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November Week 4

Friday 26th November

COVID Updates

At the beginning of term we had hoped to follow the DFE recommendations which permitted pupils to come into school even if they had been exposed to the virus, as long as they tested negative. However, based on cases increasing in schools, this recommendation was recently amended by our local authority, as over time it was noted that the biggest risk to the spread of COVID was the exposure to the virus in the family home. Therefore, following Barnet Health recommendations, though we would not close the class for a small number of cases (fewer than 10% or 3/4 cases), in line with this new guidance, we are asking that pupils with a family member testing positive and living in the same home to stay off school and isolate in order to limit the spread.

At the moment we only have two positive cases, but we do have several pupils at home because parents and siblings have tested positive. We are asking you to help us keep the numbers as low as possible by ensuring that symptoms are monitored and that children are kept off school and tested as soon as possible. Please remember that we have some very vulnerable pupils and staff. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any new cases via text and would be grateful if you contact the school with any information regarding COVID.

Years 1, 2 and 3 Christmas Show – ‘The Angel Who Nearly Missed It All.’


The Christmas Show is fast approaching and the children and staff have been working very hard in rehearsals.

For health and safety reasons, we have allocated specific days for each year group and each families will be issued with 2 tickets per show next week. We will be filming the Christmas show for those unable to attend.

The performances will take place on these dates so please make sure you save the date for your child’s year group.

Year 1 - Friday 10th December 1:45 pm

Year 2 - Monday 13th December 9:00 am

Year 3 - Tuesday 14th December 9:00 am

Admission will be by ticket only, please be on time and please wear a mask. We cannot let adults in who do not have a ticket. After the show, there will be our usual Christmas charity collection for a local charity.

Christmas Events and End of Term


Here is the information for the forthcoming Christmas events:

Friday 3rd:

Santa Visit in School followed by the Christmas Fair

Choir performing at 2.45pm at the opening of the Christmas Fair for families to join us.

Lots of activities to do - Games, Tombola, Music and Food Stalls for families to enjoy

Thursday 9th:

Nursery PM and Reception Christmas Songs to parents/carers - 2.30 pm - outdoor event - dress for all weather

Friday 10th:

Nursery and Reception Christmas songs to parents/ carers - 9.10 am -outdoor event -dress for all weathers!

Christmas Jumper Day with £1 donation to Save the Children (optional)

Christmas Show to Year 1 parents/carers only @ 1.45 pm - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Monday 13th:

Christmas Show to Year 2 parents/carers only @ 9 am - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Tuesday 14th:

Christmas Show to Year 3 parents/carers only @ 9 am - Entry by ticket only (2 allocated per family). Please wear a mask.

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 class parties - no donations required

Wednesday 15th:

Christmas Dinner Day - if your child usually brings a packed lunch but you would like them to have the Christmas dinner please book online via School Money.

Thursday 16th:

Church Christmas Celebration for Rec - Year 6. Unfortunately this year we cannot have parents/ carers attending due to the limits on numbers. Please let the school know if you do not wish your child/ren to attend this event.

Years 1 and 2 class parties -no donations required

Friday 17th:

School finishes for Autumn term at 2 pm - No Cabin Club

House Captains


This is a Livingstone first! We asked the Year 6's to apply to become House Captains for the Green, Yellow, Red and Blue teams. For this position, the pupils had to show positive attitudes, good communication skills and demonstrate how they would be a good role model to others around the school. Congratulations to Lily Smith and Stephanos (Green), Tyler and Maxxilia (Blue), Charlie and Athena (Yellow) and, Kiera and Noah (Red).


Nursery have been acting out the story of The Rainbow Fish. They selected a mask to cut out and all joined in with retelling the story together.

Kingfisher Nursery

Kingfisher Nursery have had a fantastic week!

The pupils have continued exploring 'The Rainbow Fish'. We role-played key events in the story and looked at the different creatures. We ventured to the pond area to look for fish and minibeasts in the bug house.

During our speech therapy session, the children enjoyed playing parachute games singing songs with actions. We also looked at the colours of the parachute and some pupils enjoyed following this with painting fish pictures using the colours from the parachute.


Another busy week in Reception class! We have been reading The Tiger Who Came To Tea and have enjoyed lots of different activities around this theme. We have learnt to take care of 'fragile' things by using the china tea set and the importance of treating our equipment and toys carefully. The writing has been amazing this week: we have had shopping lists for if a tiger pops by, menus for the cafe and labelling pictures of how much the greedy tiger ate! In Maths we have continued with shapes, in particular circles and triangles...see if you can spot these out and about or at home! We spotted circle targets on the trees whilst on our walk in the woods... and after discussing the changes between Autumn and Winter, we had lots of fun throwing leaves, cleaning each other off and then making leaf kebabs!

