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June Week 2


Friday 11th June

The good news is that we are all back in school and moving back to relative normality. The bad news is seeing last minute changes reversing the progress being made. We are now waiting for the decisions to be taken on June 21st to see if we can continue this positive journey and keep activities such as competitive sports and school visits that we have reinstated.

Our hope is that if the news is good, we can bring parents/ carers back into school for events such as the Year 6 Leavers Assembly. More information will follow when we know more.



We are currently running Catch-Up lessons before and after school for selected pupils in all year groups. We have also re- started Saturday School for pupils in KS2. Mr Madle is going into Years 4 and 5 and Miss Papas is working in Year 2 and 3 to boost attainment across all abilities and to enable the More Able to be stretched. The Year 6 teachers are working with groups of pupils achieve Greater Depth in writing and revising Maths topics through problem solving. All our interventions are now running throughout the day in all classes and Ms Kwan and Ms Grant are working on ensuring teachers plan for the More Able across the school in Maths and English.

As part of the Catch-Up programme we are also delivering ‘Talk Boost’ to our Nursery pupils and in September we are looking to further develop language skills for pupils in KS1 via a Speech and Language programme designed by the LA to address language skills potentially delayed due to the lockdowns.



Letters will be sent home soon inviting pupils to a Summer School. As part of the Catch-Up programme, we will be opening the school to pupils as ‘Keep in touch days’ to avoid making the holidays feel like another prolonged lockdown. Pupils will have the opportunity to do some work supported by a teacher and guided on activities to do over the Summer.

Pupils with siblings and Kingfisher pupils are invited into school for morning activities on:

Tuesday 3rd August between 9-12.30 pm

Tuesday 10th August between 9-12.30 pm

Tuesday 17th August between 9-12.30 pm

As you see below we have other days scheduled for different year groups, so if you prefer your children to be with their year group, please sign up for the days set out below.

Pupils currently in Rec, Yr1 and Yr2 are invited to morning activities on:

Wednesday 4th August between 9-12.30 pm

Wednesday 11th August between 9-12.30 pm

Wednesday 18th August between 9-12.30 pm

Pupils currently in Yr3, Yr4 and Yr5 are invited to morning activities on:

Thursday 5th August between 9-12.30 pm

Thursday 12th August between 9-12.30 pm

Thursday 19th August between 9-12.30 pm

Due limited place numbers, pupils cannot do both and once a decision has been made between family groups and year groups, it will not be possible to change at the last minute or to come in on the day without booking.

Charity Compassion


We have such caring and selfless children here at Livingstone who want to help others and put others before themselves!

Mya, in Year 3, plucked up the courage to cut her hair and donate it to the fantastic charity, the Little Princess Trust who give hope and hair to children and young people by providing free real hair wigs and funding vital research into childhood cancers.

So far, Mya has raised £500 and the Little Princess Trust have expressed their gratitude to her on Twitter. Check out the reply below!

We salute you Mya and are extremely proud!


Boogie Bear Music & Drama


Boogie Bear offers Music, Drama, Sensory, Montessori philosophies for children, & Wellness for parents. Sessions take place every Friday 9.15 am - 10.00 am for children aged 1 -2 years 6 months, at:

All Saints Church,

122 Oakleigh Road North,


N20 9JU

Children can enjoy healthy snack and parents/carers can also enjoy a free coffee and cookie too!

For more information contact christine@boogiebear.co.uk or visit https://www.happity.co.uk/boogie-bear-music-drama to book places.


In Forest School this week, Nursery have been using the mud kitchen to make all sorts of muddy-licious recipes! Here is Holly with her "muddy soup mixture....with insects" Delightful! They have also been learning about minibeasts and busily painting wonderful forest scenes. Cody's depicts a lovely leafy green background and an incredible insect in the middle. Well done Cody!


