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January Week 4

Friday 28th January

Changes to COVID Restrictions

Following the Prime Minister’s recent announcement, the Schools’ Covid 19 Operational Guidance has been updated and the Government are now advising that face coverings are no longer required in classrooms (from 20th January) or communal areas from 27th January.

However, in Barnet, cases of COVID-19 are still high and we are seeing ongoing transmission of COVID within our educational settings. In order to continue to protect the public health within our school communities, we are still being advised that educational settings which have 2 or more cases of COVID-19 consider temporarily reinstating face coverings for adults in communal areas.

As we currently have a small number of cases in our school, we will follow these recommendations until advised otherwise. However, compliance with these recommendations will be entirely at the discretion of each individual.


Parent Representative Meeting - January 2022


Class Prarent Representatives:

Megan Atkinson - Nursery

Laura Blackaller - Reception

Ellen Patmore - Year 1

Melissa Gosling - Year 2

Kate Orr - Year 3

Lina Cavozzi - Year 4

Shelly Farmer - Year 4 and Kingfisher 2

Paula Falco - Year 5

Nina Kornhauser - Year 6

Welcome to Megan Atkinson who is the new representative of Nursery.

Please use our parent reps if you need information about the class or would like to give feedback. Our reps can provide quick answers to questions when it is not possible to speak directly with a member of staff. For example, when wellies should come into school or what to expect when there is a class trip. Class reps are happy hear parental feedback, so if your child/ren have enjoyed a particular lesson or activity or if these could be improved, its good to hear.

Please be mindful, questions or concerns about individual pupils should always go via the classroom staff or school office and though it is not always possible to speak to member of the school team immediately, an appointment can be made with anyone in the school, including the SENDCos - Mrs Ferdenzi and Ms Nicholson, Deputy Head Teacher - Mr Madle and Headteacher - Mrs Phelan.

Minutes of Meeting:

Q and A

Q: Can Movie Night be on a Friday in future?

A: There are advantage and disadvantages to every night of the week.

Movie Night was requested by the School Council and the Friday option will be considered if another one is held later in the year.

Q: Can breakfast club start earlier and can other clubs such as Martial Arts be added to the choice, as parents would be happy to pay the extra cost?

A. Mrs Kelly will investigate the possibility of adding other clubs. A letter will go out asking who would be interested if additional clubs become a possibility. However there will be additional costs to each of these possible additions, which may mean they are not viable.

Q: Some parents have requested more formal homework and others more booster type homework.

A: We feel that we have the right balance between the two approaches and will continue with the current system. There are lots of homework resources that can be accessed online via the VLE, so parents who want more can use our online resources and those who feel that there is too much homework have the choice of not doing the Brain Boosters. One thing that we must insist on is reading everyday for all ages.

Q: Why are pupils having to pay for workshops in school?

A:The school have had to cancel many trips because of the pandemic, so for some topics, we have opted for experts to come into school instead. These can be expensive, so we make sure that part of the cost is covered by the school and if anyone finds it difficult to pay, more financial help is available.

Q: 'Read With Me' has been welcomed back but parents would like an afternoon slot on another day for working parents.

A: This will be put to the class teachers for consideration. The afternoons are much shorter , so if there is enough time on the timetable, another session may be added - though not every week.

Q: Year 6 would like to visit the Harry Potter exhibition and have a sleepover as they missed both in Year 4.

A: It is extremely hard to get tickets for Harry Potter and also very expensive, so this trip will not be re- scheduled for Year 6, especially as trips are planned to go to PGL and Chessington Theme Park which are also costly. Also, PGL is like having four sleepovers, so should make up for the cancellation in Year 4 .

Q: Will work be provided for pupils isolating?

A: If your child is isolating and not ill, the class teacher will send work to do when the parent/carer have contacted the school to say their child is isolating. If your child is ill, they will not be expected to work.


Parents/carers with more than one child have asked for more detail and clarity in the texts, as it is not always clear which class the message is for. We are restricted in how many characters are in each text message so the messages can be very short.

Some parents/carers were confused about the performance of the choir at the Christmas Fair and would have liked more information about the event.

Request for Camp Night to be re-instated this Summer. If all COVID restrictions are lifted and the PTA are happy to organise the event - Camp Night will return!

A Year 5 parent praised the school for its excellent home learning package over their childrens' isolation. Thank you Ms Smith and Mr Thomas.

Save the Date - Year 1 Numeracy Champion Workshop for Parents /Carers


Learn how to support your children to develop positive attitudes towards maths.

As you may be aware, the school is working with the charity National Numeracy to encourage families to do maths together.

We know that maths can sometimes seem daunting, but engaging positively with children’s learning can make a big difference to both children’s and parents’ confidence with numbers.

Therefore, we are inviting all parents to a unique workshop run by National Numeracy which will be held at the school on Monday 21st February 2022 at 9:00 am in the Dining Hall.

The workshop is not a maths lesson, nor does it teach any maths, but is focused on fostering positive attitudes towards numeracy and tips for ensuring your children develop these too.

