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December Week 2

Friday 10th December

Christmas Show

Every year, Year 3 performs a Christmas show for everyone to watch and enjoy. This year, Year 3 performed a wonderful show, which beautifully presents the story of Jesus, how an angel nearly missed it all and how the Advent (Christmas) holiday was made. They have wowed everyone! We hope that everyone had fun while making or watching the show. We would like to thank the teachers who have set up this show and the pupils who carried it out amazingly.

by Lily.M Y6

Reception and Nursery Christmas Songs


Reception and Nursery have sung lots of fun Christmas songs for us all to enjoy. They sang Christmas Star, Jingle Bells, Away in a Manger and much more. How cute! We would like to thank the teachers who helped the kids learn the songs. I think it is amazing how these pupils sang in front of over 50 people! That is amazing! Thank you to the staff and children once more for these songs.

By Lily.M Yr6

Christmas Fair

On Friday the 3rd of December the PTA organised this year’s Christmas fair which was opened by the Choir singing beautiful Christmas carols.

Thank you for all your donations collected from our non- uniform days. These went towards the fantastic stalls. There was a toy stall, gift stall, cake stall, tombola, plenty of fun games to keep the children (and adults) entertained along with Christmas music to get us all into the festive spirit. Not forgetting the hot dog and burger stall run by our very own Gordon Ramsey’s - Mr Sudbury and Mr Madle!!!

We raised over £3500!

Thank you to everyone who attended, contributed and made it a great success.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays.

By Athena Y6

Helping people at Christmas


Christmas is a time for fun and joy but we should think about the people who can not enjoy Christmas because they can not afford to get food, have clean clothes and can not get shelter. Not everyone has a family to go to at Christmas or they cannot afford travel and they have to spend Christmas alone. Some people go into London and cook for homeless people living on the streets because they can not get a hot cooked meal like we can and it is very good some people do this. Hotel owners may give away hotel rooms for free so homeless people can have a comfortable bed to sleep in. We should start to give to food to food banks so that homeless can have some food so they don't die of hunger which is sad so if you don't give to food banks you should because even a little bit could feed a person. Let us think about others this Christmas.

By Matteo Y5


Everyone deserves to feel special at Christmas and what better way than to receive a present? Yet we know many children and young people in Barnet are currently living in poverty with the pandemic only increasing the challenges and pressures placed on struggling families.

Young Barnet Foundation members support the most disadvantaged children and young people living in our borough including refugee children and young people and those in care.

Since launching our annual Christmas Gift Campaign in 2018, we have distributed 3,360 gifts to children and young people living in the borough via local charities, social enterprises, and community/faith groups.

If you are a resident, business or organisation living in Barnet and are in a position to help, please consider supporting our Christmas Gift campaign and help us deliver a smile to hundreds of local children and young people this Christmas!

Here are the different ways you can help:


You can send toys, games, and books to the following address:

Young Barnet Foundation, Old East Barnet Library, 85 Brookhill Road, Barnet EN4 8SG.


Young Barnet Foundation will use any money contributed to bulk buy presents at a discounted rate, ensuring more gifts can be distributed and making your money go further.


We had been requesting volunteers to help wrap but thanks to an fantastic response from the residents of Barnet we are no longer looking for volunteers this year.


Tell your friends and family and share our campaign on social media!

Forest School

This term Diane has started doing forest school as part of creative curriculum activity. We learn how to help the environment by creating habitats for animals. All activities are done in the pond area so we would highly recommend to bring in spare foot ware to keep classrooms tidy. In forest school, we encourage people to stop littering and start re cycling plastic which is why we will go in the woodland and help our animals by picking up litter. Animals that visit our pond area are normally squirrels, birds, hedgehogs and many more, these animals find it difficult to find food so we hang and plot cheerio kebabs on trees and floors. All teachers encourage pupils to use natural resources and walk to school or park near by then walk to prevent the increase of pollution.

All children should not spend more than 2 hours on any device as it affects your eyes and other body parts. All pupils in school has 1 hour and 30 minutes outside as they should at least get that amount of fresh air.

Not everything in our planet is recyclable so it gets dumped on land (a wasteland) which affects our planet so in forest school we also make games using WOOD and NATURE. In our planet deforestation (where trees are cut down) is a massive problem. The amazon rain forest is the biggest rain forest in our plant as is contains of over half of the worlds trees , animals and habitats. Trees produces oxygen so if the amazon rain forest is fully cut down over 50% of the worlds oxygen will disappear as well as animals. Just imagine 100 trees dying every minute (that is 144000 trees a day) just for paper , tables and many more.


By Orpita Y5

Christmas Events and End of Term


Monday 13th:

Christmas Show to Year 2 parents/carers only @ 9 am - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Tuesday 14th:

Christmas Show to Year 3 parents/carers only @ 9 am - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 class parties - no donations required

Wednesday 15th:

Christmas Dinner Day - if your child usually brings a packed lunch but you would like them to have the Christmas dinner please book online via School Money.

Thursday 16th:

Church Christmas Celebration for Rec - Year 6. Unfortunately this year we cannot have parents/carers attending due to the limits on numbers. Please let the school know if you do not wish your child/ren to attend this event.

Years 1 and 2 class parties - no donations required

Friday 17th:

School finishes for Autumn term at 2 pm - No Cabin Club

Children in Need

On November the 19th ( 2021), children in need happened. But you're probably wondering "What is children in need?".

What is Children in Need?

Well, children in need is a charity that gives money to disadvantaged children or young people in the United Kingdom. People give money to the charity to give to children less fortunate than us.

How Much Money Was Raised?

