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Livingstone Primary and Nursery School Pupil Newsletter

October Week 2

Friday 14th October

Hello from the new Writers Team.

Welcome to the new pupil newsletter 2022!!

We are very pleased to introduce the Livingstone pupil newsletter editors...

Katerina and Lois Y6!!

This year we have many new exciting articles about what we as a school will be doing. We have some new writers from Y5 and Y6 to help us write about the action that will be going on at our school. We have new subjects every term, like Cultural Capital, Y4 Swimming and PGL.

We are very exited for the new term and to write about new subjects.

By Katerina and Lois Y6 :)


Livingstone Beat Danegrove


Livingstone played their first Netball Match of the season and won 11-1! Well done to Coach Church and her amazing team. Jack, Geethesri, Catherine, Qamazarda, Albion and Lois. A big well done to Hattie who fractured her arm in the warm up, this win was for you!


Year 6 are going to PGL!!


Year 6 pupils at Livingstone school are really looking forward to their trip to PGL. All of the students are talking about it and are counting down the days until they have the most amazing time of their lives. They will be staying in the cabins, we will know who is in their cabin when we get there. Everyone has already picked two people that they want to be with, they have made the voting about this trip very fair. At PGL you can do: high ropes, giant swing, archery, sensory trail, zip-line, Abdul, leap of faith, disco, campfire, aero ball, rifle shooting or quad biking. You can overcome your fear of heights and learn to become more independent since your parents won't be there, you can also learn to work together as a team and negotiating skills. They will get the chance to try lots of different things that you won't be able to do at home. Also, it's a week free of technology! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

By Hattie Y6 :)


Livingstone have new School and PE Councillors


Last week, the school announced that we would get the chance for every class to vote for two of their classmates to represent them for the role of school council and PE council.

If you are a school councillor, you help make important decisions about the school. This year it will be run by Mrs Speed from Year 3. At the end of the year you go on a really cool trip. We will be having meetings on Mondays. As school council you are the voice of the pupils in your class and they also help run charity events to help raise money for the school and different local charities.

If you are a PE councillor you help make important decisions about the school sports. This year it will be run by Miss Fairley from Year 2. As a PE councillor you help organize and run sporting events like sports day and Tag Rugby, Football, Netball matches against other schools and organize after-school clubs. They also replace equipment in the playground if it gets broken and help buy some new playground equipment.

On Monday we found out the results. Everyone was very excited to find out who won.

School Council 2022

Year 1 - Ali and Diane

Year 2 - Lola and Milo

Year 3 - Zak and Holly

Year 4 - Anastasia and Elon

Year 5 - Brychan and Jamie

Year 6 - Matteo and Lisa

KF1 - Dylan

KF2 - Jack F-R

Sports/PE Council

Year 1 - Filip and Iliana

Year 2 - Dexter and Liana

Year 3 - Anwen and Ryan

Year 4 - Abdullah and Elia

Year 5 - Arbel, Josh and Sophia

Year 6 - Jack D, Lois and Hattie

By Matteo Y6 :)

Livingstone have new House Captains


It is a new Livingstone tradition that Year 6 have House Captains. House Captains are role models for their team and younger children. They can support and help the children if they are finding something difficult. It is good if you have good sportsmanship and you will need to be able to work as a team.

The results are in:

Yellow team: Kaitlin and Alex

Red team: Hattie and Qamazarda

Blue team: Orpita and Albion

Green team: Alyssa and Zuhaib

'I feel happy because I feel like I could be a good role model for the yellow team.'- Kaitlin

By Catherine Y6 :)


Cultural Capital Assemblies

This term, we have the theme of 'Great Black Icons' for our Cultural Capital Assemblies. They will include Mo Farah, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King ( we have already done Martin Luther King ). We learnt that Martin led the black people's rights and his famous speech were he said "I have a dream." But unfortunately he was shot and died from the wound. Rosa Parks, who was born in Alabama, inspired the black people of the USA which led to the "Boycott." Mo Farah was a legendary marathon runner from Kenya and inspired black people to compete in the Olympics.

By Brychan :)

October Half Term Camp with Non-stop Action


Year 5 Lea Valley trip

On Tuesday the 27th of September Y5 went to Lea Valley Park. Dian, Mr Thomas and Mrs Cockburn made their effort to take all children safely so could we have a massive applause for them, as they worked hard: taking them to the place and back, making sure they all thirty children are safe, making sure they do not fall in the river and many more. All children enjoyed it and had a fabulous time. They saw the start leading to river Thames, which is located in Lea Valley Park. The students drew birds and ducks, also learning a lot; had binoculars to spot different types of animals. I am sure everybody was ecstatic of this trip, and it was worth it as everyone I interviewed loved this trip into bits especially as it was their first one in year five. Most will have probably been exhausted after a very long day. Well done to all children for being strong and not making it a hard time for the teachers!


By Orpita Yr 6 :)

Glow in the Dark Dodgeball


On Friday 30.09.22 KS2 had a fun event. Glow in the Dark Dodgeball!! KS2 loved the experience and enjoyed playing with their friends. It looked really cool in the dark and the children would put on some flashing lights or high vis vests and play in the dark. There were fun competitions and games to do and everyone enjoyed it. Everyone looked forward to it and had a fun experience!

By Katerina Y6 :)


Cross Country


On the 5th of October pupils in Y4,5 and 6 participated in Cross Country at Oak Hill Park. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the races, but Livingstone still did really well. Cross Country was a really fun experience, cheering on friends and having fun. 4 pupils came top three and the rest bellow 30. The year 4s did really well as it was their first time doing Cross Country. Sadly, I was sick and could not take part, but I still came to the event to support them all.