Reception are very excited about our new topic: People who help us. We painted emergency vehicles, wrote about our favourite key workers and subtracted using rungs on a firefighter ladder outside. We also trained to be firefighters in PE. We are fit, fast and have impressive core strength! What a great way to start our final term in Reception.

Today, we said goodbye to our tadpoles who have matured into strong, healthy young frogs and now will be released back into the wild!

Achievement awards this week go to George for his positive attitude to learning and excellent work in phonics as well as Biori for his ingenuity and care in our doctor’s surgery.

Year 1

Year 1 have had a fantastic first week back. The children have been learning all about how to share into equal groups for Maths and what 'half' means. They are becoming experts in their sounds and reading and should continue to work on sets 2 and 3 daily at home.

We also enjoyed another interesting walk to the woods to collect natural materials to make our own artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy which were used to create some excellent nature art. What a busy and fun filled week... Well done Year 1!

This week's awards go to Christina for a fantastic effort and improvement in phonics lessons and Junior for a great improvement in behaviour and focus in lessons.

Year 2

We have had a great first week back at school! In English, we have been focusing on the story The Snail and the Whale. We have created our own story maps using pictures and descriptive language. We then used our story maps to read aloud the story and this will help us structure our sentences when we retell the story next week in our writing.

In Maths, we have been learning about position and direction, learning our left from our right! We have created different tasks where we have focused on using the correct language to describe an objections position (right, left, forwards, backwards). We have enjoyed learning outside also giving our partners instructions to follow.

We are still enjoying learning about plants and this week have set up our own hydroponics farm in the classroom growing beans. In pairs, we have beans growing in a plastic bag with kitchen paper and water. Every three days, we are checking our beans some of which have already stared to germinate! We will continue to watch these and see how they grow.

This week our awards go to Sheena for her enthusiasm in her English work really working hard on her story mapping. The second award goes to Muthara for her excellent questioning regarding her science knowledge, always keen to learn more.

Kingfisher 1

This week in Maths, we have been looking at place value. The children used different resources to make numbers and to identify the amounts hundreds, tens and ones. They also compared the numbers using Dienes.

In English, we explored the story 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' and have really enjoyed our very own tea party.

This week's Kingfisher 1 achievement award goes to George for his excellent work on place value.

Year 3

On Tuesday, Year 3 had an incredible day learning about Ancient Egypt with Mr Egypt himself!

We started the day learning about what life was like in Ancient Egypt and the different roles in society. Specifically, children and the differences between what girls and boys did in Ancient Egypt. We discussed many famous pharaohs, their tombs and sarcophagus. In particular, Tutankhamun’s tomb discovery and the valley of the kings. Later, we got to explore a range of artefacts linked to gods/goddesses and the importance of the afterlife with a focus on mummification. We learnt a lot of history today but that didn’t stop us from including a little English and Maths. We wrote our name in hieroglyphics and cracked the number system codes to solve some sums. It is safe to say we all left feeling inspired and a few of us wanting to be Egyptologists!

This week's rewards go to Sina for his fantastic enthusiasm towards our topic lessons and Brychan for his excellent reasoning and problem solving.

Year 4

This week, year 4 have been busy exploring how changes in our environment can impact the habitat of living things. We discussed that we, as humans, have the power to make both positive and negative changes, where as other living things can not. We continued to look at how, urbanisation and pollution have impacted the local area and provided solutions on how to combat these. It was a pleasure for Mrs Craddock and I to be involved in mature and important conversations with the class about the health of our local area and planet.

This week's achievement awards go to Teddy for his positive and hard working attitude in Maths, and to Matteo for his excellent work in Science. Well done!

Year 5

This week, Year 5 have become street artists for our unit in art, where they've been learning about the difference between street art and vandalism, learning about different types of street art, and creating their own graffiti 'throwies'.

In English, they've been learning about balanced arguments and took part in some very interesting debates.

In Maths, the children have continued their learning about angles.

This week's awards go to Tyler and Freddie for their fantastic debating skills in English - great work, boys!

