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June Week 2

Friday 12th June

Dear Parents / Carers,

Now that the government plans for re-opening the school to other year groups have been postponed, we are having to re-evaluate what we are doing for these and every year group. Each school and local authority are deciding how to move forward and whilst the current situation does not allow for all year groups to return simultaneously, there is a consensus that more has to be done for pupils seriously at risk of falling behind.

At Livingstone, we know that we can make up the learning for the majority of the pupils as we have always provided, additional classes, however these interventions require extra time. If the SATs are re-instated in 2021, we are particularly concerned for the year 5 pupils as there are children in this cohort that we feel would be very difficult to prepare for the tests, especially if there is delay in opening in September.

For this reason some parents in year 5 will contacted over the next few days to discuss progress and if we feel there is a need for the children to return they will be offered places under the category of ‘vulnerable’, though this is going to relate to their learning in line with National Expectations.

I understand that this gradual approach to opening may disappoint some parents/carers in other year groups, however the decision to slow down the opening of schools has come from the government. Whilst the virus is decreasing, the risk remains and although lockdown is being relaxed in incremental stages, the underlying message is to maintain social distancing and stay at home. When we are advised that we can open to other year groups, we will prepare accordingly to ensure a safe return for all.

The message is the same for Parents/Carers of pupils in Nur, Rec, Yr 1 and Yr6 who are eligible for a place but have opted to keep their child/ren at home in previous weeks, they must contact the school if they would like to take up their place for the following week. Requests can be made directly to the class teachers via the VLE, by sending an email or by leaving a message on the school answer machine. A member of staff will contact the parents/carers to arrange a start date.


Stay Safe,


Giovanna Phelan


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