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March Week 1

Friday March 3rd 2023

World Book Day 2023

We had a fabulous week celebrating World Book Day and the wonder that reading brings. The children enjoyed having different staff members reading to them everyday, as well as the buddy reading they did with different classes.

Mrs Armstrong organised a fantastic 'Mystery Book Swap' this afternoon and everyone was amazed by the costumes and pyjamas today. Thank you to all the parents, children and staff for making such an effort!

Even though today we celebrate reading, please remember that reading is important everyday of the year! Please encourage your child to read at home, visit their local library and read a wide range of books.

Stranger Danger


We are aware of a series of incidents that are currently circulating online involving an allegation of an attempted child abduction. Police are aware of this, however at this time there is no evidence of a crime having been committed. Should anyone have any further information, please contact police via 101 or www.met.police.uk

Following this message we have received, it is therefore important that all parents/carers consider how to best ensure the safety of their children, especially if they are lone travellers.

We do not wish to alarm our pupils but we will ensure that keeping safe will be covered in PSHE lessons, assemblies and circle times. We will remind all pupils that there are strategies if they feel at risk. We will also add activities to the Brain Boosters to ensure that pupils are reminded of what to do.

Parent Champion Coffee Morning with Guest Speakers from Chickenshed Theatre


Join us on Friday 10th March in The Cabin for tea, coffee, biscuits and a chat about all the services you can access in the local area. On the day, we will also have two guest speakers who will talk to us about the Chickenshed Theatre and all the different projects you and your children can get involved in.

Don't miss it!

We are also very glad to announce that Corinne from Home Start will run the MONEY SMART workshop for three consecutive weeks starting on Monday 6th March at 1pm-3pm. The workshop will take place in The Cabin. If you have already applied, you will be contacted by email separately. There are still two spaces left so if you are interested please sign up by clicking the link below:


Red Nose Day


It’s not a joke but Red Nose Day is moving to 22nd March at Livingstone for a day of fundraising. We will be mixing comedy with sport by having a Teachers vs Pupils Activity Day.

Nursery and Reception will be taking part in a dancing/gymnastic competition.

Years 1 and 2 will be judged on who can do the best Circus Skills.

Years 3 - 6 will play in a Dodgeball tournament against the staff and the day will end with a Teachers vs Pupils Netball Match

We are asking for a minimum donation of £1.00 for pupils to take part and tickets will go on sale for parents/carers who would like to come watch the Netball.

WE GOT 96% ATTENDANCE THIS WEEK...Well done Team Livingstone!



This week, we have been reading the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. The children have enjoyed the activites linked to the story and especially loved making their own porridge by carefully mixing and stirring all the ingredients together. After making the porridge, the children spooned their porridge into three bowls just like the three bears!

Kingfisher Nursery

This week the children have had great fun with activities around the text of the week 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears.' They have been role playing and making their own porridge, some of the children even had a taste, and some ate it all up!



In Reception, the children have been continuing their learning about post and letters. We posted ourselves a letter and learnt about the journey that it goes on. We mapped out our journey around the local area and looked at it on Google Earth. We have built 3D maps and some of us have drawn our own maps of our journeys to school. We have also started learning about music, and even got to play instruments this week!

Achievement Awards!

Frankie - for fantastic independent writing this week

Laiba - for great phonics work each lesson

Year 1

Year 1 are very enthusiastic geographers. We are developing our mapping skills by identifying the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world, as well as classifying physical and human features.

We have also begun our Music topic and our pupils can recognise if a piece of music is in the Boroque, Blues or Latin style. They are also learning to play C and D on the glockenspiel in time to this music.

In their Maths homework, please consolidate finding related facts as well as counting forwards and backwards to 50.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Parent Impact on Monday 6th March for an interactive phonics session.


Achievement awards this week go to Arianna for her excellent glockenspiel skills and to Daisy for being enthusiastic and focused during all lessons. Well done you two!

Year 2

In Maths, we have continued to learn about Money - counting, adding and subtracting.

In English, we looked at using commas and possessive apostrophes to help us retell 'Mrs Armitage on Wheels'. The children have wrote some brilliant narratives and they have really picked up an author's flair of writing. Well done, Year 2!

