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September Week 4

Friday 27th September

Wednesday evening was a night to remember for Livingstone School as we won a string of awards at the Barnet Sports Partnership Awards. We won Gold for KS1 and KS2 and top prize for Participation. However the star of the event was Jana, who not only opened the ceremony with a dazzlingly rhythmic gymnastics display, but also went on to win the prize for Outstanding Sporting Achievement for a Primary Pupil. Well done, Jana – we could not be more proud!

Congratulations to the whole team: Miss Fairley, Mr Thomas, Mrs Church and Mr Boucon who were there to accept the awards on behalf of the school but thank you also to Mr Ward who attended on behalf of the governors. Well done everyone!


Year 3Stone Age Trip

Year 3 looked at Stone Age Artefacts and made predictions about what they were and how they were used in Stone Age times. They found out about each one including tools, weapons, beeswax, reindeer antlers and flint. 

They acted like hunter gatherers and walked around the nature reserve trying to locate 5 different species of plant that would be used for different purposes in the Stone Age. They also found out about the fire triangle and what people in prehistoric times used to make. Lastly, the pupils did a carousel of enquiry's using more artefacts to develop their knowledge of prehistoric animals and their features.

The enquiry questions were  'Whose tooth?' 'Whose skull?' 'Whose claw?' 

Also, as an unexpected bonus Year 3 got to sit in a replica Viking longboat!


Year 4 Harvest Assembly

Year 4 and all the pupils sang beautifully and inspired us with the meaning of harvest and the importance of farming in our lives.  Thank you to everyone for all the generous donations. 

We were especially happy to welcome Autumn Gardens Care Home to our Assembly and are looking forward to more collaboration between the home and our school.

The food is being donated to the Friend in Need Charity in East Barnet Village to be shared amongst local residents in need of help.

Thank you to Miss Fairley and Mrs Boucon for preparing such an enjoyable assembly.

Livingstone Achievement Awards










Eva for being a fabulous gymnast during PE

Georgie for persisting during Phonics and Olivia for consistently trying hard all day!

Leah for excellent Maths work. Maddie for great attitude and completing all her work on time!

Rehan for fantastic balancing in PE

Kaitlin for excellent presentation in all her work. Aidan for excellent writing in English.

Stephanos for excellent participation in all our lessons.

Lexi for a lovely emotive letter in English

Andra for always giving 100% and being a good role model. CJ for his positive attitude and determination.

Intisam for her enthusiasm and effort in writing.

Yididia for fantastic rounding in Maths

Kamyar for his work in Science.

Benjamin for his fantastic use of colons in English.

Betul for an excellent piece of writing in English.

Zoe for always being engaged with learning and striving to do her best.

Harry L for challenging himself and having an excellent attitude towards learning.


Alex  for outstanding mental Maths skills


Kamyar for excellent rounding in Maths

Diary Dates

Monday 30th

Year 5 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am and 3:15pm



In the classroom

October 2019

Tuesday 1st

Year 3 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am and 3:15pm



In the classroom

Wednesday 2nd

Reception Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am and 3:15pm



In the classroom


Year 6 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am and 3:15pm



In the classroom

Thursday 3rd

Year 1 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am and 3:15pm



In the classroom

Friday 4th

Year 6 Shakespeare Workshops – am and pm





Year 2 Great Fire of London Workshop




Monday 7th

Year 2 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am and 3:15pm



In the classroom

Tuesday 8th

Year 4 Impact Meeting for parents and pupils 9am and 3:15pm



In the classroom

Wednesday 9th

Parent Consultations 9am – 12pm



Y1, 2, 3, 4 and KF1


Parent Consultations 1.30pm – 3.30pm



Nur, Y5, 6 and KF2

Thursday 10th

Parent Consultations 4.30 -6.30pm




Monday 14th

Activity Club bookings to go online for Autumn 2 – 8am




Friday 18th

Clubs finish for half term




HALF TERM – Monday 21st – Friday 25th October 2019

Monday 28th

Activity Clubs begin this week for Autumn 2

Y1 - 6



November 2019

Monday 4th

English Clubs to begin this week for Autumn 2

Y2 - 6



Monday 8th

Flu Nasal Spray

Rec – Y6



Monday 11th

Friendship Week




Friday 15th

Parent Representative Meeting – 9am




Monday 18th





December 2019




Monday 9th

Activity Club bookings go online for Spring 1 – 8am




Thursday 12th

Nursery and Reception Assembly - 2.30pm

N and Rec



Friday 13th

Nursery and Reception Assembly - 9am

N and Rec




Clubs finish for end of term

Y1 - 6



Thursday 19th

School finishes for end of term – 2pm




SCHOOL HOLIDAY – Monday 23rd December 2019 – Friday 3rd January 2020

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