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June Week 4

catch up

It is very important to us that parents/carers feel reassured that we are doing everything possible to ensure all pupils are back on track, both educationally and emotionally. Here is an overview of our post lockdown action plan.

All the pupils were assessed when they returned in March after lockdown ended and we began the process of identifying where pupils were in terms of achieving National Expectations or above by the end of the academic year. Some pupils got back on track very quickly and others have needed more time.

We are currently running Catch-Up sessions before and after school for selected pupils across all year groups. These sessions last for approx. 20 minutes and run 3 days a week. We have also re-started Saturday School for pupils in KS2 who are working towards the SATs. Mr Madle is working as an additional teacher in Years 4 & 5 to help secure National Expectations for as many pupils as possible as well as enable the More Able to be stretched. Miss Papas is working in Year 3 to boost attainment across all abilities. Mrs Speed is working with groups in Year 6 to ensure pupils achieve Greater Depth in writing. Ms Kwan and Ms Grant are working with the More Able across the school in Maths and English.

As part of the Catch-Up programme, we are delivering ‘Talk Boost’ to our Nursery pupils and are now working to further develop language skills for pupils in KS1 via a Speech and Language programme designed by the Local Authority to address delayed language skills due to the school closures.

For the Summer 2 term, we have started the end of year Assessments. Pupils in Year 1 have completed the Phonics Screening, Year 4 have been tested on their times tables and those in Yr2 and Yr6 have worked on past SATs papers. All of these have happened without the stress of knowing they were being tested and all the pupils have performed well.

We are unable to report back on the test scores as they are unofficial but parents who see that the pupils have achieved National Expectations in their end of year report, will know that they will have achieved this as a result of their test scores.

We hope that this give you an accurate picture of our work and look forward to sending home the end term reports.


Leaving to have a little one!


There are different types of leave from work, but none are as magical as maternity leave and today is Mrs Speed's last day as she begins hers. We hope she gets plenty of rest before Baby Speed's arrival and enjoys every special moment of her baby break.

Mrs Speed, we look forward to congratulating you on the arrival of your new baby girl – we can’t wait to meet her! Mrs Papas is taking over Yr 6S on Tuesday as their class teacher until the end of term.


Become a Parent Champion!


What is a Parent Champion Volunteer?

They are parents just like you…

…who volunteer for a few hours a week, meeting other parents to tell them about local childcare, school and family services and home learning. As a parent, you can chat more informally and share information about your own positive experience about using local services.

When it comes to finding out about what is going on locally, parents are often the best people to help. You know all about those things that every parent needs to know- because you have experienced it! You can help others get the information and support they need, at the time they need it.

How does it work?

As a Parent Champion …

* You would talk with individuals or small groups about early learning, childcare and other services.

* You might set up information sessions for parents at community events.

* You could help parents to find further information and advice from a Family Information Service or children’s centre or accompany them for the first time to use local facilities.

You just need to be yourself and talk to people just like you’re another parent.

How do I volunteer?

Your Commitment

You would need to spare around 1-2 hours a week, for a minimum of six months. You should normally be able to fit it in around your family, study or other commitments.

A lot of your chatting to other parents is likely to happen when you are out in your local community. Parent Champions meet parents in all sorts of places, such as school playgrounds, markets, libraries and local playgroups.

It can benefit you too! As well as building your general confidence, you can use your volunteering experience to:

further your training or employment prospects;

make a change in your career; or

find out more about how to best support and help your own family

Livingstone School will help you by:

Weekly drop in meeting in the Cabin at Livingstone school on Wednesday morning from 9am to 10am;

Regular support from Parent Champion Co- Ordinators- Sarah Segal, Myra Papas

Access to computers, photocopiers, school professionals

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Champion, scan the QR code or click the link below to register your interest. Please complete all sections and click 'SUBMIT'.

Parent Champion Interest Form



In the Nursery we have been learning all about ocean animals. We especially loved learning about killer whales and sharks.

Ben is using charcoal to draw his own killer whale and Phoebe is using paint sticks in the outside area to draw this amazing "killer whale in the ocean". The children love doing their artwork outdoors. Awesome!


Although we were disappointed we couldn't go to the fire station last week, we were very excited to make our own fire with Mr. Sudbury on the school field. We had lots of fun toasting our marshmallows and making s'mores.

