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Livingstone Primary and Nursery School Pupil Newsletter

March Week 4

Friday 25th March

Year 6 School Journey

Just before the Easter holiday, Year 6 will be going to PGL (Activity site in the Isle of Wight!). All of us can't wait! The objective of this visit is to increase children's independence and provide opportunities for children's social and/or emotional development. This also gives opportunities for outdoor activities that may not usually be available at school and it also develops new team-building and problem-solving skills. Throughout the week, the children will be encouraged to have a go at different activities so that means while having lots of fun they can also learn new skills! Double win! We hope that every child in Year 6 enjoy!

- Lily.M Yr6


Autism Acceptance Week


This year Autism Acceptance Week is being held on the 28th of March. We help autistic kids join in with different activities. The month April is Autism Acceptance month. People celebrate this to help autistic people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They will learn lifesaving skills and many more things outside their comfort zone. They will be participating in lots of activities during the week. Teachers are organising lots of things for them to do during Autism Acceptance Week to help all of us learn and have fun!

- Katerina Y5 :)

PTA Spring Fun Day

On the 11th of March the PTA arranged a spring fun day. Before talking about this event, a massive round of applause to all parents who helped make this event happen. All pupils enjoyed this fair especially the massive, funky disco dome located in the middle of the hall (a cave shaped bouncy castle with a colourful disco ball in it). There were many fun and a lot of free activities for the children who had no money . All children loved the face painting and tattoo stalls as well as decorating biscuits and bird feeders as well as redeeming our self's by making stress balls. We have raised a lot of money in this fair. Half of the money is going to help Ukraine in the war, and half is going to the PTA for more exciting and fun events.

We could not have done this massive event without the help of our PTA :D

- Orpita Yr5 :)

Environmental Lessons


From February, as part of our Wednesday creative curriculum, Mr Sudbury, our school site manager, had created an 'Environmental Studies' lesson for all classes. This lesson gives our children a better understanding about the use of energy and the environment. We try to teach our children about the cost, amount of energy you use in everyday life and how to take care of our surroundings. Every so often when the weather improves, we go on a journey around the area litter picking, protecting our local environment.

- Lois Y5

Assemblies this term by Matteo

Over the last two terms we had cultural capital assemblies hosted by Mr Madle. This term we have learnt about Bob Marely who is our musician for this term. He was a reggae artist and he died with cancer at the age of 36 but was hugely inspirational. He was born in Jamaica. Malorie Blackman is our author, she was born in London but her family come from Barbados. Barrington Watson is our artist. He originated from Jamaica. His style of painting is oil painting. Our architect for this term is Sir David Adjoye, he is most famous for the Smithsonian building in the USA. Our sports person this term is Anthony Joshua ( boxer). He is from Finchley and is a two time heavy weight champion.

Thank you Mr Madle for organising these assemblies. Knowledge is Power!

- Matteo Yr5

Down Syndrome Awareness


Down syndrome is a condition that effects 1 in 700 births, a lot of children are diagnosed with it when they are born. Down syndrome is usually associated with physical growth delays, which can effect peoples lives. This does NOT mean people who are diagnosed with down syndrome can't drive or qualify for a job, they are just as capable as we are in lots of different ways! For example people like Zack Gottsagen an American actor, who had a famous role in the film The Peanut Butter Falcon. And now, look how far he has come, he has got awards for being such a great actor with down syndrome. We enjoyed learning more about the condition in this week's assembly which showed us anything is possible!

- Hattie Y5

Year 6 Dance Festival by Athena


On Wednesday 9th of March 2022, Year 6 participated in the dance festival which took place at the Arts Depot. This is an occasion when all Barnet schools can show their fabulous dance skills. We preformed to the song ‘I'm a believer’ by the Monkeys. We had been practicing our routine with Hannah - our dance teacher- every Wednesday since the beginning of the spring term.

On this day, we practiced in the main hall until lunch. After lunch, year 6 had to leave for the Arts Depot. When we arrived, we were shown to our changing rooms. We then had the opportunity to practice on stage before our big performance! But not before Diane tied all the girls hair up in pig tails and Mrs Phelan painted our faces!

It was a fantastic feeling when the audience cheered us on as each school took to the stage one last time for the finale. It was both fun and scary at the same time. But don’t worry, everyone that participated had a BLAST!

- Athena Yr6

Yr 6 parents will have the opportunity to see the dance in the Yr 6 production in the Summer Term... so exciting!



Girls vs Sacred Heart. We got into the final!

Do you want to hear about Livingstone girls against Sacred Heart Primary School, well if you do keep reading. Both teams played really well but... we won (1-0)! It was really hard for both teams since we were playing in the rain on the muddy field, it was also a really tough match since the score was only 1-0. Maisie scored the goal but Lois did a amazing cross and assisted her. Everyone played their best and should be proud of them self because we are in the FINAL against Christ Church, which will be very tough.

- Maisie Y6


The Mixed Football Team played St Johns. It was a brilliant performance and Quarmazarda and Maisie scored the goals.

Runny Red Nose Day


Red Nose day is a day where you can raise some money for a charity called Comic Relief. In 1988 was the first Red Nose day where at least £19m were raised...WOW. The reason behind this weird day is because the Comic Relief charity wanted people to do something silly or at least funny so then it can raise money for the children in need!

Last Friday was so much fun. We all ran the 'running nose course' around the field. There was dodgeball, water pistols and cargo nets. We all paid £1 to run a lap and we raised £450!

