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January Week 3

Friday 22nd January

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well and that you are settling well into the routine of either remote or school -based learning.

Our tracking shows a high level of attendance overall with our online provision this week, so a huge THANK YOU for your support in helping your children to establish such good routines. You are all doing a brilliant job in supporting remote learning whilst managing your own work, schedules, family life and other commitments. We know this can be very tricky to balance and we are so grateful for your time in doing this.

The life skills day last week was a great success and we are grateful for all the photos and positive feedback from parents. We hope now that all children are helping their parents make their own bed, fold their clothes - and are not tying you all in knots! Thank you to Mrs Kwan and Miss Papas for organising such a brilliant day!

We had a very productive and positive Parent Rep Meeting this week and the minutes are below.

Unfortunately, we had five staff members who tested positive for Covid which meant that we had to close our Kingfisher Units including KFE. I hope you join us in wishing all these staff well as they recover from the symptoms. We want to thank the patience and support of all the Kingfisher parents who have had their children at home unexpectedly. We hope to open the unit back up on Tuesday 26th January for some pupils, though we cannot fully open until all these members of staff have recovered and completed their period of self-isolation.

We wish you all a very pleasant weekend.

Life Skills Day - "You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." -- Maya Angelou

On Wednesday 20th January, Livingstone pupils had the opportunity to develop some essential life skills; tying knots and shoe laces, learning to make their own bed, making ID cards with their personal details, preparing their own lunch, and many more. Our afternoon was packed with P.E. activities, yoga, zumba and games. More importantly, it was a fun-filled day that helped pupils' practical skills, imagination and creativity come to surface.

Here are some testimonials from Livingstone pupils about Life Skills Day:


Oliver "I liked setting the table. Ready for tea!'

Zachary " I enjoyed throwing the bean bags at the tins. I got them all down!"

Year 1:

Scarlett "I liked making an angel sandwich with jam, cheese, egg and raisins for eyes."

Year 2:

"I didn't know how to tie my shoe laces but now I do."

Medina "I made my own chatterbox all by myself, just watching the video."

Year 3:

Bianca "Balancing books on my head was difficult but good fun!"

Diya " I loved making my own sandwich with cucumber and raisins to decorate it. I enjoyed eating it the most!"

Year 4:

Alex "I liked making knots and I might use them to make a big sculpture."

Catherine: "I enjoyed doing my ID card and learning my postcode by heart."

Year 5:

Ged and Tyler "Making a picture out of food was great fun!"

Year 6:

Jannah "I loved learning how to fold clothes. It's so therapeutic when something is folded nicely."

Nathan "Folding was fun but making origami was quite tricky"

All teachers and TAs were very impressed by the amount of effort everyone put in the activities, both at home and at school.

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the children, parents, teachers and TAs who joined forces to make this day exciting, entertaining and educational.

Nursery - Busy Nursery children!


Reception have been learning all about London's famous landmarks. We are writing to our pen-pals in Canada

Year 1

The children had a writing task to create their own monster and write sentences to describe it using a capital letter and full stop. I love them!

Year 2

We have been dividing and using anything at home to help share things into equal groups. Some children used tiles on the kitchen floor, pasta and Lego to divide.

For fine motor skills we used pasta or cheerios and connected them together using string to make snakes!

Year 3

Year 3 have been busy in Art and Science

Year 4

In art this week year 4 looked at exploring line variation and colour gradation to create Robin Mead inspired artwork.

Year 5 - Chloe wrote this amazing poem about Lockdown!

Way back on March 2020 I did frown, with a bang we were in lockdown

Lockdown is not fun,

But at least we are all keeping each other safe it has to be done

Life is not at all the same

Doing work at home and on zoom with your teacher is a fun new game

It may not be like a normal day

But at least we are still learning from home it’s just a different way

It’s not the same as it use to be

But thank god that we are safe because of the quarantine

It’s not fair that some people don’t follow the rules

Some people don’t keep safe and masked up that’s not cool

It’s just to keep us all safe and well

So that we can get out of this corona hell

But I love spending time with my mum

Cooking and gardening and all things fun

We go on lots of walks in the wood

I love exploring my neighborhood

I see all my friends on my Trusty iPad

Thank goodness for technology or it could be really bad.

I have done so much art and craft

I also play games and have fun and laugh

Lockdown is not so bad

I’m with my mum and lots of fun we have had.

Year 6

Year 6 attended a virtual workshop provided by The National Holocaust Centre to learn all about Kristallnacht and Kindertransport as part of our learning about World War Two. We also had the privilege of meeting with a Holocaust survivor called Hedi Argent who shared her incredible story.

Parent Rep Meeting


The Big Question: How did World War II impact London?

LO: to summarise how Britain had a major influence in the start of World War II

On the 28th June 1919, the treaty of Versailles was signed, which entirely blamed Germany for the cause and devastations of WW1 and also made Germany give away certain portions of land that it had conquered and reduce their naval fleet to as little as six ships and few submarines, Germany was forced by the other countries to sign the treaty, despite the fact that Germany did not have any role whatsoever in the writing of the treaty. After this treaty was signed, Germany was not pleased at all about how the blame of WW1 had been entirely on them. 15 years passed and the ruthless leader, Adolf Hitler came to power He started of his reign by blaming the Jewish people for Germany losing WW2.On the 1st of September of 1939 Germany invaded Poland, after hearing this terrible news the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Neville Chamberlain, declared war on Germany and said in a radio broadcast to the all of England that if Germany did not withdraw their troops by 11pm that night, then Britain would officially go to war with Germany as England swore to protect its allies, and Poland was one of them. By Adya Yr 6

On the 28th of June, 1919, Germany was forced to sign the treaty of Versailles shortly after WW1 concluded. The treaty ensured that Germany would minimize their naval fleet to six battleship and lose one tenth of their land, and it also indirectly blamed Germany for WW1. Germany was indignant: they were not involved in the treaty’s writing. However, since they had lost so much of their army in the previous war, they were in no state of fighting and were forced to sign the treaty.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler was elected German chancellor by many Germans, who were called the Nazis, much to the opposition of the Jews. Hitler was furious about the treaty, and therefore broke it by sending troops to Poland, and invading the whole country. He persuaded the Germans that he was doing the right thing by telling them that it was unfair for the other countries to blame WW1 on them. England, meanwhile, had promised to protect and help the allies, and in September 1939, Neville Chamberlain, England’s prime minister, made a speech. In this speech he said that Germany must withdraw their troops from Poland until 11am or he will declare war with Germany. Predictably, Germany didn’t do so, and England was at war with Germany. WW2 began. By Nikil Yr 6

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