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February Week 2

Friday 11th February

Cultural Capital

This term we did Cultural Capital assemblies run by Mr Madle. This is how the children of Livingstone learnt essential knowledge about people who have inspiring stories. We learnt about The Beatles, Emma Radacanu, Ben Wilson, Zaha Hadid and AA Milne. Some of our writers have written articles about these people so that we 'learn more and remember more'. Please read about the people below to see what we have been learning in school. Enjoy. By Lily M Yr6 (Editor)


The Beatles

Hello everyone! I’m here to talk about one of, if not the most, famous band of all time! The Beatles, first started around 1960 in Liverpool, had gotten the idea for their name from Buddy Holly and The Crickets. The members of the Beatles were comprised of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr! Their first song was “Love me do”, and, let me tell you, it rocked! (This came from a child from the late 2010’s, and it surpassed the modern music I usually listen to.) They went on to release at least 200 more songs after this one, just a few of the best being: All you need is love, A hard day’s night, Hey Jude and.... Help!

░▒▓█ FUN FACTS! █▓▒░

Their first song got to 17 in the charts within a few days! Over 73 MILLION people watched their first interview (That's around more than 1/5 of the entirety of America!) Across all theie time, they managed to sell over 1.6 Billion singles of their songs! They once started a trend called "Beatle Mania" all across America which made everyone love their songs - I guess that's how they were so famous. They played for over 55,000 people in a single concert. The Beatles are the only band to have 20 of their songs in number 1 in the charts, meaning that it was the best at the time for a while! They are considered the best band in the world (I wasn't exaggerating at the beginning). Although their name implies otherwise, 𝗡𝗼𝘁 an insect.

░▒▓█ N̲o̲t̲ ̲s̲o̲ ̲f̲u̲n̲ ̲f̲a̲c̲t̲s̲.̲.̲.̲ █▓▒░

Only 2 are alive today (That's the only one, thankfully). Now that all the facts are written and all the songs are sung, we can enjoy the music made by The Beatles and thank them for such wonderfully written tunes to enjoy on a rainy Saturday. The songs are still played and loved to this day. Thank you for tuning in. Victor Yr 6


Emma Radacanu

Emma Raducanu is a British tennis player, who has played in lots of different games. An inspirational figure at only 19 years old has won a huge amount of trophies. Her journey began at 5 years of age and now continuing on at where she is now. She turned an amazing professional tennis player in 2018 and now is playing/has played in lots of big important games like the US open and many more. She has reached a career-high ranking of No. 13 and is the current No. 1 woman British tennis player for her age. She is considered a base line player and is known for her power, aggressive return for serves and flat ground strokes. Lois Yr5


Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson is a well-known artist and woodcarver who is famous for his sticky paintings and grand sculptures. You may not have heard his name before, but you might recognise him as The Chewing-Gum Man. He was born in Cambridge and lived in Barnet. He was on of six children in the household that he was raised in. In his teens, he started to create sculptures, both at home and at school, which were outsized humans, still life, tables and chairs. He began to construct his art in public spaces (to the delight of locals) or nearby woodlands. In the 1980s, he and his partner went to the Us, Australia and New Zealand and made sculptures in all of them.

Ben Wilson is the son of two artist and had a distaste for waste, cars and rubbish. But that changed. He started to paint on bits of chewing gum stuck to the floor. He's a recognised artist in numerous locations in Britain and beyond. It's how he earned the well-deserved name, The Chewing-Gum Man. He has also earned accolades and prizes in the national and international media. He created his first fully-immersive art environment at Middlesex Polytechnic at Cat Hill, East Barnet. It was very large and even went onto the grounds of adjacent Oak Hill Theological College. Since then, he has made loads of sculptures like Man And Horse, Man Tables And Chairs, Sleeping Giant and Tree Keep. Aiden Yr5

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was a famous architect for her astounding buildings. She loved adding curves wherever she could. Hadid was the first women awarded a Pritzker Architecture award. She was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 and was made Dame Zaha Hadid. She was an Iraqi architect, artist and designer but was mostly realied as an architect in the late 20th and the early 21st century. She died at the age of 66 in 2016.

Hadid was famous for bending sharp objects into curves like steel and concrete. In February 2016 she got her first Royal Gold Medal. One of her most famous buildings are called London Aquatics Centre London. Zaha Hadid's last personally designed building was Leeza SOHO in Beijing which was constructed for around 4 years. Zaha Hadid designed almost 1000 projects (950) in 44 countries. By Katerina Yr 5


In Iran our language is called Farsi and we write from from right to left. The writing is hard to learn but it looks beautiful. Many Muslims celebrate Eid which is often called the 'Festival of Breaking the Fast'. The practice of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan is on the five pillars of Islam. There is also another event where you have to jump over a fire on the last Wednesday before New Year.