- Emmanuel Yr6

New Afterschool Club Timetable - Summer 1


We have a club for most preferences, like multi-sports, tag rugby, art, yoga and dance, along with the school favourites, netball and football (we're still holding on for that video game club video game club though!).

Our clubs can easily beat most other schools; Mr Thomas and Mr Madle's football training has won the girls team every match this season! Hip Hip Hooray for us!

With a new term, comes some new changes to after school clubs! Our club timetable for the Summer term welcomes the return of Spanish with Miss Papas, also Athletics and a new Ball/Field Games club in replace of Multi-sports (3 and 4), Football (5 and 6) and Netball. Please see the timetable below for more information on the days all clubs are running....there have been changes!

Our new Ball and Field Games club will include activities such as Rounders, Kwik Cricket and Dodgeball to name a few.

Athletics and Tag Rugby for Years 5 and 6 will remain free clubs as these will be for the purpose of training for upcoming tournaments. All other clubs will cost £4.00 per session, multiplied by the number of weeks they are running for.

You can book online as usual from Monday 28th March at 8am for Summer 1.

- Victor and Joel Y6


For health and safety purposes, please ensure children have the appropriate wear for physical activity clubs. PE kits consisting of t-shirt, shorts/jogging bottoms, sweatshirt, trainers are appropriate.

Children attending Football Club must have shin pads. They can wear football boots but these must be ‘moulded’ and not ‘studs'.

EYFS Chicken Shed Workshop


The EYFS (Nursery and Reception) had a workshop in the hall with Chickenshed Theatre! There, they did activities like using puppets, acting and more.

Now, The Chickenshed (in Barnet) perform acts in front of massive audiences. They have done so many performances and have brought together different people. So, Nursery and Reception are super lucky to have this wonderful experience. Thank you to Kate and her team who brought stories like Giraffe's Can't Dance, Going on a Bear Hunt and the Tigon and Liger to life for our EYFS pupils.

- Aiden Yr5


Maths Impact Meetings

This term Reception to Yr6 parents and their children took part in Maths Impact with their class to learn about the different resources the children use to calculate different questions.

Reception and Year 1 looked at how to use ten frames and numicon for addition and subtraction.

Year 2 used Dienes for addition, subtraction and to solve reasoning problems. The teachers gave parents practical tips on how to do maths around the house.

Year 3 used Dienes and place value counters to build numbers, to add numbers and to compare numbers.

Year 4 looked at using different resources such as dienes, place value counters and bar models to calculate a range of different problems.

Year 5 and Year 6 used place value counters to divide and used bar models to calculate problems.

KF1, Nightingales and KF2 teachers also ran sessions which were really well attended.

Everyone who took part worked extremely hard to work out the different problems and calculations they were told to do. It is amazing that parents and pupils get to work together to understand how to succeed in Maths. Thank you to Miss Kwan for organising all the resources!

- Catherine Yr5

Brain Boosters by Freddie

In the school we have Brainboosters (homework) which we hand in on the last week of term every term. We normally get a certificate for the work we did. Brainboosters were implemented to help us learn more. Brainbooster grids are designed to enrich learning, you can do fun activities such as cooking, drawing, doing outdoor activities and more. Some of the activities are writing about what you have learned and also some creative writing which you can write freely. Check out the story boxes in the pictures, they are amazing!

- Freddie.K Y6:)

Well Done Georgie!


Georgie had over 6 inches of her hair cut off so that it could be made into a wig for the Little Princess Trust. She has raised over £300! Well done Georgie!

Yr 1 and Yr 2 trip to Culture Palace Book shop


Year 1 and Year 2 went on a trip to Culture Palace Book Shop in Enfield run by Renuka's (Yr 3) family. There they met the Illustrator Fiona Lumbers and even got a signed book. A brilliant trip and thank you to Mrs Segal for organising.

Diary Dates

Monday 28th:

  • Autism Awareness Week
  • Activity Clubs for Summer 1 go online for booking

Thursday 31st:

  • Activity Clubs finish for Spring 2
  • Year 5 Easter Assembly

April 2022

Friday 1st:

  • End of Term, school finishes at 2 pm - No Cabin Club or Yoga Club
  • Year 6 return from School Journey.

EASTER HOLS Monday 4th April - Monday 18th April 2022

Monday 18th:

  • Bank Holiday - School Closed

Tuesday 19th:

  • Summer 1 term begins - Pupils Return
  • No Activity Clubs this week - Cabin and Breakfast Club as normal.
  • Year 6 SAT's Practice Week

Monday 25th:

  • Activity Clubs begin for Summer 1

May 2022

Monday 2nd May:

  • Bank Holiday - School Closed

Friday 6th May:

  • Class Photos

Monday 9th:

  • Year 6 SATs Week

Monday 16th:

  • Year 3 Swimming Lessons begin - everyday for 2 weeks
  • Year 3 Road Safety Workshop - PM

Monday 23rd:

  • Science Week
  • Activity Clubs for Summer 2 go online for booking.

Thurday 27th:

  • Founders Day

Friday 28th:

  • End of Summer 1 term - School finishes at normal time for Half Term.
  • Activity Clubs finish for Summer 1
  • HALF TERM Monday 30th May - Friday 3rd June 2022

June 2022

Monday 6th:

  • Summer 2 term begins - Pupils return to school
  • Phonics Screening Check Week
  • Activity Clubs begin for Summer 2

More dates will follow...

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