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July Week 2


Friday 15th July

It has come to the end of the school year which also means it has come to the end of Primary School for year 6 ☹. Each and every one of us are devastated to be leaving because Livingstone has been our family since we were toddlers. We would all like to thank our teachers for helping us along our journey and preparing us for Secondary School. The feeling that we are leaving Livingstone behind and entering the unknown is overwhelming but we know we can push through it. Sometimes I wish that I could freeze time and stay at Livingstone forever, but sadly we don’t always get our way. We cannot thank Livingstone enough for the experiences you have so freely given to every individual. You encouraged us and assisted us. I don’t want to say goodbye because this one means forever, but (with a shower of expected despair) it has come to an end.


Lily.M Y6


Successful Summer Fair


On the 24th of June many parents helped to make our summer fair happen. It was extraordinary and we raised thousands of pounds to make our school a much better place. A MASSIVE round of applause to the PTA and all who helped for this festival. As well as thanking the PTA a MASSIVE round of applause to all teachers especially Mr Madle and Mr Sudbury for cooking delicious food.

There were many fun events to do. The tombola and chocolate tombola were a big hit. It was surrounded by many people even after school. Every stall was packed: Face painting, Tattoos, Gem stickers, tombolas, raffle, toys and many more. All pupils loved the fair and the weather was on our side too. All kids ,especially the young ones, loved the bouncy castle that the school paid for. There is no doubt that this was one of the best fairs that we have ever completed. We have had many parents spending there own time by helping out. We also received many complements by all pupils.

Once more a MASSIVE thanks to all adults who helped to set up this tremendous and successful fair.

By Orpita Yr5


Its a 'yellow' day at KS1 Sports Day


On 12th July, Key Stage 1, Reception and Nursery took part in the School Sports Day. There were 4 teams: the yellow team, the blue team, the green team and the red team. KS1 took part in an obstacle course, an egg and spoon race and the sprint.

The results are in:

3rd place came the green team

Blue and Red came joint 2nd

1st place is..... The yellow team!

Everyone did well in the races and Nursery showed that even though they are little they can still compete. The mums and dads did a race as well, which bought a bit of comedy to the field.

We need to give a huge thank you to the Yr 5 sports council for being supportive and helpful at all times. Another huge thank you goes to Miss Fairley, Mr Thomas and Mrs Church for organizing a fun filled event.

by Catherine Yr 5:)

KS2 Sports Day


On the 14th July KS1 had sports day. Y3,4,5 and 6 had a fun time doing the races and competing against or with each other. The races we did were obstacle course, bean bag race, sprint and tug of war. In tug of war, mums and dads could join in too! Everyone had a fun time and we have to say a huge thank you to Miss Fairely, Mr Thomas and Mrs Church. The Sports Councillors did a fantastic job too helping to set up the races and join in too.

Here are the scores, they were really close...

In first place were the red team with an astonishing 460 points!

In second place were the green team with 440 points!

In third place were the yellow team with 430 points!

And in fourth place were the blue team with 380 points!

Sports day this year was one of the most fun ones and everyone had the best time they could have.

By Katerina Yr5 :)

Year 6 are ready for their show


Year 6 have been busy rehearsing for their end of year show ‘Robin And The Sherwood Hoodies’. Whilst in Dance lessons on Wednesdays, years 4, 5 and 6 have been practising the dances to many different songs such as; ‘Men In Tights’ and ‘If We All Work Together’ (year 6), I'm A Believer for the finale (year 6), ‘Helping Hand’ (year 4) and singing ‘All Over the World’ (year 5).

The dates for the shows are: Friday 15th July at 9am for families with young children. Followed by two evening performances on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th at 6:30pm (remember your tickets!). The show will include a short interval where you can get drinks and snacks.

Prepare yourselves to be BLOWN AWAY by all the jokes and amazing acting!

Hope you enjoy our show and have a great time. 😁

by Athena Yr6


Wimbledon Treat


On 6th July, we were very lucky to go to Wimbledon (Wimbledon is a very popular tennis competition which happens once a year). We entered a school ballot and got 10 tickets on court 1. We watched 2 very important games. First, Mr Sudbary drove us by mini bus to Cockfosters station. We went on the Piccadilly line to Earls court and changed to the District line all the way to Wimbledon. When we first arrived, we ate lunch on a hill and headed to court 1. We watched some women's singles, Ajla Tomljanovic vs Elena Rybakina and it was a very close game. Elena Rybakina took the win. We went to the gift shop and bought some things. We next watched some men's singles, Nick Kyrgios vs Cristian Garin. Nick Kyrgios took the win. We had ice cream on the way back and was really tired. It was a long journey back but we made it.

Thank you to the teachers who arranged this event.

by Lois Y5


Commonwealth Games


Throughout the year, we have linked some of our sporting events to the Commonwealth Games as they are being held this year in Birmingham. When we took part in the athletics competitions, we proudly represented Cyprus as we have a few students with Cypriot backgrounds. Thank you to the children and parents who provided us with the flags!

Also, our P.E councillors led a multi-sport event where they adapted some of the games which are played at the Commonwealth games.

Make sure you tune in from the 28th July to get involved in all the action!

Here is the link the official website https:// www.birmingham2022.com/

ASDA Summer Offer


Year 2 Southend Trip

On Monday 27th June, Year 2 were very lucky to go to Southend. Southend is a city on the coast. Year 2 came to school in beach clothes and they brought a packed lunch. They took a mini bus which took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there. On the way, they stopped at an Aldi to get ice- cream.

When they arrived and got onto the beach all of the children started making sandcastles. Later that day, the children were allowed to have a supervised paddle in the sea. At 12 o'clock they had their lunch. Soon later they had their ice-cream but it started to rain!!!!!! They had to get all of their things and get on the minibus.