We have begun our favourite topic, Superheroes, this week. Reception have been very busy unlocking secret codes, writing riddles, dressing up, being scientists and discovering how to melt the ice to set our animals free from the Evil Lizard!

Our first achievement award goes to Musa for working so hard in phonics and blending with the sound cards. Our second achievement award goes to Liana for her incredible superhero riddle all about Ladybug.

Year 1

Year 1 have had a great week continuing their learning in History about Queen Elizabeth II and the role of a monarch. They have enjoyed learning about family trees, the coronation and other Kings and Queens from the past. They all loved having the opportunity to wear the crown and sit on the throne! In Maths, we have been working on numbers to 100, comparing, ordering and partitioning into tens and ones. What a successful week... Well done for all of your hard work!

This week the awards go to:

Stefi for making a great effort this week and always listening to instructions.

Year 2

This week, we have been studying pirates. We have created our own pirate character descriptions in English so this week we had our very own pirate day and what a day it was! We all dressed in character for the day and had a fabulous day learning pirate songs, playing games and having a pirate party in the afternoon. We all played pin the eye patch on the pirate, even Mr Madle and Mrs Phelan but Sonny was champion who got the eye patch directly in the pirates eye! In the afternoon, we made pirate sandwiches and decorated biscuits with icing based on pirate themes. A great day and a wonderful week based on pirates!

This week our award goes to the whole of Year 2 class for making their pirate day so special and fun! We all worked together as a team and had a really enjoyable day, well done Y2!

Kingfisher 1

Kingfisher have had another lovely week learning and playing!

In Maths, we learnt about how to use our knowledge of times tables to solve division calculation. Our younger pupils worked on dividing by sharing equally into groups of 2.

In English, we explored different emotions through the story 'Goodbye Mog'. The pupils used mirrors to identify their own emotions.

The pupils have enjoyed playing outside with water and sand, enjoying the welcomed change in weather!

This week's Kingfisher 1 achievement award goes to Calvin for his excellent multiplication and division skills

Year 3

Year 3 have worked exceptionally hard these past weeks to learn the grammar and writing style suited to newspaper articles. We have spent this week finishing our article and publishing it. Well done, Year 3!

In the afternoons, we have continued our D.T lessons focused on textiles where we used our sewing techniques to make a bookmark. Watch out for potential designers in the future as we have some excellent seamstresses!

This week's rewards go to Jaime for her excellent journalistic phrases and reported speech in her newspaper article and Rehan for his enthusiasm in maths and working hard.

Year 4

This week, Y4 concluded their investigation in Science, where they looked at how different liquids (water, milk, apple juice, orange juice and coke) impacted teeth. We used eggs to replicate human teeth as the shell has a similar enamel to our own teeth. They found out that liquids with a higher sugar content caused tooth decay to happen faster if teeth were not brushed twice a day for two minutes. An eye opening experiment.

On Thursday, year 4 took part in the Barnet Music Festival. Despite some technical issues causing delays, they waited patiently and sang beautifully when the time came. A huge thank you to Mrs Britton and Mrs Craddock for all their hard work preparing the children under challenging circumstances. An even bigger congratulations to all year 4 for their amazing performances. They should all be incredibly proud of themselves, we definitely are!

This week's achievement award goes to the whole of year 4 for their amazing performances at the Barnet Music Festival. Well done!

Year 5

After our 10-day return to home learning, the children were glad to be back - albeit a bit tired!

In Maths, they worked hard to reflect and translate 2-D shapes on a coordinates grid. In English, they planned their balanced arguments for next week and did some excellent partner-writing to practise their grammar and skills. They showed a good understanding in RE this week, where they looked for current global issues in Christian sources, like Bible quotes and parables, to explain how some Christians may feel about these issues in modern day.

We ended the week on a high with our trip to Hatfield House. Unfortunately, we were unable to enter Hatfield Palace, which was Queen Elizabeth I's childhood home and where she discovered she was the next queen of England. It didn't affect the children though; they had an excellent time finding out as much information as they could and asking questions. Their infectious enthusiasm and the sunny weather made our first - and last - trip of the year a successful one.

This week's awards go to Jamie and Ged - both for their fantastic behaviour during our Hatfield House trip. Jamie was very polite to the volunteers and was eager to do his neatest handwriting, and Ged's enthusiasm was lovely to see. Well done, boys!