We are continuing to learn about Transport within History and Geography. We have discussed different modes of transport within the local area.

Please don't forget that our class trip is on Tuesday 7th and ensure you have consented paid via School Money.


Reading Comprehension- Ice-cream poem. Pages 33-36


This week's awards go to Tiannah for her brilliant work ethic and to Deni for his brilliant attitude towards his Maths and English work.

Kingfisher 1

This week in English we have continued to look at stories from other cultures, staying with Handa, we read 'Handa's Hen' a lovely story combining colourful animal descriptions, counting and prepositions. The children listened well and contributed to discussions.

In Maths we have been working on addition and we were impressed by the improvement from all pupils.

This week's achievement award goes to Stylianos for his excellent counting, well done!

Year 3

In Maths this week, we have started our new unit on fractions. We have been learning what the denominator is, what the numerator is and comparing and ordering unit-fractions.

In English, we have been practising using powerful adjectives to describe nouns in 'The Twits', and revising fronted adverbials ending in 'ly' or 'ed'. We have begun our new Science unit, 'Rocks, Soil and Fossils' where we have been identifying, describing, classifying and comparing different rock types.

CGP Books

Maths: Page 32 - Counting in Tenths

English: Pages 6 and 7 - Articles (determiners)

Times tables focus: 4x with the corresponding division facts (e.g. 32 ÷ 4 = 8).

The first achievement award goes to Holly for her enthusiasm across all areas of learning. She always has such brilliant and interesting facts to share with the rest of the class!

The second achievement award goes to Mikolaj for always being such a positive role-model in Year 3. He is always so polite and tries his best.

Year 4

Year 4 have had an excellent week and have worked exceptionally hard. We have finally finished making our torches for Mr Sudbury out of recycled materials so he can see in the dark. The children have had to overcome many issues and did so brilliantly and maturely.

In Maths, we have been converting mixed number fractions into improper fraction by multiplying the whole by the denominator and adding the numerator. In English, we have been looking at a range of grammatical features for our narrative recount.

CGP Books

English: Conjunctions page 22-23

8x9 and 9X8 9x6 and 6x9 8x12 and 12x8 9x12 and 12x9


This week's achievement awards go to Charlotte and Sonny for their excellent problem solving and perseverance in D&T

Year 5

In Maths, the children worked on calculating the perimeter of rectangles, rectilinear shapes and regular polygons.

In English, they practised using conjunctions, the perfect tense and semi-colons in preparation for their letter writing next week.

They finished their Science unit on Earth and Space, which they absolutely loved! They learned about the phases of the Moon, why we have day, night and seasons, and how the Earth and Moon orbit and rotate.

CGP Books

Maths: pages 56-57 (perimeter)

English: page 32 (present perfect tense) and page 14 (determiners)


This week's achievement awards go to Arbel for pushing herself in Maths, and to Sienna for always having a positive attitude towards your learning. Well done, girls!

Year 6

In Maths this week, the children have been continuing their work on ratio and proportion before moving onto co-ordinates next week.

In English, the children have been writing their non-chronological reports about World War II which have been fascinating to read - I have learnt some new facts about WWII from them.

In Science, the children have finished their Inheritance and Evolution topic by becoming palaeontologists for the afternoon.

Next week, the children will begin Design and Technology and will be creating and making their own soup using seasonal vegetables.

Homework Pages:

English - pages 48 and 49

Maths - pages 46 and 47


This week's achievement awards go to Orpita for her impressive use of language in her non-chronological report and Rohan for his Maths ratio work. Well done!

Kingfisher 2

What a great week we have had, leading up to the celebrations of World Book Day. The boys started a new non-fiction topic (Persuasive Writing) which they are linking to the real- life issue of littering. They had a go at writing their own persuasive letters and started to look at the text features.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the Spelling impact meeting this week and I hope you now feel a little more confident in how to support your child with their spellings.

Continuing our Length and Height topic, we have also been working hard by measuring, comparing and ordering items. The boys did well reading rulers and finding the difference between the measurements of different lengths.

They finished the week solving one and two step word problems involving length and height.

