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Livingstone Primary and Nursery School Newsletter

October Week 1


Parent Consultation Meetings

Parent Consultation Meetings are coming up. The children will have been in school for half a term and the teachers can use their evaluations to feedback to parents/carers on their progress so far as well as any areas for improvement. It is also an opportunity for parents/carers to ask questions, especially for our parents/carers of children in Reception class or children new to the school.

Next week, we will be sending a text message to Reception Class and Years 1 - 5 with a link for parents/carers to book a consultation with their child's teacher. Nursery parents/carers will receive a letter to make their appointments. Please check the dates and times below that will be available for your child's class. Please note, Year 6 consultations will take place after half term and the Year 6 link to make bookings will also be sent after half term.


Tuesday 18th October 3:30 pm - 5:30pm

Wednesday 19th October 9:00am - 11:00am


Tuesday 18th October 4:00 pm - 6:30pm

Thursday 20th October 1:00 pm - 3:00pm

Years 1 and 2

Tuesday 18th October 4:00 pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday 19th October 9:00 am - 11:00am

Years 3 , 4 and 5

Tuesday 18th October 4:00 pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday 19th October 1:30 pm - 3:30pm

Year 6

Wednesday 9th November 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday 10th November 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Cross Country


Livingstone had our first sporting event of the year on Wednesday. Cross Country! Despite the rain, the children were full of smiles and enjoyed the experience. Cross country running can be tricky but the children were prepared and we are extremely proud of their efforts and how they represented our school. We even had some children placing in the top 3! Well done to Anastasia, Elia, Ryan, Ravi, Brychan, Muhammad, Arbel, Chloe, Zach, Qamazarda, Lois and Hattie.


Become a School Governor


The term of office of another Parent Governor ended last year. It is therefore necessary to hold an election for a new representative.

The following might help you decide if this role would interest you:

  • Becoming a governor is a very rewarding and worthwhile experience. Effective Governors do not need educational expertise but do need to be committed to the school, willing to ask questions and offer appropriate challenge and support.
  • Governors are elected for a four-year term. They attend four Governing Body meetings a year, which are held in the evening, as well as termly committee meetings. The Governing Body makes decisions collectively.
  • The prime focus of the Governing Body is to develop the strategic direction of the school, be accountable to stakeholders and ensure that financial resources are spent appropriately. Governors need to work as an enthusiastic member of the team with the aim of raising and maintaining high educational standards for all children. Governors are asked to act always with integrity, honesty and objectivity in the best interests of the School.
  • All Governors are expected to read and understand straight forward budget reports and data information.
  • Training is available to develop and enhance knowledge and skills.
  • It is important to note that once elected, Parent Governors are a representative parent but not a delegate. This means they are not expected to report back to parents on any matters relating to the School or Governing Body without prior consent from the Governing Body.
  • If you would like to seek nomination as an elected Parent Governor, please collect nomination forms will be available from the School Office. This form should be completed, with the accompanying personal statement of no more than 150 words, and returned to the Headteacher no later than 12 NOON on WEDNESDAY 2nd NOVEMBER . The personal statement will only be used if more than one parent wishes to be considered for nomination; in which case, a ballot will be held.



Again, this week only four classes achieved over 96% attendance. Our overall whole school attendance this week is again 94%, below the expected minimum.

Don’t underestimate the importance of good attendance. Even one day missed can have an effect on learning.

We must all work together to ensure that our children have the best education possible.

Reminder- pupils taken out of school for holidays will be subject to a local authority fine!


This week in the Nursery, we have been using our autumn objects to help us with our Maths. Clara is new to our Nursery and already she is starting to count. She used the Numicon pieces and conkers to count from 1 to 10. Excellent work, Clara!


Alki has only been in our Nursery one week and already he is learning how to mark-make with different pens and pencils. We are learning about the Autumn and Alki is drawing an acorn. Well done, Alki. Excellent concentration!


Kingfisher Nursery


A very busy week in Kingfisher Nursery! The children had the chance to do various activities linked with the book 'Brown Bear' by Eric Carle and enjoyed learning the animals and colours from the story. We also started looking how things around us change in Autumn and practised counting using conkers.

Fantastic work Nursery!


A great week this week in Reception. We have made a fantastic Autumn display of things collected on our walks. We love to spot the changes around us. We are using conkers, acorns and natural resources for many things in the classroom including counting, weighing and even making natural pictures.

Achievement Awards!

Esmae - for being a kind and helpful friend

Benjamin - for trying lots of different activities this week. You have worked so hard Benji!

Year 1

Year 1 had a fantastic day Monday exploring some of the most famous sites in our capital city, London. Thank you to Mr. Sudbury and Diane for driving us and being wonderful tour guides! It was a wonderful way to enrich our geography topic.

Achievement Awards!

Achievement awards this week go to Liam and Daisy for their excellent musical skills creating rhythms and keeping a steady pulse. Well done to the two of you!

Year 2

In English, we retold the narrative 'A Squash and a Squeeze'. The children worked really hard constructing their sentences.

In Maths, we are focusing on addition. We have learned our number bonds to 10 and used related facts to add up to 100. We have also been practising counting forwards to add sums.