We, as a school, raised a whopping £337! That's a lot of money! But over all, the charity raised over 1 billion pounds since it started with The Richshaw challenge donating over 16 million pounds since it started.

By Aiden Y5

Friendship Week


Did you know that Livingstone Primary and Nursery School had Friendship week? You didn't? Then I will explain to you all about it and how to get new friends! Friendship week is when we try to make as many friends as we can. If we want to make friends, we must be kind, helpful and caring to them. A friendship bench is going to be set up after Christmas so if someone is lonely, a friend will come and play with them or talk to them. If you see a person that is sad, you could go up to them and cheer them up: you don't play with someone that much you could give them a smile. So go on and make as many friends as you can.

By Emmanuel Y6


House Captains

Great News! The Current Y6 has made it into Livingstone History! The following people: Noah, Stephanos, Charlie, Tyler, Maxxilia, Lily, Keira and Athena are Livingstone's 1st ever house captains. They will lead there team to victorious when they compete in intra-house competitions! Good luck to all Livingstone house captains!

Bye :)

Freddie Kirkham Y6

Talk to your children about Stranger Danger!


We have had a few in incidents recently of children being approached by strangers on their way to and from school. Please take this opportunity to remind your children, particularly if they are lone travellers, of the ‘staying safe rules’ when walking to or from school or when out of their home without an adult with them.

9 ways to be safe while walking to school:

1. Look both ways and use zebra crossings.

2. Never assume drivers can see you. Be alert and make eye contact with the driver.

3. Look left, right and left again before crossing the street.

4. Eyes up, phones down.

5. Walk in a group.

6. Walk on pavements or paths.

7. Cross with an adult.

8. Be a good role model.

9. Be visible.


Stranger danger

• Never stop to talk to anyone on the way to school or going home from school.

• Ignore any drivers who might slow down to speak to you.

• Never accept a ride from anyone that is not expected to take you home.

• Always tell a trusted adult if something has happened that upsets you or makes you

feel uncomfortable.



On the 2nd of December Livingstone School were meant to play Church Hill School, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to illness from the other school. While the Y5 and Y6 netballers were disappointed, they practiced very hard in training and we hope they will play in a rescheduled match after Christmas. Many thanks to Mrs Church for organising the events and helping the team achieve their goals.

On Monday 6th of December Livingstone school played St Johns school. The pupils who played where... Chloe, Matteo, Louis, Catherine, Benjamin, Hadiya and Setayesh. Mrs Church trained these excellent players at Netball club and they had a great opportunity to play their first game. Firstly, Louis scored the first goal for our school. Then, the other school scored to equalise. After that, the other school scored. Finally, in the last minute Louis made ultimate draw! So the final score was 2 all.

By Katerina Y5 :)



Did you know we played football matches? Well we do, let me tell you about 2 matches that we had. First we had a boys match, but there was one girl in it (shhhh) we did lose 2-1 but the people who played in the match played so good and I bet the teachers were very proud. Noah did score for us, it was a header. A week after that we had a girls football match, you won't believe it we WON! The score was 7-0 to us the people who scored were: Hattie(1), Lois(2), Zeynep(1), Maisie(1), Arbel(1), Aliyah(1), but the people that didn't score played unbelievably good. And to the two teams who we played against, well done because they played really well!

By Maisie Y6.


Road Safety is Important


It's very important to cross the road safely with or without an adult. To help this in our daily life, we have zebra crossings, footbridges, underpasses and pelican crossings. We use the green cross code as a way to remember how to cross the road safely.....

FIND a safe place to cross.

STOP on the pavement.

LOOK and LISTEN for traffic.

LET traffic pass.

WALK across when its clear. DO NOT RUN.

To get us all thinking about road safety, Miss K as well as the school counsellors, organised an activity for the children to learn about where and when are safe places to cross.

Did you know.......

Every four minutes, someone is seriously hurt on roads in the UK!

By Lois Y5


Parent Champions


Amazing news!

What are our Parent Champions going to do?

They will give a few hours of their precious spare time to meet with other parents and tell them about local childcare, school and family services, home learning, ideas to support their children, activities available around the local area during term time as well as half term breaks. They might even set up information sessions to parents at community events!

Our Parent Champions will share their own positive experience to help and support other parents. When it comes to finding out about what is going on locally, parents are often the best people to help. Parents know all about those things that every parent needs to know- because they have experienced it! They can help others get the information and support they need, at the time they need it.

Training will be held in January. We are extremely excited to have new parent champions in our school and can't wait!

by Hattie Y5 :)

Finally...spread a little Kindness


Hello all viewers of the newsletter, in October we celebrated Kindness Week and did lots of activitites to understand and promote being kind. It should be celebrated everyday though, so make sure to stock up on "Thank you" and "you're welcome" for all the people around you! Don't forget a smile, you're never truly dressed without one! 😄 ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ

By Victor Y6


Diary Dates

December 2021

Monday 13th:

Activity Clubs for Spring 1 go online for booking 8.00 am

Christmas Show to Year 2 parents/carers only - 9:00am

Tuesday 14th:

Christmas Show to Year 3 parents/carers only - 9:00am

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 class parties

Wednesday 15th:

Christmas Dinner Day

Thursday 16th:

Rec - Year 6 Church Christmas Celebration. Unfortunately this year we cannot have parents/carers attending due to the limits on numbers. Please let the school know if you do not wish your child/ren to attend this event

Years 1 and 2 class parties

Friday 17th:

School finishes for Autumn term at 2 pm - No Cabin Club

School Holiday: Monday 20th December 2021 - Monday 3rd January 2022

Pupils return to school on Tuesday 4th January 2022 for start of the Spring Term

Activity Clubs to start week beginning Monday 10th January 2022 for 5 weeks

More dates will follow...

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