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In History, pupils develop their knowledge about Britain’s past and the wider world. It inspires pupils’ curiosity to know about the past and develop skills such as questioning, critical thinking and analysing arguments and evidence. We learn about how different people lived and how different their lives could be, making comparisons with the present. We teach History through an enquiry-led approach encouraging our pupils to be curious, analytic thinkers and learners; it is taught using a subject specific set of skills, knowledge and vocabulary to be built upon each year.



Curriculum Map

Year Group




Year 1

Changes within living memory


Significant people – Queen Elizabeth II
History theme - Commonwealth

Year 2

Great Fire of London

Curriculum Links: Geography - River Thames

History Theme – Settlements/Civilisations



Year 3

Stone Age to Iron Age

Curriculum Links: Art – Cave Art

History Theme - Civilisations

Ancient Egypt

Curriculum Links: Irrigation – Y5 Rivers topic

History Theme: Civilisations


Year 4

Ancient Greece

Curriculum Links: PE – Athletics

History Theme: Empire and Civilisations


Curriculum Links: Art – Mosaics

Y2 – Transport

Maths – Roman numerals Y5 & Y6

History Theme: Invasions and Civilisations


Year 5


Anglo Saxons and Vikings

History Theme: Exploration, Civilisations and Invasions


Curriculum Links: Geography – Trade

History Theme: Exploration & The Empire

Year 6

The Victorians

Curriculum Links: Art – William Morris

History Theme: Empire and the Commonwealth

World War Two

History Theme: Invasions


New Developments

History has been tailored to a ‘Big Question’ which will be answered through specifically planned lessons and ‘Chilli Challenges’. This provides our lessons with a clear focus and depth of study. We identify local links when appropriate and use the ‘Pupil Voice’ to make learning engaging and relevant. Pupils learn through a range of mediums including Literature, Art, Drama, and Multimedia including technology and Music and organised education visits. We have also looked closely at our 'progression of skills' - ensuring that curriculum content is supported by children's developing historical skills across all year groups. The teaching teams have developed 'knowledge organisers' that outline all key learning for each unit of work.  Children have access to these to ensure that these key areas of learning are being well covered and understood by the children. We have also signed up to the ‘Historical Association’ to further teachers’ subject knowledge and we also have access to ‘Key Stage History’ to support with planning.


Examples of Educational Visits

The pupils go on educational visits from Nursery to Year 6. These include a transport exploration in Y2, focusing on how it has changed over the years, a Y3 Stone Age Experience, Y5 trips to the Golden Hinde and Hatfield House and a Y6 visit to the RAF Museum.

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