In Art, we finished creating our fire inspired art pieces. They are truly fabulous!


Reasoning-pages 1-4

Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Ellis for his great math work and mental maths skills and Sienna Madle for her lovely sentence work retelling a narrative.

Kingfisher 1

This week has been another busy and hard working week in Kingfisher 1.

In English we looked at the story, 'Oliver's fruit salad.' We made our own delicious fruit salad and retold the story in a variety of ways,

In Maths we moved on to subtraction. This was explored through song and practical resources, helping to develop a good understanding of what subtraction is and different ways we can work it out.


Acievement Awards!

This week's achievement award goes to Carter for his excellent work in Maths, subtracting using pictures, a number line and Numicon. Well done!

Year 3

This week in Year 3, we have started our new English unit focusing on simile poems about 'The Tin Forest'. In Maths, we have been continuing our work on place value. In History, we have been continuing our learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age, focusing on historical sources and how people and the tools they used changed.

CGP Pages

English: page 10 adverbs

Maths: page 14 numbers on scales


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement award goes to Christina for always trying her best, showing great independence and showing fab progress in her reading.

Year 4

This week, Year 4 have been very busy both in and out of the classroom. Thank you to all who came to watch the Harvest Assembly, they did a fantastic job.

In Maths, we have been looking at find 1, 10, 100 and 1,000 more/less of a given number as well as roman numerals. In English, we finally finished our book 'Into the Forest' and did role play in order to familiarise ourselves with the story.

Yesterday, we went to Verulamium Museum and Park to explore the impact of the Romans had on life in Britain. We all had an amazing time.


Maths: 1,000 more or less - page 9 & Roman Numerals page - 15

SPaG: Verb Agreement - pages 30 to 31

Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Ravi for his brilliant work in History and to Renuka for helping others. Well done!

Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been practising their grammar for their descriptive writing. They wrote fantastic sentences and passages using powerful verbs and adjectives, personification and Alan Peat sentences.

In Maths, they finished their work on rounding 5 and 6-digit numbers and started work on column addition and subtraction.

They've been engineers in the afternoons in DT, learning all about frame structures. They practised using triangulation to strengthen a frame and learned all about slabs, columns, foundations and beams.

CGP Books

Maths: pages 12-13 (written addition and subtraction)

English: pages 46-47 (commas after fronted adverbials)

Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Chloe and Uzair for their excellent English work on personification and Alan Peat sentences. Well done!

Year 6

This week, Year 6 have been preparing for their recount writing based upon 'The Island'. They have been practising different sentence types such as Alan Peat, varying the position of subordinate clauses and using show not tell techniques.

In Maths, we have finished the four operations and have moved onto common factors and multiples and next week, we will be learning about prime numbers and squared and cubed numbers. Please encourage your children to go onto Timestables Rockstars at home as these learning objectives are more straightforward when they know their timetables.

We have finished Science and are moving onto Religious Education next week when we will be looking at rites of passage.

Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school every day as we don't have cups in the classroom. Thank you.

CGP Homework Pages

English: pages 8 and 9

Maths: pages 13 and 25


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Nate for his fantastic Alan Peat sentences and Lisa for her Science experiment

Kingfisher 2

In English this week the children have been planning and writing character descriptions. They did a fantastic job, creating their own colour monsters and writing a descriptive paragraph for their published work file.

In Maths, we have been comparing numbers using our understanding of place value and counting in steps of 3.

Achievement Awards!

Well done to Jack for this week's achievement award. We are very proud that you are representing KF2 in the school council and are always hard working and helpful!



Monday 10th:

  • Year 4 begin swimming at New Barnet Leisure Centre for two weeks
  • Black History Week (Mathematicians)
  • Wednesday 12th:
  • Netball match vs Danegrove 3.30pm (HOME)

Thursday 13th:

  • Year 6 Shakespeare Workshop in School - more details to follow
  • Friday 14th:
  • PTA AGM 3.30 -Everyone invited!

Monday 17th:

  • Year 6 School Journey to PGL, Isle of Wight - all week
  • Activity Clubs go online for Autumn 2 bookings

Tuesday 18th:

  • Nursery Parent Consultations, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Reception and Years 1 - 5 Parent Consultations, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday 19th:

  • Nursery, Years 1 and 2 Parent Consultations, 9:00am - 11:00am
  • Years 3 - 5 Parent Consultations, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday 20th:

  • PTA's Spooky Adventure - Nursery am, Nursery pm, Reception, Yr1 and Yr2 during the school day.
  • KS2 After School -from 3.15pm until 4.30pm.
  • Cost £3.00, please pay via School Money
  • Reception Parent Consultations, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Friday 21st:

  • Year 6 return from School Journey
  • Activity Clubs finish for Autumn 1
  • School finishes for Half Term at 3.15 pm (Cabin Club open)

HALF TERM: Monday 24th - Friday 28th October 2022

Monday 31st:

  • Start of Autumn 2
  • Activity Clubs begin for Autumn 2 (please make sure you have booked for this half of the term)


Wednesday 9th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday 10th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 4:30pm - 6:30pm

More diary dates to follow..........

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