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October Week 3

Friday 21st October

Year 6 School Journey to the Isle of Wight

One of the highlights of the year for Year 6 is always School Journey to PGL. Needless to say, the children have had the time of their lives this week. They have worked incredibly well as a team and demonstrated a huge amount of courage and resilience when taking part in all the activities.

Ms Breen, Mr Madle, Mrs Armstrong and Mrs Church have been really impressed with the children's determination and fantastic attitudes this week and all agree the children were exceptionally well behaved. School Journey would not be possible without the staff happily agreeing to lead this trip so a big thank you to them for making it happen.

Spooky Adventure

Everyone had a spooktacular day on Thursday at the PTA's Spooky Adventure and it was so lovely to see so many ghoulishly great costumes. Usually, we hold our annual event in the pond area but due to the poor weather, we held it in the main hall. Although this was a last-minute change of plan, the PTA worked effortlessly to ensure the hall was decorated just as spookily as it would be the pond area. Pupils enjoyed the frightfully fantastic activities organised for them and were spoilt for choice when deciding which of the enchanting goodies to buy. A big, big thank you to our PTA and all our families who helped to make this event possible and really fun!

Parent Representative Meeting 07.10.22



Giovanna Phelan – Headteacher

Jackie Scott, Carrie Lowin & Austin Scott – Reception

Laura Blackaller – Year 1

Charlotte Gosling – Year 2

Melisa Gosling – Year 3

Kate Orr – Year 4

Shelley Farmer – Year 5 and Kingfisher

Paula Falco – Year 6

APOLOGIES – Megan Atkinson – Nursery

Jackie Scott - Reception

This is our first parent representative meeting of the school year. We would like to welcome our new reps, Carrie Lowin, Austin Scot and Jackie Scott for Reception and Charlotte Gosling our Year 2 rep.

The school year has got off to a great start with positive feedback regarding communication.


Question: Re Birthdays. Understand children cannot bring in sweets or chocolate but can they bring in individually wrapped cakes/biscuits?

Answer: We have asked that sweets and birthday cakes are not brought into school for birthdays as many parents/carers have asked that they are not given to their children and because some parents/carers are looking to replicate elements of parties in school.

We do have cakes and biscuits in school because they are routinely given as part of school dinners and parent/carers include them in packed lunches. Pupils get to bake cakes and biscuits as part of the curriculum and the PTA include them in events. This is done in moderation, however, if parents/carers would prefer their children not to have these, they should speak to the class teacher and the office and where possible, we will try to find suitable alternatives.

Year 2

Feedback: Parents are happy with SATS homework being posted in the newsletter and the useful learning objectives emailed rather than being a lost piece of paper.

Question: In Year 2, parents have reported that some days fruit hasn’t been available for their children during break times.

Answer: The school has recognised this and reassures parents it is purely down to delays in deliveries, for example when we had a bank holiday or a late delivery. Fruit is available, apart from the odd day when the delivery is late. Please do not send crisps or sugary snacks as a substitute.

Year 3

Feedback: Parents have asked for notice when bringing the recorder home to practise.

Answer: Letters will come home in future alerting the parents of this.

Year 4

Question: The pupils are off swimming for the next two weeks and there are concerns from parents about children drying their hair properly.

Answer: Mr. Boucon and the accompanying teachers will do their best to make sure the hair is as dry as possible, they do recommend that children bring a hat to walk the short distance back to school.

Question: Holiday camps in school have been requested.

Answer: This is a great idea and we have tried it in the past but sadly we are a small school and without high numbers attending, even with subsidies, the costs are too much to run for the amount of pupils that would attend. Staffing would be a problem too, as many members of staff have other commitments during half term. There are alternatives locally such as ALL SORTS, which is close to Livingstone school and sometimes clubs and activities are promoted in the newsletter.

Mrs Kelly will send out a survey in the new year and see if there is a demand for a Half-Term or Easter School

Year 6

Question: The Year 6 parents are requesting a return to a recognisable musical like Aladdin or School of Rock please for next year.

Answer: Mrs. Phelan will pass this on to the Year 6 Team and let’s hope it’s not as hot as last year!


A request for blended school lunch/pack lunches has been put forward. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible because of food planning and the school is very conscious of food waste. The food is ordered in advance, and this means pupils have to be school dinners or packed lunches.

For any child who wishes to do more homework please visit the VLE or look in the back of the reading diary. There are lots of learning websites with logins for you to access. Also, Brain Boosters are back at the end of this half term to keep you busy and creative.