The session will cover the importance of maths in the real world, being positive about maths and how to boost your own number skills.

We would be delighted to welcome you to the session.

Tying Shoelaces


If you have to help your child/ren to put on their shoes and tie up their laces every morning, please consider what they are wearing on their feet when they come to school.

Please make sure shoes can be put on and taken off independently and if you think they are ready to wear laced shoes, please make sure that you spend time teaching them to do this on their own.

This is especially important with shoes for our Kingfisher pupils as it makes them very dependent on the supporting adults when putting on and taking off their shoes.


Here in the Nursery we are continuing our Winter theme. This week we have been learning all about Igloos and watching how they are constructed from blocks of ice.

Aisha has drawn her own igloo and then used small mosaics of polystyrene to build her Igloo. Great concentration, Aisha! It was more tricky than it looked!

Leyla has also made an ice-block Igloo using the polystyrene shapes. Leyla loved watching the huskies pulling the sledges and she laughed at the people in their furry coats and hats!! Great work, Leyla! You were so interested in the film we watched all about making Igloos in the snowy North.

Kingfisher Nursery

Kingfisher Nursery have had a brilliant week!

As we continued our Winter theme, this week we focused on nature in winter. We explored ice, breaking it and finding what's hiding inside! Children worked on painting ice with watercolour paints, exploring how the colours mixed and changed as the ice melted.

Children also worked on making their own penguin's using card. Teachers modelled it as pupils followed along. We added our penguins to our Winter display. Great work Kingfisher Nursery!


This week in Reception our learning has been about sticks! We have listened to the story of 'Stick Man' and enjoyed making our own stick men using sticks, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. We then wrote amazing speech bubbles for them and we remembered lots of language from the story. After discussing stick man floating from the stream into the sea, we investigated floating and sinking materials and even made predictions. In Maths we have used sticks to combine amounts, learning the vocabulary of addition. Later in the week we heard the story of 'Not a stick' and then came up with our own ideas of what our 'Not a Stick' is and included them in our drawings. Our 'Not a Sticks' were used as unicorn horns, broomsticks for flying, part of a fire and even a unicorn's horn!

A message about phonics: Please be aware that phonics groups/teachers change fairly often to keep up with the progress that the children are making. We are assessing their progress next week and so your child's group and teacher may change. All of the reading materials you need will be in your child's book bag and if you need any clarification please just ask :)

Miss Edwards group and Miss Knappetts group: f, e, l, sh, th

Miss Purse's group: sh, ch, th, qu, ng, nk

Ahmet - for fantastic work this week in phonics and writing based on the story of 'Stick Man'

Year 1

Year 1

Year 1 were inspired by the pop artists Britto, Rizzi and Kusama in Art this week! We even had a go at creating Kusama's famous polka-dot pumpkin with clay. In Maths, we continue to extend our knowledge of place value by comparing numbers within 50. In English, we are practising our story-teller voices. We are also trying very hard to remember our capital letters and full stops when we write our exciting sentences. Well done on another fantastic week!

Achievement awards this week go to Tiannah for her excellent work in phonics and Lola for her amazing Kusama inspired pumpkin.

Year 2

In Year 2 we have started our new History topic about transport and how transport has changed in our local area. We have been looking at photos of High Barnet outside Barnet Church from the past and discussing how the transport was different then. This week we have learnt about stagecoaches, trams and trolleybuses that were all used in Barnet before the buses we know now.

In English, the children have been very busy doing a 'big write' about the animation 'The Lone Robot' using conjunctions, expanded noun phrases and some words containing suffixes. They have been using emotive language to describe how the robot was feeling at the different stages of his journey. We are really proud of their hard work and amazing pieces of writing they have created!

In Maths, we spent another week looking at money. This time we focused more on making amounts using both pounds and pence, adding notes and coins practically as well as solving word problems about money and giving change.

This week the achievement award goes to Sufyan for his amazing effort in reading comprehension and to Georgie for her resilience and hard work in solving money problems in Maths.

Kingfisher 1

Another action packed week in Kingfisher 1. In English we continued to work on 'Goldilocks and the three bears.' The children reflected on her behaviour, wrote apology letters and made some delicious porridge.

Maths this week was all about multiplication and division. The children learnt about doubles and halves and counting in steps. They shared objects and solved problems.

In the afternoons the children enjoyed a variety of activities including cookery, swimming, dance and PE. I think we are ready for a rest this weekend!

This week the achievement award goes to Tobias for his excellent work in Maths with doubles and halves, well done!

Year 3

We have been loving art this week! We have talented artists in our class and it has been lovely to see their creativity. We have created two pieces of art, one inspired by Sonia Delaunay and the other by Frank Bowling. It is fair to say it has been messy week but the outcome has been outstanding and everyone has seemed to enjoy this topic.

In Maths, we have been learning different methods to divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers. We have drawn lots of different pictorial methods such as grouping, sharing, partitioning and repeated subtraction on a number line.

In English, we have been discussing informal language as our next big write is an informal letter informing a friend about our travels to an Egyptian tomb.

