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January Week 4

Friday 29th January

We continue to be so grateful for all the hard work you are doing at home together. This week, we have seen our best- ever attendance online; and the quality of the work and dedication you have all shown is VERY impressive! Thank you for supporting your children with their timetables - and for all your encouragement and perseverance. Please also be assured that you can talk to the teachers or leaders for ideas and for help of any kind.

Your class teacher will endeavour to call you this week for a catch-up with your child; they are really looking forward to doing this. The call will take place in the afternoons (remember it will display as a 141 or private number). Teachers have been requested to telephone twice; and then, after this, you will have to request a call-back via the school office: the call will then take place the following week.

You have, no doubt, heard on the news that we may be allowed to re-open on the 8th March. In reality, it may well be after Easter for at least some London Schools. Of course, we are all hoping that we can re-open as quickly, but as safely, as possible.

You may have also heard that, despite our best efforts to keep everyone safe in school, it is evident that the virus is spreading rapidly to staff and children. Therefore, we urge all parents who can safely arrange alternative childcare to please do so for the sake of our children, staff and community. On this note, we are sad to report that those staff who have recently tested positive for Covid have not yet recovered sufficiently to return to school. This is deeply disappointing, but I hope you will join us in wishing them well and a speedy recovery.

On a brighter note, we have been able to partially re-open Kingfisher. We will look to invite more of our Kingfisher pupils back to school as soon as we possibly can. Our plea for parents to make alternative arrangements for childcare if they can, extends to Kingfisher classes too. We are enormously grateful to all the parents for their patience and support in these very trying times.

Whilst we all look forward to some form of ‘normality’, may I ask again that you avoid gatherings with others outside your households in gardens, parks as well as indoor areas. Some families have reported their anxiety and dismay that this is continuing to happen locally; and it thwarts all our efforts to maintain social distancing measures and stay safe.

Finally, we have an exciting week of learning ahead! Year 1 and Year 2 will be partaking in activities around National Storytelling Week and everyone will be celebrating Mental Health Week during our fabulous Creative Wednesday!

In the meantime, have a lovely weekend and stay safe!

Creative Wednesday - Music day!

This week's Creative Wednesday was all about music and sound. Pupils created musical instruments like shakers and wind chimes using everyday materials. They used their bodies and balls as percussion instruments and 'danced with their hands' listening to different types of music.

One of the favourite activities amongst pupils was the cup song; a task that required concentration, good technique and perseverance. We were also very impressed by the ingenuity of the lyrics Livingstone created and their amazing Karaoke performances. Music Day has reaffirmed the abundance of talent that Livingstone children have.

The highlights of the day were the music concerts performed by two very talented musicians from Canada; Mrs Segal's brother, Jacob Damelin, and Callan Furlong. Jacob immersed us into the world of sounds and instruments, created music and beats and performed beautifully for us. Callan took us on a wonderful musical journey across the Atlantic and introduced us to country, jazz, rock and roll and many more music genres. What a magical musical journey we had!

Here are some of our children's testimonials on Music Day.


'We loved doing body percussion to the beat of the song WE WILL ROCK YOU.'

Year 1:

'We enjoyed making musical instruments. The shakers we made were very colourful and made a fun sound.'

Year 2:

Sotirio 'I really enjoyed the concert with Mrs Segal's brother; it was so fun!'

Anastasia 'I enjoyed joining in with the instruments with Jacob.'

Year 3:

Xander, Sienna- Rose and Sophia 'The concert was amazing because we got to do the beat of the piano and the guitar. Body percussion was fun too!'

Mrs Boucon 'I enjoyed every minute of it!'

Year 5:

Tyler ' Ball percussion was fun but it was very difficult trying to control the ball and bounce it to the beat.'

Year 6 :

Jannah and Vjosana 'We loved practising the cup song, it was very long but we did it!' Nathan ' I really enjoyed the ball percussion and creating shakers from paper plates.'


Mrs Sampson has been a superstar, she has been in school full time and running home learning. She has been so impressed with all the Nursery children and parents and their amazing work!


Reception have been super busy and creative this week. We have still been writing to our Canadian pen pals and discovering the wonders of London. Reception have also been doing daily phonics and our personal favourite was sorting smarties in Maths.

Year 1

This week children have been counting forwards and backwards to 50 and making their own number cards. They have also been using household items like pasta and lego to represent numbers as tens and ones.

Year 2

Y2 have been doing statistics - tally charts and pictograms. In PSHE, they have created family portraits and using a literacy shed video for some writing inspiration.

Year 3

This week Year 3 have been learning all about counting in pounds and pence. Year 3 love money! They have been working hard and using real money to represent different amounts.


Our science topic this term has been forces and we have been learning all about how magnets work and magnetic materials. This week we investigated what type of objects are magnetic and why.


Our English this week has been focused around direct speech and how to use speech punctuation accurately. Here is an example of how to use the correct speech punctuation and we even used synonyms for 'said.'

Year 4

Year 4 have started to look at fractions in Maths. They have explored unit and non-unit fractions, fractions in different representations, tenths and counting in tenths.

As result of the lockdown last year, the children have done very little work on fractions, however this has not stopped them. They have taken their hard working and positive attitude and absolutely smashed it! They have blown Mr Boucon away and made him one extremely proud teacher. Well done year 4.

Here are just a few examples of work this from Despina and Orpita. It could have been the whole class!

Year 5

Year 5 have enjoyed learning about binary codes in Computing this week. Here is Amie deciphering some codes.

Year 6

In ICT this week, Yr 6 have been discovering the world of unplugged computing by looking at pixels.... who knew!

Art at Livingstone

Years 1 - 6 have been creating their own pieces of Optical Art this week and taking inspiration from famous optical artist Bridget Riley.

Pupils used line and colour to create the illusion of depth and the work across the school is impressive!

Reception have been making emotions jars that have been inspired by the text, the Colour Monster.

Look at this Creative writing from Eleni - wow!

As the deafening siren bellows around us, the underground stations are getting busier every minute due to the fact that the Blitz is carrying on for yet another dreadful night. The only lights that are bringing any signs of hope are beginning to relentlessly flicker before our eyes and the cold breeze is rapidly storming around the room. Are we even going to survive this? My heart is pounding and my body is trembling, trembling with fear. My life is at stake and I have no control of what my future holds. If I have one at all. This could be the end for me.


Covid Advice for Parents

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Parent Rep Minutes - January 2021

Last week we provided you with minutes from the Parent Rep meeting and have become aware that they were not entirely readable depending on what device they were being viewed from. Please click the link below to read them in a different format.

Parent Rep Minutes - January 2021

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