Our school internet is struggling, so over half-term we are having an internet re-vamp. This will hopefully sort out any problems we have had, like the computers in the cabin not working properly.

At the heart of our school, we have a fantastic PTA community, and we value it positive ethos. We hope this year more new and old parents will join in with our events. The proceeds the PTA make at school events, go towards the children extra-curricular learning activities. We have raised money for new playground equipment, a minibus and much more. More information for help needed coming soon…

Finally, we had lots of questions from Reception Parents which will be responded to at consultations and this will be followed by an 'Impact' meeting for all parents/carers outlining the EYFS Curriculum.



Don’t underestimate the importance of good attendance. Even one day missed can have an effect on learning. We must all work together to ensure that our children have the best education possible.

Reminder - now we are post COVID, pupils taken out of school for holidays or returning late will be subject to a local authority fine!



This week in the Nursery we have been learning about animals in the autumn; and how some animals are getting ready to hibernate for the winter. We have been making clay hedgehogs with lots of spines. Violet wisely tells us "It can curl up into a ball if it's frightened."

The children concentrated really well when they were making their clay hedgehogs. Xheida knows that hedgehogs eat worms and slugs.

Kingfisher Nursery


This week Kingfisher Nursery have been very busy with lots of pumpkin themed activities.

The children have read a selection of colourful books, '5 little Pumpkins,' 'We're going on a Pumpkin Hunt' and 'Pick a Pumpkin.' They have enjoyed engaging with the texts, through a variety of activities targeting different areas of development, including counting, threading, modelling and colouring.

Enjoy the half term, a well-deserved rest for all!




Reception have made an excellent start this half term. We have had a busy last week enjoying our Autumn activities and spooky celebrations. We hope you all have a good rest and a lovely half term ready for more learning!

A date for the Reception Impact Meeting for parents will be confirmed after half term.

Achievement Awards!

To all of Reception for making a brilliant start

Year 1

We are so proud of all of the pupils in Year 1 for their positive work ethic and great enthusiasm for learning across the curriculum this half term. They have especially enjoyed exploring Everyday Materials in our Science lessons these past two weeks. Please continue to read over half-term and have a much earned rest!


Achievement Awards!

Achievement awards this week go to Alex for his brilliant maths work partitioning numbers using part-whole and bar models and to Arianna O for her excellent progress in phonics. Well done to the two of you!

Year 2

What a great first term! Year 2 have really impressed Miss Fairley, Miss Papas and Mrs Hunter. We finished writing sentences about 'Sulwe' in English. In spellings, we have been using the suffix -y.

In Maths, we have been drawing dienes to subtract one-digit numbers and two-digit numbers.

In PSHE, we have been discussing what it means to keep safe and what we can do every day to manage risks.

In a few weeks, we will be taking part in the Barnet Music Festival. On the VLE, I have uploaded the songs which you can practise at home.

Brain Boosters have been handed out so there won't be any CGP books over half term.


Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Yvette for her lovely sentence work retelling 'Sulwe' and Denislav for his good participation and discussion in PSHE.

Kingfisher 1


This week Kingfisher 1 have been very busy as usual.

In Maths they have been developing their understanding of position and direction. They have been looking at positional language in real life scenarios and even got to take the BeeBots out for a stroll.

In English we celebrated black history month with a focus on the story of Anansi, the children enjoyed their roleplay especially.

The spooky adventure was enjoyed by all despite the weather.


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement award goes to Arthur for completing his sticker chart.

Year 3


This week we have been learning different methods for addition and subtraction in Maths. In English we have finished writing our simile poems about 'The Tin Forest'.

In Art, we enjoyed creating our own paints using natural materials and using different tools to experiment with, like the people from the stone age.

Homework: Maths - Mental addition pg 22 English - Verbs pg 8


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement award goes to Edward for excellent reasoning and explanations in his Maths. Well done Edward!

Year 4

Year 4 have been incredibly busy with swimming this week as I'm sure you are all aware. They have all done amazingly well and are now all able to swim without the use of a swimming aid.

Whilst swimming, they have continued to work brilliantly in Maths and English. In Maths, we have been looking at adding two four-digit numbers together with an exchange, and in English we have been writing our narrative recount.

Year 4 have had a fantastic first half term and should all be proud of their achievements.


Maths: Written Addition - page 18. We have now taught the whole of place value so you can complete any missing pages from section 1.

SPaG: Section 8 - Commas - pages 42 to 48

Timetables: 3s, 6s and 9s


Achievement Awards!

