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At Livingstone, we give children opportunities to write in a creative way using a wide range of high-quality texts as a stimulus. Each half term, a new text is studied and brought to life through daily ‘Talk For Writing’ English lessons.

First, a text is explored and analysed through story-mapping, drama activities and language studies. Once pupils have a better understanding, they begin to look at the purpose and audience of the text by focusing on the language, sentence structure and grammar. After this, the text is used as a stimulus for whole-class, paired and independent writing while following the writing process: planning, drafting, editing, improving, presenting and evaluating.


Children are modelled and taught cursive handwriting from Year One with the aim of developing a writing style that is legible, fluid and consistent by the end of Year Six. They begin using pencil and once they’re able to correctly form their letters in a cursive style, they earn a handwriting pen.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1, pupils are taught reading and writing using phonics. Daily lessons take place following the ‘Read Write Inc.’ programme. Children take part in activities as a class, in partners and independently to improve their decoding and blending skills so that they can become confident fluent readers.


From Year 3, we use the ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ programme to teach spelling in a fun interesting way. As well as learning different ways to remember spellings so each child develops their own spelling style, most of the lessons involve investigating and exploring letter strings and spelling patterns through games, partnered activities and whole-class learning. Instead of weekly spelling tests, we assess the children’s progress using dictation activities and by assessing the spelling in their work books.

For a more detailed overview of what topics are taught in each year group please refer to the Curriculum Map in the Curriculum Booklet. 

The National Curriculum for English: click here

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