Sami - for an excellent effort and improvement in writing his name

Diane - for a great effort in phonics and writing and taking extra care with her handwriting

Year 1

Year 1 continued to explore the great British weather in Science this week and learnt all about animals who migrate, adapt or hibernate in preparation for Winter. We continue to learn Set 2 and 3 sounds and we are using our story-teller voices in our Read Write Inc lessons. I wonder if the children can show off their story teller voices at home too!

In Maths, we explored how to find the difference between two numbers. Please remember to bring back your National Numeracy Homework book every Wednesday. Keep up the great work, Year 1!

This week's achievement awards go to Oliver for his excellent partner work whilst finding the difference between two numbers and to Dilan for joining in our rehearsal for the Christmas show.

Year 2

This week Year 2 have been working hard in Science and we have completed another fun experiment comparing how stretchy different size elastic bands are! We each had a thick band and a thin band attached to a bag and we filled the bag with as many marbles as we could. We observed the two different bands and found that the thin band stretched the most because it had more elasticity. We really enjoyed this experiment.

Some of us in English have been retelling the beginning part of story of Giraffes Can't Dance. We have been focusing on using noun phrases in our writing and we are looking forward to publishing this piece of writing. In Maths, we have started exploring multiplications using arrays and repeated addition which we will continue next week.

This week our first achievement award goes to Ryann for her excellent retell of Giraffes Can't Dance using fantastic description in her writing.

The second award is for Kevin for his wonderful conclusion he wrote in Science for the experiment we had.

Kingfisher 1

What fun we have had in Kingfisher 1 this week learning all about Dragons! The children have been describing, creating and role-playing.

In Maths, the children have been working on subtracting using objects, pictures and number lines. They have all worked very hard.

The children have been busy learning the songs and dance routines for their Christmas show, We are sure you will be very impressed with their performances.

This week's award goes to Georgie for her improved writing, well done!

Year 3

In Maths, we have started a new topic; Multiplication and Division. This week we have focused on recalling our 3, 4 and 8 times table. We have practised drawing lots of/groups, arrays and repeated addition to work out multiplication number sentences.

We are continuing learning a variety of punctuation for our narrative in English. Year 3 have listened extremely well in class to understand all of the steps to success involved when writing direct speech. We can't wait for our big write in the next upcoming weeks!

In the afternoons, we have been carrying on with our show practice but we have managed to squeeze some Science in! The children are excellent identifiers and classifiers when it comes to grouping animals. We learnt about the diets of a variety of animals and grouped animals into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. In addition, we have been continuing with our weekly music lessons. The recorders are still a massive hit!

CGP Books

Maths - pages 22-23

English -pages 53-61


This week's awards go to Zofia for her fabulous sentences with direct speech and Zephan for his positive attitude across all subjects in class this week.

Year 4

In Year 4 this week, we have started our new topic multiplication and division. We have focused on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. The children have applied themselves excellently and demonstrated a good understanding.

In English, we have continued reading our book 'Into the Forest' which meant we finally got to find out what happens at the end of our story. The children have shown great enthusiasm and willingness to learn all about how to create suspense in their writing.

In Art, we have entered the making stage of our mosaics. They have all been working hard to map out and glue their mosaics ready to grout next week. Pictures pending :)


Maths: pg 22

English: pg 36-37


This week's achievement awards go to Kayce for his excellent work in Maths, and to Sophia for her determination whilst mapping out her mosaic on card.

Year 5

This week, Year 5 have been learning about prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers, and they've shown a good understanding of what these are. We have our assessments next week, so hopefully they'll remember the tips and tricks they've learned.

In English, the children are very enthusiastic about our next piece of writing - a persuasive advert on a topic of their choice. They have analysed examples of persuasive writing and planned their own piece, researching on laptops. I can't wait to read all about Azuma trains, Minecraft, Roblox, Sherlock Holmes and Anime!

In Science, they have learned about dissolving. They now know that dissolving means when a substance mixes with a liquid to make a solution, and substances that dissolve are soluble. They completed two experiments about it.

CGP Books:

Maths pages 16-17 (square and cube numbers)

English pages 21-22 (conjunctions)

The first award goes to Hattie for tackling difficult problems in Maths, and the second award goes to Jack D for being focused in all lessons - well done, you two!

