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The humanities help children to understand the world we live in now and how things were in the past.  These topics are taught in a variety of exciting ways and link well with English and ICT.

Themed weeks when the whole school focuses on a shared topic are highly motivating for the pupils and have produced high quality work.  This is usually shared in an assembly at the end of the week.


In Geography, pupils develop their knowledge about different places, people, cultures, natural resources and human environments. Pupils are encouraged to explore their topics though hands on experiences, discussions, using multimedia equipment and through specific research such as map reading. The children regularly take part in organised educational visits in order to develop geographical understanding of their local area the UK and the wider world.

Livingstone has been award the Silver Primary Geography Quality Mark which demonstrates our teaching and learning of Geography across the whole school.

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In 2020, the school has worked hard to develop the Geography Curriculum to meet both the requirements of the National Curriculum - but also to make it as relevant to our own children as we can.  Planning is now differentiated into three tiers of challenge - known as 'chilli challenges' which the children are encouraged to work through.

We have also looked closely at our 'progression of skills' - ensuring that curriculum content is supported by children's developing geographical skills across all year groups.

The teaching teams have developed 'knowledge organisers' that outline all key learning for each unit of work.  Children and parents have access to these to ensure that these key areas of learning are being well covered and understood by the children.

The school continues to invest in the services of outside agencies such as the Geographical Society, Digimap for Schools - and, from November 2020, Oddizzi, which provides a wide range of inspirational geographical teaching and learning ideas.





We teach History through an enquiry-led approach encouraging our pupils to be curious, analytic thinkers and learners; it is taught using a subject specific set of skills, knowledge and vocabulary to be built upon each year. History has been tailored to a ‘Big Question’ which will be answered through specifically planned lessons and ‘Chilli Challenges’. This provides our lessons with a clear focus and depth of study. We identify local links when appropriate and use the ‘Pupil Voice’ to make learning engaging and relevant. Pupils learn through a range of mediums including Literature, Art, Drama, and Multimedia including technology and Music and organised education visits.

For a more detailed overview of what topics are taught in each year group please refer to the Curriculum Map in the Curriculum Booklet. 

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