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November Week 2

Friday 11th November

Thank you to everyone in the PTA who helped sell merchandise in preparation for the World Cup. We hope that the children enjoy creating a carnival atmosphere when it starts on the 20th November.

The school will be closed for INSET on the 21st November, which by coincidence, happens to be the day when England play their first match against Iran. Good luck to all the teams but we hope England win!


Remembrance Day


Today is Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day, remembering all who have died in wars. Every year on the 11th of November, ceremonies take place in honor of those who lost their lives. At 11am this morning, Livingstone pupils, staff and visitors held a minute's silence for a period of reflection.

Remembrance Sunday will take place this weekend. To pay tribute, the annual Remembrance Sunday Parade will start from East Barnet Royal British Legion Club, Brookhill Road at 10.30 am and attendees will go in procession to East Barnet Methodist Church War Memorial where pupils from Livingstone will be laying a wreath at the East Barnet War Memorial.

If you would like your child/ren to take part in the wreath laying on behalf of Livingstone School, please ensure that they arrive at British Legion at 10.20 am in full uniform.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Poppy Appeal and purchased poppies and poppy related merchandise.

John King Cup- Girls League


Our girls football team had their first game of the year which is part of the John King Cup League. On Wednesday, we played against Brunswick Park and our team were in full force. They worked brilliantly as a team and won 4-0. We are now through to the next round and are waiting to see who our next opponent is.

Well done to Chloe, Diya, Arbel, Katerina, Geethesri, Kaitlin, Hattie, Catherine, Lois and Aaliyah.


Netball Festival


Some of our pupils who attend Netball Club were selected to take part in a Netball Festival on Thursday at Copthall School. They played in five matches against different schools. Everyone who attends the club has been working extremely hard to improve on their skills and knowledge of the game. This was evident at the festival as we won three games and drew one. It was lovely to see how the children not only encouraged each other but showed respect to the other schools and were cheering them on whilst they played.

Well done to Chloe, Ruby, Emily, Kaitlin, Orpita, Matteo and Dante.


Non-uniform Days for Christmas Fair Donations




We have been talking about fireworks in the Nursery this week - especially about being safe around fireworks. The children have created some lovely firework images. Our collaged rockets were a blast to make. The children were identifying different 2D shapes to use in their creations. They also enjoyed using a special layered card and tools to make colourful firework scratch pictures.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 'Meet the Teacher' meeting on Thursday.

Kingfisher Nursery


Kingfisher Nursery have been very busy this week as always. The focus for their creations has been fireworks and they made some beautiful drawings and paintings.

The book of the week was 'Whatever Next' which the children enjoyed listening to and re-enacting.


This week the children have loved learning about firework night, creating beautiful glittery paintings and writing firework sounds. We have learnt all about the number 5 and how many ways we can make it.

A message to thank everyone for attending the 'Meet the Teacher' meeting. Your child now has their Set 1 Speed sounds book in their book bag to teach you all at home. Please do this daily with them and see the newsletter next week for the groups.

Achievement Awards!

This week's award goes to the whole class for fantastic behaviour and effort in phonics and writing... we are all improving on writing our names!

Year 1

Year 1 continue to learn new skills and knowledge in our Art sessions. They have become experts using white paint to make a colour lighter and black paint to make a colour darker. We learnt about Kandinsky and are beginning to create a whole class version of Squares and Concentric Circles.

Please review subtraction with your children in their homework and continue to read their Read Write Inc books with them at home. Please also practise the Christmas songs on the VLE.


Achievement Awards!

Achievement awards this week go to Liam for his excellent art mixing skills and to Arthur for his brilliant listening and participation in our Dance and PE lessons this week.

Year 2

On Monday, we took part in the Infant Barnet Music Festival with three other schools who came to visit us to sing lots of fun songs linked to 'The Opposite' book.

Please join us on Tuesday 15th at 9am to hear a selection of songs.

In Maths, we have been solving missing number problems and balance equations.

In English, we finished our poem about fireworks, and we have started reading the book 'Lost and Found.'

We have finished Geography where we learnt about the polar regions, and we will be starting R.E learning about Judaism.

Our trip to the Synagogue is on Monday.

Homework- Arithmetic

Pages 16, 17 & 18.

Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Eli for his great knowledge in Geography about the polar regions and Milo for his fabulous poem which showed good understanding of Year 2 grammar.

Kingfisher 1


Another busy week in Kingfisher 1.

In English we read the story, 'We're going on a bear hunt,' a firm favourite of us all. The children loved joining in and retelling the story.

In maths we worked on doubles and addition. The children developed their knowledge using a range of resources including, Numicon, cubes, pictures and paint.

Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement award goes to Daniel for his excellent work on doubles in Maths. Well done!

Year 3

This week in Maths we have continued practising our written methods of addition and subtraction and using visuals to support these. In English, we have been practising some grammar techniques to help us in our narrative writing. In Science, we have been looking at nutrition and diet of various animals.

Please encourage your children to practise our songs for the Christmas show. These can be found on the VLE.

Homework: Maths p7 Reading and Writing numbers & p23 Mental Subtraction

English p22-23 Conjunctions with subordinate clauses


Achievement Awards!

This week's award goes to Taha for his excellent independent work. Well done Taha!

Year 4

In Maths, we have been looking at the area of rectilinear shapes, which they have done incredibly well in. In English, we have been looking at different grammatical features for our dairy entry as Hogarth from the story Iron Man.

In computing, we created own math quiz on Scratch where we had to write own code. In Science, we have been looking at different states of matter and how different matters can change state for heating and cooling.


Maths: pages 46-47 (Area)

SPaG: pages 80-81 (Suffixes - 'ly')

Timetables: 7s


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Sotirio and Ryan for challenging themselves in Maths and their excellent presentation. Well done!

Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been learning about prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers. They've done a brilliant job. In English, they learned how to use semi-colons, dashes and relative clauses in their writing. They planned their diary entries ready to write next week.

In Art, they practised using different tools when painting (such as cotton buds and sponges) to create different effects. They painted their final pieces on impressionism and evaluated them.

CGP Books

Maths: pages 16-17 (square and cube numbers)

English: pages 18-19 (trickier relative clauses)

Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Joshua for his excellent Maths work on square and cube numbers, and to Arbel for her impressionism artwork - well done, you two!

Year 6

Year 6 have had a productive week and are ready to compose their non-chronological reports about their mechanimal to link with our current class book 'Cogheart'.

In Maths, we have finished our current topic of the four operations and we are moving on to fractions next week.

The children have enjoyed electricity in Science as they have had to carry out investigations making various circuits. They have been surprised as some of the results didn't link with their predictions; so they then had to think about why that happened.

CGP Homework Pages

Maths: pages 26 and 27

English: pages 22 and 23


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Despina for her fantastic independent work and Hattie for her detailed Science conclusions.

Kingfisher 2

KF2 went on a trip to watch 'Clifford The Big Red Dog' at Cineworld in Enfield this week and everyone had a great time! The boys found the film really funny and recommend you go and see it.

In Maths, we have been using sharing and grouping for division and tackling word problems.

For our instructions topic, the children have been looking at the use of commas to separate items in a list and imperative verbs.

Achievement Awards!

Well done to Jaydon and Freddie for getting the achievement awards this week!

Freddie - independently writing some great sentences using imperative verbs.

Jaydon - being sensible and trying hard to complete his tasks.

Both boys have been working very hard!

Times Tables Rock Stars Battle of The Bands


Next week we are commencing our first 'Battle of the Bands' of the Year.

Please encourage your children to play Times Tables Rock Stars as much as possible at home for this week between Monday 14th November and Sunday 20th November.

Year 3 vs Year 4

Year 5 vs Year 6

Winning classes will be announced in the Newsletter.

Game on!



Tuesday 15th:

  • Year 2 Singing Assembly 9:00am - Year 2 parents are invited to watch
  • Non-uniform Day - Donations for Tombola Stalls (please see flyer below for more info)

Wednesday 16th:

  • Mixed League Football vs Sacred Heart (HOME) - 3:30pm
  • KFN Parent Consultations 2:00 - 5:30PM (appointments arranged with Teacher)

Friday 18th:

  • Children in Need - collecting spare change

Monday 21st:

  • INSET Day - School Closed

Friday 25th:

  • Non-uniform Day - Donations for Tombola Stalls (please see flyer below for more info)


Thursday 1st:

  • Non-uniform Day - Donations of cakes and unwanted toys in good condition

Friday 2nd:

  • Christmas Fair - all day

Tuesday 6th:

  • Nursery and Reception Christmas Songs to Parents - 2:30pm

Thursday 8th:

  • Nursery and Reception Christmas Songs to Parents - 9:00am

Friday 9th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal - 1:30pm (for families incl. small children)
  • Activity Clubs finish for Autumn 2

Tuesday 13th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show - 1:30pm

Thursday 15th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show - 9:00am

Friday 16th:

  • End of Term - School Closes at 2pm (No Cabin Club)

School Holiday Monday 19th December 2022 - Monday 2nd January 2023


Tuesday 3rd:

Start of Spring 1 Term - pupils return to school

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