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September Week 3

Friday 20th September

Access an amazing range of reading materials online with Reading Buddies (Year 1-6)

Pupils should now have their passwords.

Please speak to the class teacher if they have not been allocated one.

Harvest Festival Assembly


Harvest Festival Assembly is being led by Year 4

9am on Thursday 23rd September.

Please send in tins/packets of non-perishable foods and toiletries for the homeless and families in need

All Parents and cares welcome

Harvest Festival Assembly


Parent Rep Meetings

Representatives Present


Giovanna Phelan – Head Teacher

Melissa Gosling – Reception

Kate Orr – Year 1 and Year 6S

Lina Cavozzi – Year 2

Zoe Downs – Year 3 P

Nina Kornhauser – Year 4 and Year 6B

Helene Anido – Year 5S

Teresa Osman – Year 5B


Parents sent in their views about the Brain Booster Homework.

Response: The school will be developing the Brain Booster homework over the year. The children have access to lots of different homework via the VLE. This year we have added CGP books to work on core skills. These are practice SATS books that are free to Year 2 and 6. Year 3, 4 and 5 can buy them for just £1 from the office. We have also added Reading Buddies and more information will be made available to parents about this resource.


Parents asked about testing.

Response: The tests carried out at the start of year are not like the SATs which have to be done by law but are used by the teachers to find out what they need to plan in the lessons. Children are tested at the beginning and throughout the school year.


Parents have asked if the school could text them earlier with information rather than on the morning as they are getting to school.

Response: The school are always looking to improve on communication and will do their best to get information to parents on time. 


Parents have said that the new batch of school PE t-shirts isn’t very good quality.

Response: We always aim to keep parents costs down and go for the best value.  In this case they will look at this batch and evaluate the quality and cost before placing the next order.


Working parents would like a change in the time of the Impact Meetings to the evening.

Response: Unfortunately Impact meetings have to be held in school time as they are for parents to get involved with their child whilst they’re learning. An option the school are considering is to film these meetings so parents who can’t attend would be able to see this online.


Parents have expressed concerns regarding the portions of school meals.

Response: Meals are very carefully prepared and children are always encouraged to help themselves to the salad.

Menus are available online and from the office for parents to talk through choices and every year we offer the parents a chance to come into school to sample a typical school meal.


Parents were concerned when the money taken by pupils onto school trips varied between children.

Response: The school always advises a set amount which would cover the cost of a small purchase from the gift shop, as this aims to ensure fairness for all.


Parents suggested as alternative to cakes and sweets, the parent could contribute the cost of a new book for the library on the child’s birthday and put a sticker in it with their name and birth date to celebrate their special day.

Response: Mrs Armstrong will look into this suggestion and set up a scheme in the new year.


Parents have asked that if a child has dietary requirements for example if a child is vegan, that the teacher can help them at snack time to understand what food is there that they can eat/drink.

Response: Parents are advised to inform the office and teachers will be made aware of this and help a child where necessary.


Parent request: Defibrillator

Response: Mr Sudbury is looking into leasing or buying costs

As part of their English studies, Kingfisher 1 are reading the book ‘Shopping Basket’ by John Burningham.  To link the story to a real-life experience, on Thursday the children went on a trip to Sainsbury’s where they filled their own shopping baskets.  After queuing beautifully at the check-out, the children handed their money to the cashier and waited patiently for a receipt.   Back at school the children made the most of the wonderful weather, tasting some of their purchases al fresco in the playground (yummy)!  What a great day out.  Well done to George, Calvin, Jack, Arin, Bilal, Alexander and Georgie.  

Kingfisher 1 'Shopping Basket'

Thank you for your cooperation

Please show consideration to parents with buggies by leaving the area outside the gates clear.

It can become very congested at home-time and this makes it difficult for parents with buggies and other children to exit safely.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Livingstone Achievement Awards










Dotty for being a  good friend and Edward for excellent use of language, acting out Where the Wild things Are

Charlotte for setting a good example to everyone.

Sonny for using finger spaces.

Mya and Brychan for fantastic effort and excellent Maths Wor.k

Alyssa for fantastic presentation of her work.

Leo for fantastic effort to get his work done quicker.

Lily S for determination Maths

Joel for  excellent knowledge in our topic of ‘Sound’

Maja for determination during the 3 lap challenge

Zohra for a positive attitude to learning

Nikhil for his excellent explanations in Maths

Hailey for excellent sentences in English

Heidi for rounding numbers to 10,000,000

Isabella for her fantastic relative clauses


For resilience when tackling rounding numbers

Samy for his amazing work ethic and good behaviour


Georgie for completing her sticker chart.


Jotham for working hard in Y5

Diary Dates



Year Group/s

Approx. Cost


September 2019

Monday 23rd

Year 6 PGL School Journey Meeting for parents and pupils – 3.15pm




Thursday 26th

Year 4 Harvest Assembly – 9am



Parents welcome

Monday 30th

Year 5 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am



In the classroom

October 2019

Tuesday 1st

Year 3 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am



In the classroom

Wednesday 2nd

Reception Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am



In the classroom


Year 6 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am



In the classroom

Thursday 3rd

Year 1 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am



In the classroom

Friday 4th

Year 6 Shakespeare Workshops – am and pm





Year 2 Great Fire of London Workshop




Monday 7th

Year 2 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am



In the classroom

Tuesday 8th

Year 4 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am



In the classroom

Wednesday 9th

Parent Consultations 9am – 12pm



Y1, 2, 3, 4 and KF1


Parent Consultations 1.30pm – 3.30pm



Nur, Y5, 6 and KF2

Thursday 10th

Parent Consultations 4.30 -6.30pm




Monday 14th

Activity Club bookings to go online for Autumn 2 – 8am




Friday 18th

Clubs finish for half term




HALF TERM – Monday 21st – Friday 25th October 2019

Monday 28th

Activity Clubs begin this week for Autumn 2

Y1 - 6



November 2019

Monday 4th

English Clubs to begin this week for Autumn 2

Y2 - 6



Monday 8th

Flu Nasal Spray

Rec – Y6



Monday 11th

Friendship Week




Tuesday 12th

Year 6 Trip to Wyllyotts Theatre




Friday 15th

Parent Representative Meeting – 9am




Monday 18th





Tuesday 26th

KF1 and KF2 Sport Festival at Unitas - PM

KF1 and 2



December 2019




Friday 6th

KS1 Sport Festival at Allianz Park - PM




Monday 9th

Activity Club bookings go online for Spring 1 – 8am




Thursday 12th

Nursery and Reception Assembly - 2.30pm

N and Rec



Friday 13th

Nursery and Reception Assembly - 9am

N and Rec




Clubs finish for end of term

Y1 - 6



Thursday 19th

School finishes for end of term – 2pm




SCHOOL HOLIDAY – Monday 23rd December 2019 – Friday 3rd January 2020

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