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February Week 2

Friday 08th February

Hail Phelan! Hail Phelan!

On Roman Day,4SB and 4F had to dress up as Romans. First thing in the morning they went outside in playground to find roman numerals that spell out a roman code. During the day, they did all kinds of activities which included making mosaics of roman pictures, had a war with the other class and they also made a sculpture of a roman, which most kids thought was very cool.​ By Ruby (5S)


Roman legions prepare for battle!

Our school have been using the VLE for at least a year now. It is a great way to learn especially as you can do it with your friends. The VLE stands for Virtual Learning Environment which totally lives up to its name. Many of my friends use it and they all said that it was absolutely fantastic. If I would rate it I would give it 11/10. If you do not have a digital device then you can go to our ICT club on Friday at 1PM during lunch time. That is all I have to say about it except for it is fantastic. By Jim Baker (5S) 


Year 5BB Assembly

Year 5BB went to the Golden Hinde and performed an assembly about the ship. They expirienced the harsh life of a sailor and their assembly gave us many facts about what happened when people would sail the seven seas in the tudor times. They took us back to when Queen Elizabeth I ruled Engeland on the Golden Hinde with Sir Frances Drake himself ( Maria ) leading the ship.

The Year 5BB team is to thank for producing this amazing assembly with little to no time to prepare.

Thank you: Miss Breen, Mrs Britan, Mrs Boucon and Mrs Glister. By Sophia  (Y6)


Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is an annual event regarding being safe on the internet. In today’s society, many inappropriate images can pop up on a child’s screen; since technology has evolved so much in the past few decades, to prevent children from acting irresponsibly on the internet, an official day has been created to enhance a child’s understanding of behavior online. It is so important for children to know how they should use the internet because they need to know how to protect themselves. However, on the bright side, we are so lucky to be part of the community where parents (and adults) can help you with these issues, no matter WHAT happens. By Nicholas (Y6)


On Wednesday the 6th of February, Daisy, Shivani, Shyam, Darina, Jordan, Sarah, Adam, Leo and Olivia took part in the netball tournament against Holly Park, St Johns N11, Coppetts Wood, Martins School and Holly Park. On the first match they lost 2-0, and on the second match, they lost 3-0, but, on a more positive note, they drew 2-2. On the final match, they lost 2-0. Luckily, they won the friendly match 6-5. It was a tough time, but it’s the taking part that counts the most. By Maria (5BB)  

Lights, Camera, Action!


There are lots of pupils at Livingstone school that have hidden talents and big ambitions. Sean Gordan in Yr 5BB has been doing auditions all term after his success at portraying Michael Jackson both in London Town and regularly at school.

Look out for his new advert on ESPN, where Sean plays a lot of American sports including trying out coaching. We all think he was ace! By Naomi (Yr5BB)

Sporting Reports

We went to the Rugby League Tag tournament at Allianz Park and performed really well. We won 1, drew 2 and lost 2. Tries came from Isaiah, Zoe, Sarah and Darina. Our improvement was shown by drawing 2-2 with Foulds who previously beat us 7-0. Mr Madle and Mr Thomas said they were very proud of us. By Daisy (5BB)


On Friday February 1st, we had a load of snow hit Barnet, especially at Livingstone school. It was an amazing day for all students, who had a tone of fun in the snow at the end of the day. We were let out, and all had snowball fights, built snowmen, and rolled down hills of snow! It was fantastic, and certainly a day to remember! By Darina (Y6)

Mathletic Bowling

On Thursday 7th February, the school took the top 30 Mathletes on a trip to the Hollywood bowl. It came with a lunch of their choice; they had an hour of fun knocking down pins with lots of laughter. It was well deserved fun for lots of hard extra work completed at home. By Eleni (Y4SB)

Livingstone Girls Vs Foulds & Livingstone Boys Vs Foulds


Year 5/6 girls played their last game in the Barnet League and what a game it was! Triumphantly, 5 goals were scored overall leaving the score 5-0. The girls have played fantastically together making Livingstone proud. They have been ever so dedicated to team practice and have had an excellent sporting attitude to working as a team. Well done to Roxy, Sarah, Karolina, Daisy, Darina, Zoe, Isabella, Sophia and Naomi.


Year 5/6 boys played against Foulds, at home, and showed amazing skills. Out of all the games played so far, this match demonstrated how well they can work as a team and the effort they have put into their practice. The boys dominated the first half but sadly the game ended 2-2. With this, it was tie but the boys should be immensely proud of how much improvement they have made. Well done to Ryley, Harry.L, Kiah, Kacper, Archie, Adam, Joviel, Charlie, Baheer, JJ and Mo.

Diary Dates



Year Group/s

Approx. Cost


February 2019

Monday 11th

Bookings for After School Activity Clubs Spring 2 go Online at 8am




Tuesday 12th

Netball Match v Brunswick Park – Home 3.30pm



Parents Welcome

Wednesday 13th

Tag Rugby Match v St Johns – Home 3pm

Y5 and Y6


Parents Welcome

Thursday 14th

KS1 Spring Ball  2pm-3.15pm

Rec – Y2




KS2 Spring Ball  3.30-4.45pm

Y3  - Y6



Friday 15th

After School Activity Clubs and Challenge Clubs finish for Half Term




HALF TERM Monday 18th – Friday 22nd February 2019

Monday 25th

After School Activity Clubs Begin

Rec – Y6



Thursday 28th

Fit Bag Presentation to Nursery and Reception Parents – 9am

Nur - Rec


Nur and Rec Parents Welcome

March 2019

Monday 4th

English Challenge Clubs Begin

Y2 – Y6



Tuesday 5th

Netball Match v St Johns – Home 3.30pm



Parents Welcome

Thursday 7th

Family Yoga for Parents who attended Healthy Eating Workshop 8.30am





Maths Challenge Clubs Begin

Y2 – Y6



Monday 11th

Tag Rugby v Brunswick – Home 3.30pm

Group TBC



Tuesday 19th

Netball Match v Monkfrith – Home 3.45pm




Wednesday 20th

KS1 Parent/Teacher Consultations - am





KS2 Parent/Teacher Consultations – pm




Thursday 21st

World Down Syndrome Awareness Day




Tuesday 26th

Netball Match v Holly Park – Home 3.30pm



Parents Welcome

Wednesday 27th

Boys Football Match v All Saints – Home 3.30pm



Parents Welcome

Friday 29th

PTA Mothers Day Stall

Nur – Y6



April 2019

Monday 1st

Autism Awareness Week





Bookings for Afer School Activity Clubs Summer 1 go Online at 8am




Tuesday 2nd

Read with Me Assembly at 2.30pm

Rec – Y6


Parents Welcome

Thursday 4th

After School Activity Clubs and Challenge Clubs finish for Easter




Friday 5th

Year 5S Easter Assembly



Parents Welcome


Last Day of Term – School Closes 2pm for Easter Hols

No Cabin or After School Activity Clubs




School Closed……

EASTER HOLIDAYS Monday 8th – Friday 19th April 2019

BANK HOLIDAY Monday 22nd April 2019

Tuesday 23rd

Back to School – First Day of Summer Term





After School Activity Clubs Begin








More dates to follow…….

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