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Livingstone Primary and Nursery School Pupil Newsletter

February Week 2


Goodbye Mrs Boucon!

After 20+ years, Mrs Boucon is leaving us at the end of this week. Mrs Boucon has been a very much valued key member of the Kingfisher teaching team and The Cabin Club but has also spent a number of years supporting pupils as well as Teachers in the mainstream classes. It is lovely to hear that she is beginning a new chapter of her life by moving to Belgium. She will be missed by everyone in the school after many years of service. Bon Voyage!

Ms Knappett and Mrs Craddock will be taking over Mrs Boucon's role in The Cabin Club.


Girls Powerleague Victory! Number #1

On Thursday 19th January, our girls from Year 5/6 went to Powerleague. Powerleague is a football competition for all ages. First, there were 2 friendly matches and we won them both 2-0. Next, there were 2 tournament matches and we won the first one 2-0 and the second one 3-0. We had to wait and listen to see if we would go through to the quarter finals. We had 2 teams from Livingstone and one went through and the other team didn't go through unfortunately, but the reds played their other matches amazingly! Since the blue team got through to the quarter finals, we had to play another match and we won that 1 - 0. As you can probably guess, after the quarter finals is the semi finals and we won that match 1 - 0. Yes I know that the semi-finals can be quite challenging, but imagine being in the finals. We came into that match with a lot of confidence and determination but it ended 0 - 0. If you didn't know, when a final ends in a draw it all comes down to penalties.

Have your finger, toes and everything crossed, as you listen to how the penalties went:

We scored, they scored, we missed, they missed, we scored, they ... MISSED

You know what that means, we WON! Yes we won the whole competition, isn't that incredible! We received our gold medals and felt proud for what we had just achieved.

Well done to the girls who attended Powerleague: Catherine, Lois, Arbel, Orpita, Diya, Emily, Hattie, Katerina, Geethesri, Aaliyah, Kaitlin, Grace, Marwa, Sienna-Rose and Sophia.

A huge thank you goes out to Mr T, Mr Madle, Miss Fairley and Mrs Church for all their amazing support. We wouldn't have won without them.

By Catherine Y6:)

Year 3 Opera trip and Workshop

Earlier in the term Year 3 had a workshop about the Opera - Man on the moon. They sang many different songs: Oil back to the soil, Man on the moon come down to my room, Man on the moon go back to the sky and Don't throw it away. They also made pocket time watches for the Opera trip they done on the 31st of January. They had so much fun! When the day of the Opera trip finally came, all the kids were excited. So at 9:30am they were on their way. They travelled to Covent Gardens by train. They sang along with some actors. There were also some other schools there with them. They were really sad when they had to leave - they will never forget it.

by Mya Yr5

Year 4 visit the Natural History Museum

Year 4 went to the Natural History Museum 17th January to learn about how volcanoes are formed and where they occur. They got to find out about different types of eruptions and the damage they cause to society and the environment. They also got to experience an earthquake that replicated the Kobe earthquake in Japan. They had an amazing time!

By Brychan Y5 :)

Parent Champions Coffee Morning


On Friday 13th January, the Parent Champions at Livingstone held a coffee morning for all parents. They enjoyed coffee and biscuits along with a talk about what is currently happening in Barnet and what local services they can access. There were two guests who spoke about home start and money smart which our parents found really useful. The parent champions will be holding a coffee morning a few times each month. Also, if you are interested in taking part in the money smart workshop, please speak to the office because the spaces are filling up quickly!!!

By Uzair Y5 :)

Internet Safety


This week we had an assembly about Internet Safety! To stay safe online, you need to make sure the game is under or on your age limit so nothing shows up that's too old for your age. If any think happens at home or in school, make sure you tell someone you trust or someone that is with you so they can find out why it's happening. Before going or downloading any sort of game make sure you have any adults permission! If your parents allow you to play a certain game and not play a game listen to them because they might of looked at the game before hand and found out that it is not a good game or have something that's not sensible on it. By Sophia Y5


Year 5/6 Mixed Powerleague Competition

On the 26th January 2023, our Year 5/6 mixed football team went to Powerleague. We took two teams to the tournament, both teams with the same results. Livingstone's squads won one game and lost three and for this result we did not make the next stages of Powerleague. Despite this, everyone had a great time and a great opportunity for the mixed team!

Well done to Zach, Aidan, Jack, Qama, Alex, Xander, Lois, Arbel, Matteo, Hattie, Sina, Albion, Josh, Mohamed and Rohan who all participated in this event.