Tehran is the capital city of Iran, it is in the north of the country. It has beautiful architecture: It's central Golestan Palace complex, with its ornate rooms and marble throne, was the seat of power of the Qajar dynasty. The National Jewelry Museum holds many of the Qajar monarchs' jewels, while the National Museum of Iran has artifacts dating back to Paleolithic times. The Milad tower offers panoramic views over the city.

Many of the children in Year 6 have family from the city of Mashad. This is a place known for religious pilgrimage. It is centered on the vast Holy shrine of Iman Reza, with golden domes and minerals that are floodlit at night. The circular complex also contains the tomb of Lebanese schlor Sheikh Bahi, plus the 15th century tile-fronted Mosque. The Mosque is where Muslim followers go to worship and pray. Setayesh, Sogal and Benyamin Yr 6


AA Milne

Do any of you know who AA Milne is? If you don't, then it's a good thing that you are reading this newsletter because it will tell you all about it. He was an English author, best known for his stories about Winnie-the-Pooh and his poems. He was born on the 18th of January 1882 and died on the 31st of January 1956. He also served in World War 1 and 2 and joined the World War 1 British Army. So we should think about how much effort he has put into writing his books and poems. We love the sayings and life lessons we have been taught by AA Milne and Winne. By Emmanuel Yr6


Film Night

Thursday 27th of January, Livingstone KS1 and KS2 were treated to a movie night planned by Miss Kiazim and the school council. KS1 watched Disney’s Encanto whilst KS2 watched Pixar’s Monsters Inc. The night included freshly made popcorn along with a choice of juice, water or squash. The school council pupils served the popcorn to everyone in the big hall, making sure there was an equal amount in each cone. Then row by row we went up to get a refreshing drink before settling back down to enjoy the movie with our friends. Thank you to all the school council members and Miss K for organising this wonderful whole school treat. By Athena Y6 :)

Good Luck Miss Grant

Miss Grant will be going on her Maternity Leave from today. We are very excited that we will finally meet the new addition to her family soon. Good Luck and we will miss you lots.

Yr 2 and Livingstone.


Yr 4 Earthquake / Volcanoes Workshop


Recently, Y4 have had a volcano workshop. They have learnt all about how volcanos are formed and what causes them to erupt. They have also been learning about natural disasters and how this will effect humans and the environment. On top of that, they have been learning about the recent eruption of the Hunga Tanga Hunga Ha'apai volcano in Tonga. By Hattie Y5! :)

Internet Safety


WATCH OUT! Internet safety is the hot topic of the week. The internet is a great resource for children to learn about the world around them. But with all the good comes the bad. This article will go over some of those baddies.

Some of the baddies include:

cyberbullying - cyberbullying is threatening and aggressive using online communication

hackers - hackers are people who get unauthorised access to other people's personal information

access to inappropriate content, for example, violence, unsafe behaviour and hate

online predators - people who take advantage of others on the internet

Here are some hints and tips to stay safe online - be SMART:

S is for keeping your personal information SAFE and not giving away your name, password or home address.

M is for never MEETING someone from the internet that you don't really know or trust.

A is for never ACCEPTING friend requests or links from someone you don't know.

R is for making sure the information you may have been given is RELIABLE by comparing 3 different websites and doing your own research.

T is for TELLING a trusted adult if something has upset or worried you.

Come on guys, let's be kind to each other on the internet.

By Matteo Yr 5

RAF Museum


Year 6 went on a trip to the RAF museum on Monday 31st of January, they saw all kinds of planes like: the Hurricane, the the Spitfire and the Lancaster. The most amazing part was walking through an actual real-life plane, it was so interesting to see all the machinery and the propellers. We have been studying World War 2 so this experience was very insightful. Chloe Yr6

Girl's Football


Guess what! The girl’s had a football match and I’m here to tell you all about it so keep reading! It was against Northside primary school, we won(7-0)! We had a wonderful game and everyone played amazingly well. Maisie got 3 goals and some of the other players got 1 goal each as well. The other school played really well. The field was muddy, so it was slippery, but we still played good and won it. Everyone was super amazed with themselves, well I hope they were. We had a lovely game and had a nice photo and we had to do a funny one as well. Hope you enjoyed listening to our girl’s football match. From Maisie Y6 :)