Well done to Arin and Jacob this week for the achievement award. Arin did some fantastic maths, counting on and completing the missing number on a number line while Jacob has been working hard to complete his work.

Sports News


Years 5/6 Girls Football Final vs Foulds

Where to begin! On Tuesday we had our most tense and exhilarating game yet. Because the girls had won a football festival earlier in the year, we attended a final match against Foulds to decide which team would represent Barnet at the London Youth Games. It was a great first half which ended 1-1 and the girls brought their fighting spirit to the second half. It was a very even match as the second half ended 2-2. We were given 5 minutes extra time to see if anyone could score to win the game. Both teams gave it their all but even with the extra time, it ended 2-2 still. It was time for a penalty shoot out. It is safe to say that the staff and parents/carers were on the edge of their feet, screaming and holding their breath whilst anticipating what will happen next. It was epic show as every single player took a penalty shot. 21 penalties were taken and *drum roll please*....We won! Hattie scored the final penalty and it was a brilliant scene to watch the girls celebrate together. We are very proud of their achievements. Well done to Lois, Katerina Catherine, Kaitlin, Geethesri, Hattie, Chloe and Arbel.

We will keep you posted when we know about the date for the London Youth games.


Mixed League vs Cromer Road

On Thursday, our mixed league team played against Cromer Road. Everyone at football club has been dedicated to the team and working tirelessly to improve and do their best. The first half ended 1-0 to the other team. The second half commenced and our defenders were all over the opposing team doing everything they could. We were very impressed their skill and sheer determination to not give up. Towards the end of the match, we were awarded a penalty. Everyone watched eagerly as Jack was up to take the shot and he did not disappoint! He scored a great goal yet the game finished with Cromer Road winning. We have two more games to go. Come on, Livingstone! Well done to Hattie, Arbel, Jack, Aidan, Matteo, Zachary, Xander, Alex, Qamazarda and Albion.


Cross Country

The children have been very enthusiastic about cross country which is fantastic. We have practised together and the children were excited to take on the challenge. The children had to run 1 mile which is a lap around Oak Hill Park. It was a great day out where the children showed excellent sportsmanship towards each other, cheering each other on and encouraging one another. Everyone performed fantastically well and we even had some children place 2nd and 3rd. Well done to Anastasia, Chloe, Hattie, Leah, Lois, Nadine, Elsie, Sotirio, Answer, Abdullah, Kevin, Dante, Stefi, Brychan, Qamazarda and Matteo.


MARCH 2023

Monday 6th:

  • Year 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00- 10:00 am
  • Years 5/6 Chickenshed Workshop - AM
  • Money Smart Workshop for Parents/Carers (registration required) 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Tuesday 7th:

  • Year 3 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Thursday 9th:

  • Kingfisher 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:10- 9:40 am

Friday 10th:

  • Year 2 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am
  • Reception Vision and Hearing Tests
  • Parent Champion Coffee Morning with Guest Speakers from Chickenshed Theatre
  • Y5/6 Netball Match VS Underhill 3:30pm (AWAY)

Monday 13th:

  • Science Week
  • Year 6 Kindertransport Workshop in school - AM
  • Money Smart Workshop for Parents/Carers (registration required) 1:00 - 3:00pm
  • Netball Match vs Christchurch 3:30pm (HOME)

Tuesday 14th:

  • Year 3 Road Safety Workshop

Friday 17th:

  • PTA Mother's Day Stall
  • Girls Football vs St Johns N20 3:30pm (AWAY)

Monday 20th:

  • Year 6 Swimming at New Barnet Leisure Centre - every morning for two weeks
  • Money Smart Workshop for Parents/Carers (registration required) 1:00 - 3:00pm

Tuesday 21st:

  • Girls Football vs Monken Hadley 3:30pm (HOME)

Wednesday 22nd:

  • Red Nose Day Fundraising Day
  • Years 5/6 Sitting Volleyball competition at Ark Pioneer - AM

Thursday 23rd:

  • Kingfisher 1 and 2 Bowling Trip - PM
  • Grils Football vs Sacred Heart 3:30pm (HOME)

Friday 24th:

  • Years 1/2 Football at Compton School - AM
  • Mixed Football vs Whitings Hill 3:30pm (HOME)
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