CGP Books

Maths- pages 24-25

English- pages 56-57

This week's awards go to Mario for his super behaviour in class and contributing to discussions and Elia for her beautiful handwriting and use of informal language in English.

Year 4

Year 4 have finally completed their two weeks of swimming and despite the disruptions, the children have all done brilliantly and demonstrated a fantastic attitude. They should all be extremely proud of themselves. It has been a pleasure to see them grow in confidence and become confident in the water.

A big thank you goes out to Mr Sudbury, Mrs Church, Miss Gordon, Ms Baldwin and Mrs Barton for all their help and support over the past two weeks with swimming!


Maths: page 26

English: page 22 and 23


This week's achievement award goes to the whole of Year 4 for their fantastic efforts with swimming! Well done!

Year 5

This week, we have been going history-mad with our new focus on the Viking invasions of Britain. The children have revised which groups of people have settled in Britain; how the Vikings invaded Britain and finally settled peacefully with the Anglo-Saxons; and some similarities and differences between how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings lived.

In Maths, we have started our unit on fractions and the children have shown a great understanding about what a fraction is and how to calculate equivalent fractions.

In English, they published their Beowulf narratives and started planning and researching an aspect of the Vikings for their non-chronological report writing.

Please can I remind parents that the children should be reading their library book everyday for homework, and completing their reading diaries. These are checked every Friday. Thank you!

CGP Books

Maths - page 28 (equivalent fractions)

English - pages 56-57 (apostrophes)

This week's awards goes to Despina for her excellent Beowulf narrative, and to Nate for his fantastic work on fractions - well done, you two!

Year 6

Year 6 have completed some fabulous writing this week using some beautiful figurative language creating fantastic imagery in the readers mind. We have been very impressed by how hard they've worked. In Maths, we have been working on decimals and move onto ratio next week before our assessments in week 6.

Our new topic is Art. We are looking at London landscapes while studying the landscapes created by Monet, Stephen Wiltshire and Anna Feldstead. The children will then create their own London landscape in the style of one of these artists. Y6 are already showing how artistic they all are so we look forward to the finished product!


This week's achievement awards go to Zack for his fantastic work in Art and Setayesh for constantly pushing herself in Maths! Well done!

Kingfisher 2

Over this week we have been looking at how to write non-chronological reports in English and exploring shape in Maths. The children have been using their properties to identify , name, make and draw 2-D shapes as well as learning about the features required to write reports, such as ‘Subheadings’, ‘Introductions’, focusing particularly on the correct use of present tense.

Well done to Jack, who gets the Achievement award this week. He has been a brilliant member of the class, always so kind and encouraging to his friends. We think you are fab!! Keep it up!


This week in Maths the children have been trying hard to build their understanding of multiplication and division. We worked on learning methods and solving word problems.

In English, the Year 5s and 6s have been writing their own playscripts and have enjoyed learning them off by heart and performing them.

The Year 4s have continued with their swimming lessons and have had a great time practising their skills.


This week's award goes to Jaydon for great work in multiplication. Well done!



This week we have had a fixture competition and a inter-house competition at Powerleague.

On Wednesday, we had our second fixture in the Barnet League against St.Catherines. It was a tense first half which ended 0-0. As soon as the second half started, our boys were off. The opposing school scored their first goal which was quickly followed by Qamarzada to make it even. Again, St.Catherines managed to score but it wasn't long until we started to attack again and Noah scored. The game ended 3-2 to St.Catherines, however, we have seen massive amounts of improvement from our team and we are very proud of how the game ended. Well done to Sinan, Freddie, Qamarzada, Matteo, Noah, Ged,Stephanos, Arbel and Tyler.

Thursday afternoon, children from after-school club were selected to represent Livingstone at a football competition where two teams played four matches each against other schools. It was our first competition playing against multiple schools and the children represented us fabulously. We couldn't be prouder of how they carried themselves on and off the pitch. They had a lot of fighting spirit which we loved and they played some great games. Out of the 8 games, we won 3 and drew 2 where we narrowly missed out on the semi-finals. Well done to Geethesri, Arbel, Zeynep, Hattie, Lois, Maisie, Kaitlin, Catherine, Katerina, Orpita, Keira, Lily.S and Chloe.

Diary Dates

January 2022

Monday 31st:

Netball match vs Churchill - 3.30 pm (Home)

February 2022

Wednesday 2nd:

Football match vs Sacred Heart - 3.30 pm (Home)

Monday 7th:

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

Activity Clubs for Spring 2 go online for booking at 8 am

Tuesday 8th:

KS2 Cross Country Competition

Wednesday 9th:

Girls Football match vs St. Catherines - 3.30 pm (Home)

Thursday 10th:

Year 6 PGL meeting for parents/carers and pupils (face to face)- 3:15 pm in Y6

Monday 14th - Friday 18th HALF TERM

Monday 21st:

Pupils return for Spring 2 term

Activity Clubs begin for Spring 2

Year 1 Numeracy Champion Workshop for Parents, 9:00 - 10:00 am in the Dining Hall

More dates will follow...

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