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November Week 1

Friday 4th November

Celebrations and Upcoming Events

Firstly, a belated Happy Diwali to all our Hindu families, and just as they have celebrated with fireworks, we are due to have more on Bonfire Night this Saturday 5th November.

We hope all our families have a wonderful time. Please keep safe and be responsible when letting off fireworks and we recommend attending organised events.


PTA Spooky Adventure


Thank you again to our amazing band of PTA helpers for making the Spooky Adventure another tremendous success. Unfortunately, due to the terrible weather, the pupils were not able to experience the full impact of the Haunted House and Spooky Forest. Mr Sudbury and his team of volunteers did their best to replicate the display this week and hopefully most of the pupils have managed to see part of it before everything gets packed up for another year.

Thank you to our joint chairs Mrs Cavozzi and Melissa Gosling for organising the event as we managed to raise just over £1000.

Look out for letters coming soon from the PTA about the next big events - World Cup Pop-Up Shop and Christmas Fair!

PTA Pop-up Shop


Non-uniform Days for Christmas Fair Donations


Poppy Day Appeal


Poppies and Poppy related merchandise will be on sale, everyday, leading up to Remembrance Sunday and pupils from Livingstone will be laying a wreath at the East Barnet War Memorial on Sunday 13th November.

Please let the office know if you would like your child/ren to join the pupils who regularly participate. Your child/ren will be expected to be accompanied by a family member and wear full uniform on the day.



This week, the children have been using their fine motor skills to paint and thread pasta pieces onto pipe cleaners to make their very own 'pumpkin bracelets'.

Patrick concentrated so well when making his and counted out 5 pasta pieces all by himself. Grace really enjoyed working independently and made three 'pumpkin bracelets'! Well done Patrick and Grace!

Kingfisher Nursery


This week in Kingfisher Nursery the children have continued to enjoy exploring autumn, pumpkins and light.

The text of the week was Pumpkin Soup and the children enjoyed making their own versions.

They have made music using different instruments and been mark making everywhere and with everything! They have especially enjoyed singing and acting out all their favourite nursery rhymes.



This week we have continued our learning about how Halloween is celebrated and have really enjoyed our new story Room on the Broom. We have been drawing and labelling pumpkins, discussing our favourite part of the story and even building the dragon an evil lair to live in! We have had a fantastic first week back.

Miss Purse is looking forward to seeing parents and carers at the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting on Friday 11th November at 9am in the classroom (instead of Read with Me). In this meeting you will receive the class handbook, find out more about the expectations of the children's learning, find out what our day looks like and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We hope to see as many of you there as possible :)

Achievement Awards!

  • Marina - for being so independent this week!
  • Bobby - for working so hard on so many activities this week, well done!

Year 1

Welcome back Year 1! We have enjoyed a very productive week. In Maths, we focused on our arithmetic skills and learnt all about subtraction. We are continuing to enjoy phonics in our groups, so please practise reading their Read Write Inc books at home as well as learn the sounds in their 'My St 2 and 3 Speed Sound Books.' We began our R.E. topic on special stories and acted out the parable of the Good Samaritan. Please ask your children what they learnt from the story.


Achievement Awards!

Achievement awards this week got to Mollie for her superb independent writing in English this week and to Ahmet for his outstanding progress across all areas of the curriculum. Well done!

Year 2

Year 2 have been working hard in Maths reading word problems to identify whether we need to add or subtract.

In English, we are focusing on poetry and using similes, alliteration and repetition to write a poem about fireworks.

Our foundation subject is Geography with a focus on the polar regions. We have looked at maps to identify where they are, we have described the climate and compared the regions to the UK.


Reasoning- pages 12,13 and 14.


Achievement Awards!

This week's certificates go to Abdul for his excellent participation in our Geography lessons and Zachariah for his brilliant work ethic in Maths.

Kingfisher 1


This week the children have been exploring the thought- provoking story, Oi Get Off Our Train. They have been describing and sequencing and learning about why animals might be endangered.

In Maths some excellent work on place value has been happening, with children deepening their understanding of number.


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement award goes to Dilan for his excellent writing and spelling. Well done!

Year 3


This week in Year 3, we went on a trip to Waltham Abbey Gardens to learn all about the Stone Age! The staff leading it were so impressed with our knowledge and we had a great time.

Auditions for our Christmas show have taken place, which we are very excited to start rehearsing for.

We also continued our work on exchanging using column method in Maths and have started our new book Stone Age Boy in English.


English pages 20 - 21 Conjunction with Main Clauses

Maths pages 24 - 25 Written Addition and Subtraction


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement award goes to Daniella for showing fantastic focus during lessons and trying her best. She has also been a very kind partner to others. Well done, Daniella!

Year 4

Year 4 have had an excellent first week back! In Maths they have done brilliantly in their work on subtracting two four-digit numbers, with and without exchanges.

In English, we finished off our writing pieces from last term and have now sent them off to Anthony Browne (the author of our previous book) to have a look at them. We have now started our new book, The Iron Man.

In the afternoons, we have now finished off our PSHE lessons where we created an action plan for looking after our community and discussed the dangers of stereotyping and the importance of an inclusive and diverse community.