By Zach Y6 :)


Netball Match vs St Andrews

On January 24th, we played against St Andrews in a netball match. Everyone was excited to play even though it was raining heavily. It was a very good game and we won by a whopping 10 - 2. Well done to Catherine, Jack, Qama, Lois and Albion for scoring 1 or more goals. Despite the weather conditions, everyone played amazing and did their best!

Thank you to everyone who was there on the side lines to cheer them on!

Congratulations to Qama, Albion, Jack, Catherine, Geethesri, Hattie and Lois.

By Orpita Y6 :)


Year 3 are off to Swim.

Year 3 have started swimming lessons at our nearby Leisure Centre in Victoria park. We are extremely lucky to have these facilities. They have been separated into 3 groups; bronze, silver and gold. The groups will depend on how well they could swim. The lessons have gone on for for 2 weeks and have been a great experience for the children! They have all made fantastic progress.

By Chloe Y5 :)


It's Important to be at School!

School is the most important part of your life and you need to be there to learn as much as possible for your future job. Not only will you learn subjects such as Maths and English, but you will also learn new skills to help you in your everyday life like social skills and self-confidence. If you miss a day or two, you can still miss so much! At school, you can make so many friends and memories that can last a lifetime. We are also extremely lucky at Livingstone school, all of our teachers are very friendly, helpful and approachable, so if you ever need to talk, you know there is always someone to listen! So that’s why school is so important!

By Jaime Y5 :)


Mixed League Football vs All Saints

On February 2nd, the mixed football team played against All Saints. The result was 4-0 and everyone played very well. Well done to Arbel, Jack, Xander, Lois, Qama, Alex, Zach, Matteo and Aidan who took part in this match. The pupils who scored the goals were... Jack, Qama, Alex and Albion. We are really grateful for Mr Thomas refereeing although he gave a dodgy penalty to the other team. The boys are now second in the league after 3 wins in a row.

by Xander Y5


Jack scores a Hattrick for Saracens

At Livingstone, we like to celebrate the successes of our children outside of the classroom. Jack, in Y6, only took up rugby in Year 5 but has really excelled at his local club Saracens. We would like to hear of any other pupils that have mystery talents.


Year 6 visit the RAF Museum to Enrich the Curriculum

On 16th January, Year 6 went to the RAF museum. They are learning about World War 2 in class and all the different, unique types of planes. They loved their trip and got two see many planes that were used in the war. The planes were from the actual world war and there were different types of bombs to see. There was lots of different education stations: listening to people talking, a timeline and many more fun things. There was also a helicopter so they could all see how they travelled and how they felt during the war. They also learnt about all the people who fought in WW2 and got to go in an actual plane to see inside! They all had a fun time with all their friends and all of them would love to go back there again with their families!

By Katerina Y6 :)

John King Cup vs Wessex Gardens

On Wednesday 1st February, our Year 5/6 girls football team played in a match against Wessex Gardens AWAY!!!!! We were so excited to play away once more on the minibus. It took us around 25 minutes to get there and 30 minutes back due to travelling at rush hour. It was a really tough game and we had a slow start. In the first 5 minutes, Wessex Gardens made the score 1 - 0. Soon, they scored again to make it 2 - 0. Just before half time, Arbel Y5 scored a smashing goal to get us back in the game. We came back on the pitch feeling confident about winning just after that goal. A few minutes later, Arbel Y5 put the ball in the back of the net to equalise. Quickly, the other team scored a goal to make it 3 - 2 to them but we still felt confident. Lois scored a brilliant goal to equalise again. In the end, time ran out and went to penalties because this game was the 2nd round of the cup.........

It took us a while to score until Kaitlin Y6 saved the day.........GOALLLLL! We were through to the next round of the cup!!!!!:)

Well done to Lois, Hattie, Katerina, Kaitlin, Catherine, Geethesri, Chloe and Arbel!!!!!

By Lois Y6 :)

The girls are in a final on Tuesday the 28th February at Trent Park Powerleague N14 4UW. The KO is 3:45pm! Please come and join us!

The girls played Woodside this week and won 7-0! The highlights of the game were incredible goals by Orpita and Kaitlin. They are currently top of their league.

Cultural Capital Assemblies by Matteo


This term in our cultural capital assemblies we have been learning about religious leaders from around the world. We have also looked at religious gods from Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Mother Teresa

Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu or better known as Mother Teresa was an Albanian nun who gave most of her life to helping the poor people who where unprivileged to be able to access medicine or equipment to make them better from any illnesses that needed to be treated. She became a doctor and teacher to those who could not go or did not have the priviledge to.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi more commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi is an Indian revolutionary. He was born in Porbandar, India in 1869 and at that time India was controlled by the British Empire. He spent most of his life pushing India to independence and fighting for rights of people with different skin colours. Unfortunately, he was assassinated after all of his good work by someone who thought it was his fault India was divided into Pakistan who followed the Islamic religion and India who followed the Hindu religion.