By Zachary Anido


Lauren plays the Cello

A former student of our school, Lauren, has given students the opportunity to learn an instrument, the cello. At an assembly, she played us some music and told us about how she managed and began to play the cello. At the end, she said that we could have lessons from her and all you have to do is go to the office and tell them you want lessons from her. We are very lucky to have this opportunity as other schools may not!

By Aiden Lee Y6 :)

Year 4 start swimming at New Barnet Leisure Centre

Year 4 are going swimming for two weeks. This will take place at our nearby leisure centre in Victoria park. They will be learning how to swim and how to be safe in the water. They will be split into three groups which are bronze, silver and gold. Gold is the highest group, that means where children who are at a higher level in swimming will go in a more challenging group to their personal ability. Silver is the middle group, this means children who are good at swimming but still struggle a little will go there . Last but not least is bronze, that is where children who need help swimming will go. Swimming for year 4 will be mostly in the water learning strokes and things but will also include jumping in the water and they might do games at the end. On their last day of swimming at the leisure centre, they will have to bring in their pajamas, do a life saving test in the water and many more fun things!

By Chloe Y5 :)

Y5 and Y6 meet author Aisling Fowler

Aisling Fowler's visit had exited the whole school. The author, Aisling Fowler, had come to our school to do a book workshop with Y5 and Y6. Generously, she gave us all a signed copy of her new book, Fire Born. Apparently, the name was originally called Into The Fangs. This activity happened back in September and all students who attended said that they LOVED the visit. A place called Pickled Peppered Books emailed the school to invite the inspirational author. Mrs Cockburn, who was in charge , said it was easy to organize. students met Aisling Fowler in the hall down stairs and Mrs Cockburn met her in the office. Although she had visited loads of schools before, she was very excited to meet our wonderful students. Some people in Y5 said she was inspirational. How sweet.

By Anastasia Y5

Year 4 trip to Verulamium

Y4 have been on a fun trip to a museum located at St Albans called Verulamium exploring the ancient Roman city. They visited the Roman wall, the hypocaust and there museum. They saw lots of artefacts: pieces of Roman armour, Mosaics, tombs, statues, pots and what they used to do in there everyday life! They saw some awesome artefacts of old Roman Britain and how it was impacted. Turns out that they used sponges for toilet paper! Can you believe that? How funny!

By Jaime Y5 :)

Black History Month and Mathematicians


This Month is Black History Month and we celebrated the achievement of black people from around the world. At Livingstone, we have been learning about Black Mathematicians. Reception and Nursery have been studying Handa's suprise and Phase 1 have been studying Katherine Johnson by reading the story 'Counting on Katherine'. In Years 3 -6, we have been learning about four black women who were key at working for NASA through the book 'Hidden Lives'. They were amazing lessons!

By Xander Y5 :)


Kingfisher 2 Shopping trip

Last week, KF2 went on a shopping trip. It was very exciting for them, they went to Sainsbury's. First, they had to make a shopping list of what they had to buy and then they went there and picked what was on their list. They then payed for what they had got and got their receipt. On the way back, they went somewhere to pick up some conquers and they stopped for about 5-10 minutes for a short play in Victoria Park; they enjoyed playing there. The children did also follow instructions to make conquer animals because their topic instructions were 'How to make conquer animals?' They can make tigers, spiders, lions or snails and many more.

By Uzair Y5 :)

Nursery Visits to the Woods

This term Nursery have been visiting the woods once a week to collect conquers, acorns, leaves and berries - Autumn things. They are collecting these to put them on display on the nature table for the children to look at and explore. Forest school is multi-sensory and helps improve concentration and motivates children to learn. They are really enjoying their time in the woods!!!

By Mya Y5 :)

Arsenal Women vs Tottenham Women

On Saturday 24th September, the London Derby took place at the Emirates stadium. We were very lucky that many Livingstone pupils and parents managed to get tickets. It was amazing to see 53,000 people watch the women footballers perform at a great stadium. Hattie, Lois, Arbel, Jack FR, George, Milo, Mr Madle and Sienna all managed to go. It was a really good experience, atmosphere and opportunity. And Arsenal won! The match its itself was very amazing, the score was 4 - 0 .

I hope we can do something like this soon (it was a really fun day out!)

By Lois Y6 :)

Diary Dates


Monday 17th:

  • Year 6 School Journey to PGL, Isle of Wight - all week
  • Activity Clubs go online for Autumn 2 bookings

Tuesday 18th:

  • Nursery Parent Consultations, 3:30pm - 5:30pm
  • Reception and Years 1 - 5 Parent Consultations, 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday 19th:

  • Nursery, Years 1 and 2 Parent Consultations, 9:00am - 11:00am
  • Years 3 - 5 Parent Consultations, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday 20th:

  • PTA's Spooky Adventure - Nursery am, Nursery pm, Reception, Yr1 and Yr2 during the school day.
  • KS2 After School -from 3.15pm until 4.30pm.
  • Cost £3.00, please pay via School Money
  • Reception Parent Consultations, 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Friday 21st:

  • Year 6 return from School Journey
  • Activity Clubs finish for Autumn 1
  • School finishes for Half Term at 3.15 pm (Cabin Club open)

HALF TERM: Monday 24th - Friday 28th October 2022

Monday 31st:

  • Start of Autumn 2 - pupils return
  • Activity Clubs begin for Autumn 2 (please make sure you have booked for this half of the term)


Wednesday 2nd:

  • Tag Rugby Festival

Thursday 3rd:

  • Individual Photo Day
  • Girls Football vs Sacred Heart - 3.30pm (HOME)

Wednesday 9th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday 10th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 4:00pm - 6:30pm

More diary dates to follow..........

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