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May Week 4


Friday 28th May

We have had such a fantastic first half of the Summer term!

The pupil's learning over the last six weeks has been filled with endless amounts of fun and engaging activities; curricular and extra-curricular. There are too many highlights of this half of the term to mention and everyone's most favourite would probably vary.

The end of such a positive Summer 1 has left us looking forward to an exciting Summer 2 term with more class trips being arranged thanks to the easing of COVID restrictions as well as the re-introduction of football fixtures. Keep checking our diary dates in our weekly newsletter as new events are being regularly added.

We would like to wish all of our families a lovely half term next week and thank you all for your continuous support. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday 7th June 2021.


There is no Brain Booster homework for KS1.

KS2 Brain Booster homework for Summer 2 is being sent to your child's email on Teams or published on the VLE.

If you are going abroad at half term...


With half term upon us and summer holidays being planned, Barnet Public Health strongly support the Government’s advice on travel within the UK and overseas.

Travel and quarantine

All pupils travelling to back to England must adhere to government travel advice and quarantine on their return.

You MUST call the office to inform us that you and your family are isolating or are in quarantine because you have travelled abroad.

Nursery - Please share with all your friends and family!


Year 6 School Journey to PGL on the Isle of Wight

We didn't think that it would be possible at the beginning of 2021 but are delighted that Year 6 finally got to go to the Isle of Wight this week for their adventure packed school journey.

Feeling blessed and extremely excited, pupils arrived to school at 7am Monday morning to get on the coach and wave goodbye to their parents. The short ferry ride from Portsmouth ensured they arrived at a rather wet Fishbourne, although this did not dampen anyone's spirits.....After finding out which rooms and groups they would be in, the week of activities began. They got to immerse all their energy in activities such as archery, wall climbing, den building, obstacle courses, dragon boating and the big swing to name a few. In the evenings, after the last activity of the day, everyone could wind down with a nice hot chocolate and some biscuits before bedtime.

Luckily, the weather even got better as the week went on with the sun making a very welcome appearance on Wednesday.

Year 6 are always a credit to Livingstone but this week they have developed resilience, independence, teamwork, communication with others and had lots of fun!

Thank you to Miss Breen, Miss Lax, Mrs Church, Mrs Armstrong, Mr Madle and Mrs Phelan who have worked tirelessly through the week to make this trip possible.

Skipping Challenge

It is the annual skipping challenge! It was up to Years 2 and 4 to jump their way to victory this week to complete in the Barnet skipping challenge. Scores have been submitted to Barnet Partnership for School Sport to collate the results and we will find out shortly which Barnet school won. Fingers crossed for Livingstone!


The Nursery children loved the Country Dancing last Friday. We had to dance in circles, clap our hands to the music and bow to each other! Isaac was a star, doing his own country dancing in the middle of the group.

Wow! Ben is really enjoying helping to paint the letters for our Hungry Caterpillar display. Excellent concentration!


Reception continue to explore the life cycles of caterpillars, tadpoles, stick insects and plants in our nature corner. We have enjoyed learning our teen numbers, drawing sunflowers, writing our own information books and learning how to travel in different ways in P.E.

Well done on a fantastic half-term Reception!

Achievement awards this week go to Tiannah for learning so many new sounds at school and at home! And Denislav for being helpful and always trying his best.

Year 1

This week in Art, Year 1 have been learning about Van Gogh and his work on sunflowers. Our topic is Plant Art which has made use of the wonderful display of plants that we have in the classroom linked to our learning in Science. The children have created some masterpieces using watercolour paints and oil pastels. We have learnt how to sketch carefully and use different materials to complete observational drawings. Well done Year 1!

This week's awards go Junior for excellent progress in phonics and Skye for showing fantastic problem solving skills in Maths. Well done!

Year 2

This week in maths we have been learning about capacity. We have been working practically comparing capacity between different containers and finding out how much containers hold. We even measured out our very own punch!

In English we have been reading the book Handa's surprise and we are writing a diary entry about Handa's journey to her friends house. We role played this story this week to help us say out sentences out loud before our writing.

We have started a new science unit on plants and have spent time looking around our school and our local area at the different plants we can find. We noticed there are not too many flowers out at the moment but we found many buds that we will observe in the next few weeks as the sun comes out! We also spent time observing different seeds from fruits and vegetables and we all found the passion fruit seeds very interesting!

This weeks achievement awards go to Anastasia for her excellent role play in Handa's Surpirse, really taking on the role of the character and to Sonny for his fantastic observations of plants when looking around our local area and his interest in different seeds.

Kingfisher 1

Kingfisher have had a great end to the half-term!

In Maths, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes. We explored the properties of different shapes and some of our pupils went on a shape hunt around the school to see different shapes in our environment.

In English, we have been learning about aspects of poems. We have focused on animal poems and used our knowledge of adjectives and verbs to complete our own rhyming poems.

This week's Kingfisher 1 achievement award goes to Bilal for brilliant engagement and effort in all of his work this week!

Year 3

This term Year 3 children have been learning about 'Le Petit Chaperon Rouge' tale. This week we story-mapped the traditional Tale of Little Red Riding Hood by adding French key words and phrases from the book. We also focused on body parts and we created flexible rabbits to help us remember the names of body parts in French (le bras, le pied, le ventre, les genoux, les yeux, les oreilles,etc.)

In English, we have been learning about figurative language to create a free verse poem about the sea. We have taken inspiration from animals to describe the ocean. We hope you like them!

This week's rewards go to Emily for her brilliant poem which included a range of figurative language

Year 4

This week year 4, have been learning about the real world skill of how to tell the time! We have focused on past and to the hour, telling the time to the nearest minute, am and pm and 24-hour. It's been a challenge, but we are cracking it day after day.