On Wednesday 9th February, Year 5 and 6 girls had a football match against St Catherine's school. It was a very close game since both teams were outstanding, but we won 4-1. We played extremely well and we are all proud of ourselves. The people who scored were Lois who scored 1, Hattie who scored 1 and Maisie who scored 2. Well done to Arbel, Katerina, Catherine, Lois, Hattie, Geethesri, Lilly S, Maisie and Zeynep, who played an amazing match. By Catherine Yr5 :)

Boys and Girls Powerleague


Good news! The following people : Benyamin, Louis, Charlie, Ged, Alex, Maisie, Sinan, Tyler, Freddie, Noah, Stephanos, Arbel, Matteo, Quamarzda and Zach all made it to Powerleague! We all played very well and never gave up! Tyler, Qamir, Sinan, Ged and more had scored at least 1 goal! There were 2 groups; Group A and Group B. Group A was Freddie, Noah, Tyler, Matteo, Arbel, Sinan, Stephanos and Quamar. Group B was Benyamin, Alex, Zach, Louis, Ged, Maisie and Charlie. Well done Livingstone. Thank you

Freddie y6 :)


On Thursday 27th of January there was a year 5/6 power league tournament. the following people were selected... Lois , Hattie, Orpita (me), Catherine, Kaitlin, GeethesrI, Zainab , Arbel, Kiera ,Maisie ,Lilly, Chloe and last but not least, Katerina . Mr Thomas and Mrs Fairley drove and supported us there. The tournament was at at 11:30 at Mill Hill. Every match was 6 mins, we lost 3 ,won 3 and drew 2.Everyone did fantastic and tried there best. We all worked as a team and had fun which is the best part. By Orpita Y5

Cross Country Competition

On Tuesday 8th Feb, Livingstone went to Copthall to compete in a cross country competition. Everyone who participated, did exceptionally well and we even won two gold medals. It was a close competition for the school and all children left with pride in themselves.

The places were very close..........

Arbel in Y4 came 8th

Chloe in Y4 came 1st

Xander in Y4 came 18th

Dante in Y4 came 17th

Hattie in Y5 came 5th

Lois in Y5 came 1st

Zachary in Y5 came 22nd

Qamazarda in Y5 came 6th

Zeynap in Y6 came in 24th

Maisie in Y6 came in 17th

Noah in Y6 came in 21st

Tyler in Y6 came in 26th

By Lois Yr 5

Boccia Competition

We took two teams from Livingstone to a Boccia tournament at Burnt Oak. We had a Jack (a white ball) and we had to aim either a red ball or a blue ball to get as close as possible to win. We had a lovely time and everyone played really well. By George Yr 4

Brain Boosters


Brain Booster homework has been really successful in the school and all year groups handed in their work this week. Well done to all kids and parents for being awesome!

Smiley Cat

We had Mental Health Awareness Week this week and we had an assembly with Smiley Cat! We thought it would be nice to share some of the children's writing to Smiley Cat.

Dear Smiley Cat, you are kind, you are smart, you are respected, you cheer children up when they are sad. And you make children laugh from Leah.

Dear Smiley Cat, today I have so much news to tell you, I have so many friends and we played so nicely together from Ruby.

Dear Smiley Cat, my teaching is amazing from Lukas.


Diary Dates

Monday 14th - Friday 18th HALF TERM

Monday 21st:

Pupils return for Spring 2 term

Activity Clubs begin for Spring 2

Year 1 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am (Numeracy Champions)

Tuesday 22nd:

Year 2 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Year 3 Egyptian workshop

Wednesday 23rd:

Boys football match vs Northside - 3.30 pm (Home)

Thursday 24th:

Reception IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

KS2 Cricket Coaching

Girls football match vs Sacred Heart - 3.30 pm (Home)

Friday 25th:

Year 6 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Monday 28th:

KF1 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Y5 PGL meeting - 3:15pm (face to face) in Y6

March 2022

Tuesday 1st:

Nightingales IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

KS1 and KS2 Parent Consultations 4:30 - 6:30 pm

'Late' Maths IMPACT Meeting KS1 and KS2 Parents - KS1 4:45pm and KS2 5:15pm

Wednesday 2nd:

KS1 Parent Consultations 9:00 - 11:00 am

KS2 Parent Consultations 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Years 5/6 Boys football match vs Cromer Road 3.30 pm (Home)

Thursday 3rd:

World Book Day - Dressing-up in Pyjamas or as a Book Character

Netball match vs Churchill - 3.30 pm (Home)

Monday 7th:

KF2 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Tuesday 8th:

Year 4 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Wednesday 9th:

Girls football match vs Trent (Home)

Thursday 10th:

Year 3 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Friday 11th:

Year 5 IMPACT Maths meeting for parents/ carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Monday 14th:

INSET Day - School closed

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