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December Week 2

Friday 14th December

Livingstone pupil writes to MP and is invited to the House of Commons!

My trip to the House of Commons was amazing. After an opportunity to interview our local MP, Teresa Villiers (who was very nice and cared about what we spoke about), I was then taken through to the House of Commons. We saw lots of really old and interesting statues and paintings, we went into the public gallery and saw Teresa May arguing with Jeremy Corbyn about Brexit (boo!) We also saw the Prime Minister's car, which they have to keep running in case there is an attack and she needs to escape quickly. It was a great experience and they said I could go back whenever I wanted! By Alfie (Yr5S)


Christmas fair raises £3500

On Saturday 1st December, we had a Christmas Fair. Santa Clause came to his grotto in the pond area. We also had a few stalls which sold food and toys. Not only did we have stalls, but we also had four great tombola’s that had chocolate, bottles, teddy bears and a Christmas tree tombola. There were also many reindeers hiding around the school that you could find. We also had our school choir sing Christmas songs- they were brilliant. We also thank the PTA and the school for doing such a wonderful job on the fair and all the things you could do there. Merry Christmas! By Jim Baker (5S)


2, 4, 6, 8 what do we appreciate…

Yr 4 Cheerleading - When we arrived at Allianz Park for our event, we did a quick warm up. The Year Four’s first activity was a dance that they had to perform in front of the other schools. Year 4 were split in two groups and had to add a move to the routine that they had already learnt. The next activity was learning to pick their partner up, and doing different positions with their legs. They went on to practice a chant and a dance motif. Finally, they had to perform to all the other schools. Everyone had an amazing time. By Jana (5BB)


International Disability Day

On Wednesday 5th December, Kingfisher 2 went to a fun event to show that we are all different but it doesn’t matter! We were one of the many schools taking part in the activities. We had to prepare many activities including dance, modern age curling and more. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit as well as the fun dance session we had. It was such an amazing experience and we even met a Paralympian. By Naomi (Yr5BB)


Year 2 performed a marvellous

Year 2 performed a marvellous, yes, and I mean fantastic show with lots of fabulous songs about dinosaurs! Their sweet little voices went along with each other so well; no wonder we couldn’t take our eyes off them. The last song definitely got us up on our feet and excited. A big thank you to: Miss Grant, Miss Papas and Mrs Duggan for an entertaining assembly, and last but not least Year 2!  By Maria (5BB)


Choir went to the Spires

This year, Choir went to the Spires. They sang songs (Away in a Manger, Starry Night, Midnight, Jingle Bells, Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Calypso Carol and We Wish You a Merry Christmas) with plenty of people watching . Miss Madecyzjck said that they projected their voices and surprised all the shoppers. They had a fun time.​ (By Kiera 5S)




Sporting Reports

Livingstone were playing their first ever tag rugby match against Foulds. The game started ; Livingstone began with the ball. Both teams passed very effectively and showed good teamwork. An example of this was when an oppositional player ran to score a try then Alfie and Ella sprinted to him and ripped off his tags. Shyam was the closest player to scoring a try. Unfortunately, the final score was 4-0 but everyone performed well. By Ruby (5S)

On Wednesday the 7th of November the schools girl’s football team (which was made up of years five and six) played against another school’s team called Woodridge. The ending result was 1-0 to us- meaning that we won. In the team, we had: Roxy, Daisy D, Zoe, Asia, Isabella, Ella, Darina, Sophia, Sarah and Shivani.

Sarah was the one to score in the second half, around the middle of the net, to the right of the goalie. Sophia made some truly spectacular saves, Daisy D, Zoe, Asia, Isabella Shivani and Ella were brilliant in midfield and as strikers and Roxy and I were apparently amazing in defence. The opposing team were very strong too, but in the end we won. Well done girls! By Darina (Y6)


Badminton star of the future​

Counting to Christmas - Diary Dates

Monday 17th Dec

KS1 Christmas Show dress rehearsal at school

1 - 3

Parents/carers welcome with babies/small children


Advent calendar tree



Tuesday 18th Dec

Christmas Show Performance to parents/carers – 1.45pm

1 - 3

Tickets only

Wednesday 19th Dec

Christmas lunch


Pupils who usually have a packed lunch book can a school lunch at the office

Thursday 20th Dec

Christmas Show Performance to parents/carers – 9am

1 - 3

Tickets only

Friday 21st Dec

end of term church service

Rec - 6



END of TERM School finishes at 2pm – NO CABIN CLUB

Nursery – 6

Pupils return on Monday 7th January

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