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November Week 1 - Student Newsletter

Friday 1st November

Cross Country


On Thursday 10th October 2019, Livingstone took a selection of children to take part in a cross country event.  They competed against lots of other schools.  They all had to run a mile.  There were close to one-hundred children per race.  Each race was split into year groups and then into boys and girls.  Below are the results:

Alfie (24th), Alexandros (40th), Zoe (14th), Roxy (42nd), Aiden Osman (58th), Ollie (62nd), Sammie (6th), Gabriela (14th), Noah (33rd), Tyler (42nd), Maisie (17th), Amie (51st) 

By Eleni 5S 

Golden Performance for PE at Livingstone


At the Barnet Sports Partnership Awards Livingstone won lots of fantastic honours!

One of the awards we got was for taking

part in the most competitions out of the

schools in Barnet. Another two were Gold

for KS1 and KS2! Jana in year 6 got the Outstanding Sporting Achievement award

for her rhythmic gymnastics! She also

performed an incredible routine at the

awards. Well done Jana and the rest of Livingstone too!

By Sammie 5B

Black History Month


At Livingstone, we celebrated Black History Month with a week of themed activities. All the classes learned about different people that have shaped both British and World History. This year, 6S and 6B tackled work on the Black Salute, Year 4 learned about the brave actions of Rosa Parks and Year 3 studies Mo Farah. We had an assembly to celebrate our work and Yr1 and Yr2 showed their amazing achievements.

By Karolina 6S



Impact Meetings

On the 30/9/2019 year 5 were lucky to have an Impact Meeting. Impact Meetings give the opportunity for both parents and children: it helps parents learn the new methods and better writing skills to help their child towards English and Maths. Without this kind of meeting some parents might not have the knowledge of these modern, improved methods taught in Maths and English. As a result, those parents might struggle to help their child with homework. The common goal is helping the child at home with their work, which should be a fun activity not a frustration. Another reason is it is always good for parents to know what is happening in the classroom. Because of all these possibilities, we would encourage you to come to our Impact Meetings often. Precisely, the feedback from my parent was fantastic! Check our school calendar for more fun activities along with more Impact meetings. Don’t miss out!

By Hailey 5S

Cello Assembly

Mrs Tyler Brown played the cello in front of everyone in the school. She played lots of different types of music… Elephant and Swan music, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ and ‘A Million Dreams’. She let Zuzanna, Kaitlin and Tarannom  play a small cello and hoped that children at Livingstone would like to learn to play. The instruments are available for free  and lesson subsidised for pupils eligible for pupil premium.

By Kaitlin 3  Zuzanna 5B and Tarannom 5S 


School Council Elections


One of the main streams of ‘British Values’ in schools is democracy and at Livingstone we demonstrate this through the School Council Elections. This year Livingstone have voted for two people from their class to be school council. The four students with the most votes then go through to the final elections where two candidates are finally chosen. Last week Miss Lax announced the winners in assembly: Year One-Sammy and Charlotte, Year Two-Jamie and Grace, Kingfisher One-Calvin, Year Three-Artellion and Evie, Year Four-Lily and Joel, Year 5B-Pheobe and Adya, Year 5S-Alan and Grace, Year 6B-Mahek and Leo, Year 6S-JJ and Zoe. By Kiera 6B

To be or not to be…


On Tuesday 12th of November, Year Six are going to see Macbeth at the Wyllyots Theatre.

As part of their Literacy work they took part in a drama workshop with the Young Shakespeare Company at school. The children had a wonderful experience and are all looking forward to seeing the play along with the actors and leaders who took charge of the workshop on the day.

By Jana 6S

The Champions


Aedan Y6

Aiden Y5

Nikil Y5

Omar Y6

Finlay Y6

Ruby Y6


Kamyar Y6

Intersam Y5

 Alexandros Y6

50m Swimming Badge


George, who is in KF1, has just completed his 50m swimming badge.  It is a great achievement for George, as it would be to any of us.   George has worked really hard and deserves this accolade. We should all appreciate what other people achieve and celebrate their success. Well done George! Keep up with the good work! We’re all proud of you!

By Maria Y6S

Let us know if you have achieved a badge!

Harvest Festival with Year 4

On the 26th of September, our school had the harvest festival to help all the people who aren't lucky enough to enjoy all the bountiful harvests that we produce. We helped the community called 'Friends In Need' which is in East Barnet Village if you would like to visit it to help. It helps any nearby villagers by giving them free food for three days so if you are ever in trouble you can visit the community. During the assembly, the children gave away food for the neighbourhood and year 4 did an amazing assembly with both key stages singing incredible songs. By Jim (6B) 



Every year, Livingstone school organises a trip to the Isle of Wight PGL Camp for year 6 pupils.  This year, the children and school staff left London on Monday 14th October and after a four-hour drive we arrived in Portsmouth.  We then took the ferry to the Isle of Wight.  Unfortunately, it was very foggy, so we couldn’t see much during the crossing.  The ferry’s movement caused the car’s alarm to go off, so it was pretty noisy.

Later, the fog cleared a little as we approached the harbour, and we noticed the island was very green with lots of jungle-like trees.  After a short drive, we finally arrived at the PGL activity centre, where we had a quick tour of the camp and were shown to our cabins to unpack.  We had dinner, then we had an activity called ‘Ambush’ where we were divided into two teams.  One team hid and the other team had to search for them.

For the days that followed, we settled into a routine that included various activities:  trapeze, challenge course, climbing, fencing, giant swing, vertical challenge, buggy building, sensory trail, abseiling, zip wires, rock climbing, beach walking, matrix and many more.  We had lots of fun and exciting times.  Some of the activities were a bit scary, but we all tried very hard to overcome our fears.

In the evenings, we had more fun activities including a camp fire, wacky races and a disco!  We didn’t sleep much as Mr Madle, Mrs Speed, Miss Breen, Mrs Kelly and Miss Gordon woke us up at 7am every morning, with loud music and occasionally pulling the covers off of the pupils who stayed asleep.  We had to clean and tidy up our rooms because we had a room inspection every morning.  The food was excellent with a variety of choices and a salad bar every day with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

The group leaders:  Shane and Ropa, who guided us, were very nice.  All the PGL staff were kind and supportive; motivating and encouraging us to try each and every activity.  All the Livingstone staff who came on the trip with us were very nice and fun to be around too. 

The whole week went by in a flash! That’s how much fun we had! We returned to school on Friday the 18Th of October excited to see our parents again. BY Isabella Y6B

Diary Dates

November 2019


Monday 4th

Maths/English Clubs to begin this week for Autumn 2

Y2 - 6



Friday  8th

Flu Nasal Spray

Rec – Y6




Friendship Week




Monday 11th

Poppy Appeal Cake Sale




Friday 15th

Parent Representative Meeting – 9am





Children In Need Collection


Please bring in spare change and Dress up like Pudsey

Monday 18th





December 2019




Monday 9th

Activity Club bookings go online for Spring 1 – 8am




Thursday 12th

Nursery and Reception Assembly - 2.30pm

N and Rec



Friday 13th

Nursery and Reception Assembly - 9am

N and Rec




Clubs finish for end of term

Y1 - 6



Thursday 19th

School finishes for end of term – 2pm




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