This week's achievement awards go to Renuka and Nadine for their fantastic behaviour and positive attitude to learning this term.

Year 5

This week, the children have been problem-solving in Maths by using bar models and drawings to help them. In English, they wrote their descriptions based on the short film, Evol; they did a fantastic job using personification and complex sentences to create vivid images for the reader. In the afternoons, they've been learning about personal and professional relationships and how to deal with conflicts.

Brain Boosters homework is coming home today for next term. We encourage every child to do at least one of the tasks.

CGP Books

Maths: pages 14-15 (mental methods and rounding to check)

English: pages 82 - 83 (ible/ibly and able/ably)


Achievement Awards!

This week's awards go to Fatemah and Cairo for their excellent problem-solving in Maths. Well done!

Kingfisher 2

What a fun week! The children thoroughly enjoyed the Spooky Adventure and worked hard all week to write diary entries for each day, using past tense and first person.

Lots of Autumn themed work was completed and they were able to show off their ability to add 10s to any given number in Maths.


Achievement Awards!

Well done to George who has impressed us with his mature attitude and making lots of positive effort to complete his work!

He always has a kind word to say and makes lots of people smile all around the school!

Climbing Equipment in KS2 Playground


Two weeks ago, one of our Key Stage 1 pupils fell off the climbing frame in the Key Stage 2 playground and fortunately despite falling from quite a height was not significantly hurt.

The equipment in this playground is not designed for pupils under the age of 7 and none of the playground apparatus is meant to be used unsupervised, so please remind your children not to go on it and keep them safe.



We have mentioned this before.....As much as we love dogs, unfortunately they are not permitted in the school grounds (except Guide Dogs). We really appreciate your co-operation by not bringing dogs (including puppies) on to the school premises to drop off or collect your children.

Neighbourhood Watch: Halloween Advice


Dear Watch Member,

Halloween advice

Halloween is fast approaching so here are some hints and tips to keep you safe whilst out trick or treating.

  • Only visit homes that have a pumpkin on show or Halloween decorations, they will welcome your knock at the door
  • NEVER enter a property if you don't know the homeowner
  • Please accompany children to the front door
  • Hold hands with younger children at all times
  • If possible travel around your neighbourhood in small groups
  • Try and wear some form of refelctive clothing/bands or carry a torch/glowsticks to stay as visible as possible
  • Do not cut across residents gardens or driveways and listen out for cars moving off their driveways
  • Remain on well lit streets if possible
  • When crossing the road please do so at a safe location away from parked cars


  • Please drive slowly and keep well alert. There will be lots of children out and about enjoying their Halloween. Or should I say there will be lots of witches/ghouls/skeletons about.
  • Stay safe and enjoy your Halloween from all of us on the Safer Neighbourhood Teams in Barnet.


HALF TERM: Monday 24th - Friday 28th October 2022 (School Closed)

Monday 31st:

  • Start of Autumn 2 - pupils return
  • Activity Clubs begin for Autumn 2 (please make sure you have booked for this half of the term)


Tuesday 1st:

  • Year 3 Stone Age Trip - cost £9.00, please pay via School Money

Wednesday 2nd:

  • Tag Rugby Festival

Thursday 3rd:

  • Individual Photo Day
  • Girls Football vs Sacred Heart - 3:30pm (HOME)

Monday 7th:

  • Infant Music Festival

Wednesday 9th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 1:30pm - 3:30pm
  • KF2 trip to Cineworld, Enfield - AM
  • Girls Football vs Brunswick (John King Cup) - 3:30pm (HOME)

Thursday 10th:

  • Year 6 Parent Consultations 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Friday 11th:

  • PTA Pop-up Shop
  • Flu Nasal Spray Vaccinations

Friday 18th:

  • Children in Need - collecting spare change

Monday 21st:

  • INSET Day - School Closed


Friday 2nd:

  • Christmas Fair

Tuesday 6th:

  • Nursery and Reception Christmas Songs to Parents - 2:30pm

Thursday 8th:

  • Nursery and Reception Christmas Songs to Parents - 9:00am

Friday 9th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show Dress Rehearsal - 1:30pm (for families incl. small children)
  • Activity Clubs finish for Autumn 2

Tuesday 13th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show - 1:30pm

Thursday 15th:

  • KS1 and Year 3 Christmas Show - 9:00am

Friday 16th:

  • End of Term - School Closes at 2pm (No Cabin Club)

School Holiday Monday 19th December 2022 - Monday 2nd January 2023


Tuesday 3rd:

  • Start of Spring 1 Term - pupils return to school
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