Even though, they had to come home early Year 2 had loads of fun.

Thank you to Miss Papas, Mrs Reynolds, Diane, Mr/Mrs Sudbury, Eva's Mum and Scarlett's Mum for taking Year 2.

by Matteo Y5

Livingstone Football Festival

Guess what? Did you know that there was a football festival and Livingstone took part in it? This took part on July 8th on Livingstone's school field, 15 different schools took part in this festival and they did amazingly well. We played very good as well since we won 3, tied 2 and only lost 1, the people who took part tried there best and hopefully enjoyed playing in these matches. Years 4-6 took part in this activity.

By Maisie Y6

Year 6 Trip to Chessington

Great news! Y6 had a wonderful time on their latest (and last) trip. Chessington! Chessington is a theme park! This will be a memorable memory for all of Y6. Chessington is really exciting and fun and I am thrilled that I made it. I can't wait for the future year 6's to have the same experience we had. Make the most of Chessington Y1,2,3,4,5, Reception and Nursery! Make sure you enjoy!

So long...

Freddie Y6 :)

Goodbye Livingstone, forever.

KF1 Pirate fun...oooooooh-argh!

KF1 have had an awesome week learning all about pirates! Shiver-me-timbers, walk the plank and Ahoy me hearties!

Rugby Festival at Livingstone

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KF1 Rock at Little Dinosaurs

Do you like dinosaurs? Well I think this could be the place you could go! Little Dinosaurs is an indoor play centre which includes a lovely garden, Bouncy Castle and, of course, fresh air and nature. Livingstone has participated by letting Kingfisher 1 go there and they got to play football, Bouncy Castle and different other activities. Thank you for reading this article, I hope everyone has a lovely summer. Make sure you try it out!

By Emmanuel Yr6

Year 4 Camp Night

Last week, year 4 attended a school camp night. They did many things with their class including: watching a movie and roasting/ eating marshmallows . They had a great time with their class mates, teachers and TA's. Unfortunately , they did not get the opportunity to sleep over at school because of some ongoing Covid-19 restrictions , but still managed to enjoy their night all together :).

by Laura Yr6

PTA Family Camp Night

Hello everyone! Recently the PTA organised a camp night for children of Livingstone and their family's, this camp night was really fun and the whole experience was amazing. Most of the people there enjoyed the marshmallows and campfire songs! In the morning they served a mouth-watering breakfast which included cereal and hot meals (there was also coffee for you coffee lovers!) Any parents that are thinking about going for the years to come I recommend. Thank you to Mrs Church, Mrs Craddock, Mr Sudbury, Diane and Mrs Stephens for organising.

By Joel Yr 6

Year 6 Heart Dissection

On the 27th of June, Year 6 had all got into pairs and dissected lamb hearts! It wasn't pretty, but it was a very memorable and knowledgeable moment for the children. They were provided with gloves, goggles, aprons, and one sharp scalpel for each pair. As a witness, I can say it was quite messy, but it was... unique, in a way. We could see the Aorta, both superior and inferior Vena Cavas, along with many more parts and pieces.

Sadly, this article is not just for the purpose of retelling our fun evening. It is also an announcement. This is my last newspaper. Yes, after this, I, along with all other Y6 children, will leave the school. Making this, an article about lamb hearts, my last. It was a fun ride. Just a bit sad it ended so quickly.

-This is Victor, Y6, signing off, Forever.


Not a dry eye at Reception's assembly!

Reception have now completed a whole year and they are moving on to year 1. To say goodbye to Reception, they treated the school to a wonderful show where they acted, danced and displayed their memories to the rest of the school. They showed pictures of them in a presentation. There were many pictures from them holding chicks to their graduation pictures. Although they are moving to year 1, they are going to remember Reception. Reception performed their play and danced to the chicken dance in the same night. Finally, they recited a poem for their parents saying that they will be alright in year 1.

We want to welcome to our new Reception Class from September to the Livingstone Family.

by Aidan Yr5

Sad to see the Year 6 writers leave.


We have some incredible writers at Livingstone and I have been really blessed to work with them to share what is going on in our school. A big thank you to Victor, Maisie, Athena, Laura, Emmanuel, Joel and Freddie, who are ready to take on Secondary English lessons. A big thank you goes to Lily M for being the most incredible editor and putting up with my grumpiness. What a talent she is!

by Mr Madle Year 43.

Diary Dates

JULY 2022

Monday 18th:

  • No activity or catch-up clubs this week
  • Nursery and Reception Water Play Day - please send your child with spare clothes or a swim suit
  • Years 3 and 5 end of term class parties (party clothes can be sent in with children to change into)
  • Years 4, 5 and 6 Show - Evening Performance to begin at 6:30pm (pupils to arrive at 6pm)

Tuesday 19th:

  • Nursery end of term class party
  • Reception, Years 1, 2 and 4 end of term class parties (party clothes can be sent in with children to change into)
  • Years 4, 5 and 6 Show - Evening Performance to begin at 6:30pm (pupils to arrive at 6pm)

Wednesday 20th:

  • Year 6 Prom (more details to follow)

Thursday 21st:

  • Year 6 Leavers Assembly - Year 6 Parents welcome at 9am
  • End of Term - School finishes at 2pm (no Cabin Club)


Thursday 1st:

  • INSET Day - school closed to pupils

Friday 2nd:

  • INSET Day - school closed to pupils

Monday 5th:

  • Pupils return for the start of the Autumn Term
  • Activity Clubs for Autumn 1 go online for booking at 8 am (clubs will begin Mon 12th)
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