Year 6

It has been another great week in Year 6! The children have continued to impress us with applying the difficult fraction concepts they have been taught, such as finding the value of the whole amount if they only know a fraction of it. In English, they have been doing drama and writing some show not tell sentences in preparation for a diary entry - we have some very able actors in Y6 - very dramatic! Also, in DT, the children finally put all their planning into action as they made their sensor activated lights - what a success they were!!

This week's achievement awards go to Lily M for her imaginative writing using excellent phrasing and Joel for his perseverance during Maths this week and really applying his problem solving skills until he got the right answer. Well done, both of you!

Kingfisher 2

In English this week we have been retelling the traditional tale ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ through role-play.

Each child had their own character and did a fantastic job practising their parts. The children then acted out the story using props.

They have also looked at using speech bubbles and writing direct speech as well as using fronted adverbials in sentences.

Our new topic for Maths is Position and Direction. The children have enjoyed exploring left and right by playing ‘Twister’ and had fun giving and following instructions using a blindfold. They have been using positional and directional language to describe position, moving on to look at movements and turns.

Well done to Zack for the Achievement Award this week!

He has made great progress lately and has been impressing Mrs Peyre during his reading sessions each morning.

Zack is always well behaved, a great role model for the other children and always tries his best.


In Nightingales this week we have been completing our independent big writing task. We wrote diaries in role as Baba Yaga and everyone tried really hard to do their best writing.

In Maths, we have been focusing on division by sharing and have learnt how to draw in order to solve division problems.


This week's award goes to Jamie for trying really hard with his sounds when writing his diary and writing some words completely independently. Well done Jamie!

Football vs Foulds


We had our second game in our mixed league on Tuesday where children from after school club played against Foulds Primary School. By the end of the first half, the score was 2-1 to Foulds and Tyler scored a great goal followed by some fantastic attempts from the rest of the players. Throughout the game, our children showed resilience, team work, skill and perseverance. They never gave up when goals were conceeded and represented Livingstone brilliantly. We couldn't be happier with how they conducted themselves on the pitch and off. Despite the loss, our team will come back fighting and we can't wait to see what happens in our next game.

Well done to Arbel, Matteo, Qamarzada, Matteo, Ged, Charlie, Stephanos, Noah and Freddie.

Barnet Education Arts Trust (BEAT)

Barnet Education Arts Trust’s (BEAT) Saturday morning Academies are now fully open & have opportunities for children aged 3-7 to join their Foundation Stage classes in January 2022.

Deadline for signing up is 10th December 2021.


Diary Dates

November 2021

Monday 29th:

INSET Day - School closed to pupils

December 2021

Wednesday 1st:

Year 5 and 6 Girls Football Match v Trent School - Home 3.15 pm

Thursday 2nd:

Year 5 and 6 Netball Match v Churchill - Home 3.15 pm

Non-uniform Day - Cakes and Pre-loved Toys

Friday 3rd:

Christmas Fair and Santa Visit

No Yoga Club this week

Wednesday 8th:

Years 5 and 6 Boys Football Match v Northside - Home 3.15 pm

Thursday 9th:

Parent Champion coffee morning - 8.45 am

Nursery PM and Reception Christmas Songs to parents/carers - 2.30 pm

Friday 10th:

Activity Clubs finish for Autumn 2

Christmas Jumper Day with £1 donation to Save the Children (optional)

Nursery and Reception Christmas songs to parents/ carers - 9.10 am

Christmas Show to Year 1 parents/carers only (tickets will be sent next week) - 1:45pm

Monday 13th:

Activity Clubs for Spring 1 go online for booking 8.00 am

Christmas Show to Year 2 parents/carers only (tickets will be sent next week) - 9:00am

Tuesday 14th:

Christmas Show to Year 3 parents/carers only (tickets will be sent next week) - 9:00am

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 class parties

Wednesday 15th:

Christmas Dinner Day

Thursday 16th:

Rec - Year 6 Church Christmas Celebration. Unfortunately this year we cannot have parents/ carers attending due to the limits on numbers. Please let the school know if you do not wish your child/ren to attend this event

Years 1 and 2 class parties

Friday 17th:

School finishes for Autumn term at 2 pm - No Cabin Club

School Holiday:

Monday 20th December 2021 - Monday 3rd January 2022

Pupils return to school on Tuesday 4th January 2022 for start of the Spring Term

More dates will follow...

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