care announced that households with primary school, secondary school and college age children, including childcare and support bubbles, can test twice every week at home as schools return from Monday 8 March.

Letters containing advice on where to access testing will be made available to us soon to share with parents/carers.

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