Year 6

This week in Year 6 we have been working incredibly hard on our Year 6 production: 'Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better'. We are so grateful for Kate and Arlen who came in to film it for us and give it that professional sparkle! Thank you so much! We cannot wait for the rest of the school to see it.

We would also like to wish Mrs Speed all the best as she goes on maternity leave. We will miss her in Year 6 but we are looking forward to meeting baby Speed!

Year 6B Achievement Awards

This weeks achievement award is for every member of the wonderful 6B! They all worked incredibly hard for their performance and proved themselves to be wonderful entertainers.

Year 6L Achievement Awards

This week's achievement award goes to Jahsh who became an understudy for one of our characters but humbly took a step back when the character was back in school on Wednesday. The second award goes to Aiden who professionally and clearly delivered his lines in every rehearsal, performance and finale.

Year 6S Achievement Awards

This week's achievement award in 6S goes to the whole of 6S for their incredible attitudes, resilience and hard work during the Year 6 production. You have made us so proud and I'm sure some of you will end up on the West End one day!

Kingfisher 2

Kingfisher 2 went to Paradise Wildlife Park for their class trip this week. Luckily, the weather turned out well for us and we all had a great time. We enjoyed going on the mini train, seeing the animals and walking along the dinosaur trail. Our favourite animal was the lion which was pacing his enclosure right next to us and Zack taught us some of the names and interesting facts about the different dinosaurs.

This week's 'Achievement Award' goes to Zack. Zack had a great class trip and used photos of the day to write a lovely recount!


Nightingales have had a busy week, been working really hard and helping each other out.

In Maths we have been learning how to solve multiplication problems, starting the week by using repeated addition to do multiplication and ended it with drawing our understanding of word problems.

In English, we have been focusing on writing a chronological report based on a topic of choice, including editing our work and adding a helpful diagram.

We have practised our spellings on the Nessy Spelling and Ready programme in early morning work,

The award this week goes to Josh, who worked independently on his report about football.

Sports Festival

We are so happy at Livingstone that sports have resumed and a sense of sport normality is back in our lives! On Thursday 24th June, we were lucky to have external coaches, who help with all of our inter-school competitions, deliver a circuit of activities. Children from Reception to Y6 took back in carousel to take part in a range of activities from golf, cricket and athletics. It was a fabulous day filled with enthusiasm, action and laughter.

Y3/4 Football

It was time for our Year 3s and 4s to make their football debut and last week they came out with a bang! Our girls and boys represented our school against Foulds Primary School. It was a thrilling match for both teams where the children demonstrated excellent skill, cooperation and team spirit. Sadly, the boys lost, however, two excellent goals were scored and we were triumphant with the girls match as they won 4-1. We are extremely proud of everyone who played. Thank you to all the parents/carers who came to support us.

Summer Fun at PQA

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Diary Dates

July 2021

Monday 5th:

Years 5 and 6 Sports Day at 2 pm on the School Field

Year 6 Swimming course begins (see letter that has been sent for more details)

Tuesday 6th:

EYFS and KS1 Multi-cultural Dance Day - pupils to wear PE kits to school

Wednesday 7th:

Years 1 and 2 Sports Day at 2 pm on the School Field

Thursday 8th:

Reception Graduation Film (this will be available to view on the VLE)

KS2 Multi-cultural Dance Day - pupils to wear PE kits to school

Friday 9th:

Years 3 and 4 Sports Day at 2 pm on the School Field

Thursday 15th:

Nursery AM Sports Day at 11 am on the School Field

Nursery PM Sports Day at 2.30 pm on the School Field

Reception Sports Day at 2 pm on the School Field

Friday 16th:

Activity Clubs finish for Summer 2 / End of Term

Tuesday 20th:

Summer Book Giveaway KS1 and KS2 playground - 3.00 - 3.30 pm

Wednesday 21st:

Year 6 Leavers Prom and BBQ (outdoor event)

Thursday 22nd:

End of Term - School finishes for Summer Holidays / No Cabin Club

Friday 23rd:

INSET Day (School Closed)

August 2021

Wednesday 4th, 11th and 18th:

Rec - Year 5 'Keep in Touch' Summer School 9 am - 12.30 pm

Pupils return for the new academic year on Wednesday 1st September 2021.

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