We have finally come to the end of creating our own myths. They have been engaged and enthusiastic throughout the writing journey and have done themselves proud. They are incredible; we can't to share them with you.

Their passion and love for reading this term has blown us away, being able to share one of our favourite series of books with them and watch them be captivated by the story is amazing! Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.

This week's achievement award goes to Alex for his powerful and descriptive writing, and to Zach for focusing on his presentation and taking his time to complete his tasks. Well done!

Year 5

This week, Year 5 have become engineers; in pairs, they've been designing and building their own motorised vehicles to race at the end of the day, using their woodwork and circuitry skills. The cars work because of a pulley that is battery-powered; the pulley rotates and causes the wheels to turn, moving the car forward. The children have been so enthusiastic about the project and we can't wait to see which vehicle wins!

In English, they've worked incredibly hard in their writing about 'The Highwayman', where they've written a scene from the poem as a narrative - some have even been challenged further to write their own alternative endings. Their creativity has blown the adults away.

In Maths, the children have been learning about different types of angles and their measurements. I was very impressed that most of them could use a protractor after only one lesson!

It's been a fantastic last week of this half term, and I can't wait to see what the last half term in Year 5 has in store for us all.

Miss Smith.

This week's awards go to Sinan for his effort in our editing lesson, and to Joel, whose writing truly blew us away - well done, boys!

Kingfisher 2

Another busy week in Kingfisher 2!

Maths has been all about consolidating our previous learning, we revised multiplication, division and fractions this week. They used apparatus then progressed to written methods. The children were amazing!

In English we are ending our report writing topic with a report about the life cycle of a butterfly. The standard of writing has been excellent and hopefully when we return after half term we will see beautiful butterflies emerging.

This week's achievement award goes to Arin for his fabulous clay pot. He concentrated beautifully and produced a lovely piece.


This week in Nightingales we have been learning about representing data. The children have used online programmes to help them make pictograms and bar graphs on the computers.

In English, the children independently wrote some excellent simile poems based on the beautiful picture book 'Rain before rainbows'.

This week's award goes to Josh for incredible sorting during Maths and he was able to tell us that animals that live both in the water and land are called amphibians. Well done Josh!

Year 6

We have had a very exciting week this week in Year 6 back at Livingstone. We have had great fun playing games involving co-ordinates, studying a text about a plane crash in the Rainforest and completing amazing art work based on the World War 2 planes we saw at the RAF museum. As well as that trip, we were also lucky enough to go to mini golf, the woods and Trent Park!

Year 6 Achievement Awards for Children at School

This week, the achievement award goes to Taif - he has been such a pleasure to teach. He has shown enthusiasm throughout all of our trips and great independence. Well done! The second achievement goes to Intisam for being such a ray of sunshine: she has been so helpful, enthusiastic and kind. Great job!

Forest School Nestlings

For the last couple weeks we have been keeping a close eye on our Blue Tit nestlings that hatched and settled in to our forest school bird box. Pupils have enjoyed seeing 'Mummy' flying back and forth to her babies with food. Such an incredible experience for us to watch and capture nature at its most nurturing!

The nestlings are almost fully grown....Blue Tit chicks typically fledge when they are 18 - 21 days old so it won't be long before they fly the nest and leave home!

Olivia in Year 2 has created a wonderful sketch of our nestlings from the videos. She has drawn in great detail demonstrating her brilliant observational skills.


Yoga Club Presentation


Pupils of Yoga Club have been making a lot of progress and we are certain they would agree that it is so much nicer being back together in the main hall to carry out their practice.

They have been learning how to focus and centre themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques. They have also been building on self- respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, lots of yoga games, breathing and basic anatomy.

We usually celebrate their achievements with a family yoga session at the end of each term where parents/ carers can also participate alongside their child, however due to COVID restrictions this has not been possible. Instead, our lovely yoga teacher Kate arranged for the children's progress to be filmed and shared. This beautiful video demonstrates just how much the children love yoga and the wonderful benefits it can have on physical and mental well-being.

Many thanks to everyone involved for the production of the video!

Credits: Kate Orr, Arlen Figgis, Felix Figgis and the Pupils of Yoga Club

Diary Dates

Half Term: Monday 31st May - Friday 4th June

June 2021

Monday 7th:

Summer 2 term begins - pupils return to school

Activity Clubs begin this week

Tuesday 8th:

Year 3 Egyptian Workshop - Cost is £9.00, please pay via School Money

Friday 11th:

Year 4 Camp Night - Cost £1.00, please pay via School Money

Tuesday 15th:

Year 5/6 girls and boys Football match v Foulds School - Home 3pm

Friday 18th:

Year 6 visit to Trent Park

Father's Day Stall

Monday 21st:

Year 3 Trip to Southend onSea - Cost is £5.00, please pay via School Money

Tuesday 22nd:

Year 3/4 girls and boys Football match v Foulds School - Home 3pm

Friday 25th:

INSET Day - school closed

Monday 28th:

Year 6 filming show - all week

Year 3 Trip to Southend on Sea (back-up date)

July 2021

Thursday 1st:

Year 4 Barnet Music Festival

Monday 5th:

Year 2 Trip to Clacton on Sea (more details to follow)

Tuesday 6th:

Reception Graduation - 9am (more details to follow)

Thursday 8th:

Reception Graduation - 9am (more details to follow)

Monday 12th:

Year 2 Trip to Clacton on Sea (back-up date)

Friday 16th:

Activity Clubs finish for Summer 2 / End of Term

Thursday 22nd:

End of Term - School finishes for Summer Holidays

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