Jesus Christ

Jesus is said to be the Son of God in the religion Christianity. He was alive in the first century and was born in Bethlehem in Israel, a Christianity following country in the Middle East. He is better known for his good deeds and his work to spread the word and love of God. Sadly, he was betrayed by one of his 12 disciples and was handed over to the Roman soldiers who did not like Jesus and followed the religion of Polytheistic. He was crucified on good Friday and resurrected on Easter Sunday.


Siddhartha Gautama or Buddha was a religious teacher who wandered in the 5th or 6th century in Asia. He founded the religion of Buddhism while he was under a tree meditating, he entered Nirvana. Buddha means awakened one or entitled one. He is one of the most important Asian thinkers and spiritual masters of all time.


Muhammed was an Arabic political leader and created the religion called Islam. He was the messenger of Allah and was born in Mecca in 570AD which is now where Muslims pilgrimage. He is believed to be a descendent of Ishmael, a son of Abraham's, and the last of all the prophets. He is seen as an example for all Muslims to follow. His resting place in Medina which is now Saudi Arabia.


Confucius was a Chinesse philosipher was a leader of a village in China 3000 years ago. In China at that time villages had leaders and when you hear leaders you think fights. He was the leader of a village called Lu.

Nursery do Forest School

Nursery have been going to forest school lately and have really enjoyed every second of it! They have been looking at nature in the pond area. Sadly, they haven't been over there in a long time due to bad weather and frost. But when they did go, they had the time of their lives. Everyone enjoyed it and Diane got everyone involved! They have also been learning about Chinese new year this week and that this year is the year of the Rabbit. Overall, they has been a lot of fun this week and although they didn't get to go to the pond area they have still been learning lots and having good times!

By Hattie Y6 :)

Pond Area Development

The pond area is a place with a pond as the name suggests. The pond area is where we do forest school on a Wednesday. But there are going to be some changes to the area. The school council wants to use water purifiers to make rainwater into drinking water as well as use solar panels. They are also thinking about adding statues. As well as forest school, younger children go there to play. In forest school you can make dens and build things in the area.

By Aidan Y6 :)

Reception Study Snails

Reception have been taking care of their new class snail, which are massive for normal snails. The children were excited when the snails first moved in and they kept them by the door on a small table. Every day, the teachers would feed the snails their food in the morning. Two were still hibernating but one has woken up. This event always filled the children with excitement as the teachers gave the snails a few strawberries - their favourite.

by Anastasia Year 5

Kingfisher Boccia Tournament

Kingfisher went to a Boccia tournament this week at Burnt Oak Leisure centre. They performed really well and managed to finish 3rd overall. Well done to Nathan, Freddie, Jack, Jaydon, George, Jacob, Calvin and Mario,

Secret Readers!

In Reception and Year One, parents and carers have been asked to be the 'mystery reader' and come to entertain the pupils with their favourite books. Nora's mum read a book in Turkish and Yasmin's mum even dressed up as a 'crayon' for her favourite book The Day the Crayons Quit!

JBO Flyer


February 2023

HALF TERM: Monday 13th - Friday 17th February 2023 (School Closed)

Monday 20th:

  • Start of Spring Term 2 - pupils return to school.
  • Activity Clubs begin for Spring 2

Tuesday 21st:

  • Years 3/4 SEN New Age Curling Competition at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre - PM

Wednesday 22nd:

  • EYFS and KS1 Parent/Carer Consultation Meetings 9:00 - 11:30 am
  • KS2 Parent/Carer Consultation Meetings 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Thursday 23rd:

  • EYFS - Year 6 Parent/Carer Consultations 4:00 - 6:30pm

Friday 24th:

  • PTA Glow in the Dark Disco for Nur, Rec, Years 1 and 2 from 2:00- 3:00 pm
  • PTA Glow in the Dark Party for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 from 3:15 - 4:30 pm

Monday 27th:

  • Year 5 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Tuesday 28th:

  • Year 6 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am
  • Girls Football Match vs Foulds 3:45 pm (AWAY)

MARCH 2023

  • Wednesday 1st:

Thursday 2nd:

  • Kingfisher 2 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:10 - 9:40 am
  • Mixed Football Match vs Cromer Road 3:30 pm (HOME)

Friday 3rd:

  • Year 4 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am

Monday 6th:

  • Year 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00- 10:00 am

Thursday 9th:

  • Kingfisher 1 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:10- 9:40 am

Friday 10th:

  • Year 2 IMPACT Meeting for Parents/Carers 9:00 - 10:00 am
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