We have now started computing work, where we are looking at what a network is, how to create an efficient one as well as creating our own 3D game!


Maths: pages 18 and 19 (Written addition and subtraction)

SPaG: pages 60 - 63 (Punctuating Speech)

Timetables: recap 3,6,9 + introducing 7s


This week's achievement awards go to Oliver for his positive start to the half term, and to Anastasia for her hard-working attitude. Well done!

Year 5

The children have had a good first week back after half term. In Maths, they've been learning about multiples and factors, including how to find common ones.

In English, they explored the character of Bradley Chalkers from our class text, There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom as they will be writing diary entries as him in a few weeks.

In Art, they've been learning about Impressionism, which started in France in the 1800s. They can explain the six key features of Impressionism, and they can name three prominent artists: Seurat, Renoir and Monet.

CGP Books

Maths: pages 18 and 19 (multiples, factors and primes)

English: pages 56 and 57 (apostrophes)


Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Grace for always trying her best in lessons, and to Leah for trying especially hard with her spelling.

Year 6

Year 6 have settled back into our routine smoothly. In Maths, we have been working on squared and cubed numbers, division in word problems and division using factors. For these areas particularly, it is vital for the children to know their times tables fluently otherwise it does impact on their understanding of the concepts so please encourage your child to go onto TTR as much as possible.

In English, the children are excited as they are designing their own 'mechanimal' for when they write a non-chronological report about their creation. The ideas have been flowing and we have some future inventors among us in Y6!

We are also currently furthering Y6's knowledge on electricity in Science which will then lead into our D&T project of designing and making a working nightlight.

Year 6 parent consultations are on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th so I look forward to meeting those of you who have made an appointment.

CGP homework pages

Maths: page 14 and page 24

English: pages 16 and 17


This week's achievement awards go to Jaydon for his work in Science and Teddy for his focus in Maths. Well done to you both!

Kingfisher 2

A great week back after the half term break! Following on from the Spooky Adventure, KF2 enjoyed designing and carving their own pumpkins.

In English we have started our new topic 'Instructions', writing instructions for 'How to make Mr Potato Head' as well as following instructions to make cheese /jam sandwiches, which some of us then enjoyed eating!

Multiplication has been the latest topic in Maths. We have been demonstrating the use of repeated addition for multiplication and consolidating our understanding of equal grouping. We have even been learning about factors and products.

Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Calvin for his excellent work on factors and Jacob for independent instruction writing . Well done!

Catch Up and Challenge Clubs


Now that we have resumed post lockdown normality in school, we are winding down catch-up and challenge clubs after school and focusing on delivering interventions before school and during school hours, as we believe this approach has more impact on learning outcomes.

Year 6 will continue to have work before and after school and will be taught SATs preparation by additional members of staff including Mr Madle in the term leading up to SATs.

Tag Rugby


Everyone who attends tag rugby after school have been training really hard with Mr Boucon and have shown commitment and perseverance to understanding the sport better and to improve their skill. Some children attended a tag rugby festival on Wednesday where they played against three different schools twice. Due to the children's hard work, it is no surprise that they were undefeated in all 6 matches. They represented our school well and were very respectful to all of the teams they played against.

Well done to Lois, Catherine, Geethesri, Kaitlin, Albion, Alex, Zachary, Matteo and Qamazarda.



Monday 7th:

  • Infant Music Festival

Tuesday 8th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 3:30pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday 9th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 1:00pm - 3:30pm
  • KF2 trip to Cineworld, Enfield - AM
  • Girls Football vs Brunswick (John King Cup) - 3:30pm (HOME)

Thursday 10th:

  • Nursery Parent/Carer Impact Meeting 9:15 - 10:00am

Friday 11th:

  • Reception 'Meet the Teacher' - 9am Reception classroom
  • Flu Nasal Spray Vaccinations
  • PTA Pop-up Shop - during school hours (see flyer below for more info)
  • Non-uniform Day - Donations of Unwanted Gifts

Tuesday 15th:

  • Year 2 Singing Assembly 9:00am - Year 2 parents are invited to watch
  • Non-uniform Day - Donations for Tombola Stalls (please see flyer below for more info)

Friday 18th:

  • Children in Need - collecting spare change

Monday 21st:

INSET Day - School Closed

Friday 25th:

  • Non-uniform Day - Donations for Tombola Stalls (please see flyer below for more info)


Thursday 1st:

  • Non-uniform Day - Donations of cakes and unwanted toys in good condition

Friday 2nd:

  • Christmas Fair - all day

Tuesday 6th:

  • Nursery and Reception Christmas Songs to Parents - 2:30pm

Thursday 8th:

  • Nursery and Reception Christmas Songs to Parents - 9:00am

Friday 9th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal - 1:30pm (for families incl. small children)
  • Activity Clubs finish for Autumn 2

Tuesday 13th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show - 1:30pm

Thursday 15th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show - 9:00am

Friday 16th:

End of Term - School Closes at 2pm (No Cabin Club)

School Holiday Monday 19th December 2022 - Monday 2nd January 2023


Tuesday 3rd:

  • Start of Spring 1 Term - pupils return to school
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