Kingfisher 2

Kingfisher 2 have been really busy this week, learning about time. They enjoyed making their own analogue clocks and reading and drawing the time using the vocabulary 'o'clock', 'half past', 'quarter past' and 'quarter to'!

This weeks achievement award in Kingfisher 2 goes to Arin for joining his classmates and using the clock to match the time shown. Arin was able to tell the time using the vocabulary 'o'clock' and worked really carefully to make his own analogue clock!


Nightingales have been learning about place value and ordering numbers in Maths.

In English, the have been working from a Short Film called Spy Fox. Spy Fox saves the world from destruction and Nightingales have been learning how to use verbs to describe the action in the film and noun phrases to describe their hero's secret weapon.

The children wrote a poem with similes at the end of last week and each of them made a very confident presentation of their poem.

Our achievement award this week goes to Jaydon for the good progress he is making with his reading. Well done Jaydon.

Year 6


In Maths this week, we have been revising algebra and in English we have been preparing to write a suspense narrative based on the short film, 'Francis' from Literacy Shed. We worked in groups to prepare performance poetry using the features of suspense writing such as dramatic irony, cliff hangers, short sharp sentences, ellipses and show-not-tell. Here are some examples:

Year 6B Achievement Awards

This week's first achievement award goes to Vjosana for being a positive role model to her peers. The second achievement award goes to Tommy for some fantastic work in algebra.

Year 6L Achievement Awards

This week's award goes to Erin for choosing to do spicy in Maths this week and for noticing her mistakes and correcting them.

The second award goes to Alexa for showing great enthusiasm and a great attitude during Year 6 show rehearsals.

Year 6S Achievement Awards

This week's achievement award in 6S goes to Eleni for always ensuring that she tries her best, is focusing and presenting her work beautifully.

The second achievement award in 6S goes to Shannon for demonstrating excellent focus and determination, no matter the lesson.

Nursery - Please share with all your friends and family!


Full of Beans!


Thank you to everyone who donated money towards the staffroom. The staff decided collectively to lease a coffee machine and give everyone a boost of energy everyday, Each time we have a coffee, we can remind ourselves what kind and supportive parents/carers we have at Livingstone School. Here is the link to our supplier Mr Bean2Cup.



Diary Dates

June 2021

Tuesday 15th:

Year 5/6 girls and boys Football match v Foulds School - Home 3pm

Thursday 17th:

Non-uniform Day (gift donations)

Friday 18th:

Year 6 visit to Trent Park

Father's Day Stall

Monday 21st:

Year 3 Trip to Southend on Sea - Cost is £5.00, please pay via School Money

Tuesday 22nd:

Non-uniform Day (sweets donation)

Reception trip to Barnet Fire Station - am

Year 3/4 girls and boys Football match v Foulds School - Home 3pm

Thursday 24th:

Barnet Partnership for School Sport (BPSS) Festival on the the field - all pupils must wear their PE kits to school

Friday 25th:

INSET Day - school closed

Monday 28th:

Year 6 filming show - all week

Year 3 Trip to Southend on Sea (back-up date)

Tuesday 29th:

New Reception intake meeting - 9am

July 2021

Thursday 1st:

Year 5 trip to Hatfield House

Year 4 Barnet Music Festival

Friday 2nd:

Children's Summer Fair

Monday 5th:

Year 2 Trip to Clacton on Sea

Tuesday 6th:

Reception Graduation - 9am (more details to follow)

Thursday 8th:

Reception Graduation - 9am (more details to follow)

Year 1 trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

Monday 12th:

Year 2 Trip to Clacton on Sea (back-up date)

Tuesday 13th:

Reception trip to Aldenham Country Park

Thursday 15th:

Year 6 Leavers Prom and BBQ (outdoor event)

Friday 16th:

Activity Clubs finish for Summer 2 / End of Term

Thursday 22nd:

End of Term - School finishes for Summer Holidays

Friday 23rd:

INSET Day (School Closed)

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