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In Geography, pupils develop their knowledge of different places, people, cultures, natural environments and human settlements. Pupils are encouraged to explore their topics through real-life experience, research and discussion, and through ongoing activities such as map-reading. The children regularly take part in organised educational visits to help develop their geographical understanding of their local area, the UK and the wider world. 

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and Year 1, children engage in weekly Forest School activities using our own pond and wildlife area as well as visiting the local parks and woodlands.  Year 2 learn all about Transport within our local area and, in the summer, enjoy a wonderful day at the seaside learning all about the coastal environment.  In Year 3, focus turns to the Hilly and Mountainous areas of the UK and beyond; and this theme extends in Year 4 to the exciting topic of Earthquakes and Volcanoes - always a favourite!  In Year 5, children learn all about Rivers and Water Systems and, in Year 6, attention turns to South America and the Rainforest.   Geographical skills including 'map-reading' and 'research' develop as the children progress in their Geographical studies.

Livingstone has been awarded both the Bronze and the Silver 'Primary Geography Quality Mark' through the Geographical Association which demonstrates our commitment to the teaching and learning of Geography across the whole school.

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The school has worked hard to develop the teaching and learning of Geography to meet both the requirements of the National Curriculum and also to make it relevant and exciting for our own children.  Planning is now differentiated into three tiers of challenge - known as 'Chilli Challenges' - which the children are encouraged to work through.

We have also looked closely at our 'Progression of Skills' - ensuring that Curriculum content is supported by children's developing Geographical skills across all year groups.

The teaching teams have developed 'Knowledge Organisers' that outline all key learning and vocabulary for each unit of work.  Children and parents can use these to ensure that the key areas of learning are being well covered and understood by the children.

The school continues to invest in the services of outside agencies such as the Geographical Association, Digimap for Schools and Oddizzi, all of which provide a wide range of inspirational geographical teaching and learning strategies.

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