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November Week 3

Friday 17th November

It has been a very successful Friendship Week. Each class has worked with their Teacher and Teaching Assistant/s to raise awareness of the importance of being good friends – Acrostic poems, instructions, sock designs and posters have all been made and will be shared next week.

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit East Barnet Secondary School and take part in a variety of sport activities with some 'Young Leaders'. All of the children participated with enthusiasm, dedication and co-operation. The older pupils (Young Leaders) delivered the activities exceptionally well; explaining the task clearly, encouraging the children to join and be proud of their achievements.


If you help out with the PTA but feel that you have more to give please come forward and put your nomination in for Parent Governors. Letters will be going out in the Spring Term.


Please join in our Wake and Shake every Wednesdays and Fridays 8.40am 


Thank you for all the Donations for Childen in Need

4T visited the Nenak Darbar Temple

On Thursday 16th November, 4T visited the Nanak Darbar Temple or 'Gurdwara'. They learnt all about the key teachings of Sikhism and how Sikhs believe that everybody is equal. They looked at religious artefacts and asked lots of insightful questions about the temple and religion.

Kingfisher 1 playing Teddy Bears Picnic

This week Kingfisher 1 have been learning about various story settings and characters. The children enjoyed dressing up and role playing a Teddy Bears Picnic. 



Diary Dates





Monday 20th

KF2 Phoenix Cinema  Roald Dahl



Thursday 23rd

Y2 Class Assembly 9am 




St John’s v Livingstone Cup Match



Friday 24th

Non Uniform Day - Chocolate

Rec - 6



Tudor V Livingstone Girls’ Football



Tuesday 28th

Christmas Advent Calendar Raffle

Nur - 6






Friday 1st

Inset Day – School Closed



Saturday 2nd

Christmas Fair



Tuesday 12th

Foundation Stage Christmas Performance - am

Nur & Rec

Parents Welcome

Thursday 14th

Foundation Stage Christmas Performance - pm

Nur & Rec

Parents Welcome


Christmas Lunch

Nur - Rec


Friday 15th

Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal 2.00pm

1, 2 & 3

Parents with Babies/Small Children


After School Activity Clubs Finish for the Term



Monday 18th

Christmas Show Performance 1.45pm

1, 2, & 3


Tuesday 19th

Christmas Show Performance 9.15am

1, 2 & 3


Wednesday 20th

End of Term 2.00pm Finish – Happy Holidays! Return to School 2nd January 2018

Nur – 6

No Cabin Club


Thursday 23rd  Y2 Class Assembly will be Re-arranged

Parents/carers will be notified of the new date nearer the time.



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