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Sporting Events 2018-2019

Tag rugby oe 3

10th October 2018

Tag Rugby @ Barnet Elizabethan’s Football/Rugby Club

On Wednesday 10th October, Year 5 participated in a Tag Rugby Festival. The children did exceptionally well especially as they were playing against other children from Years 6. Well done to all the children who took part.

18th October 2018

Primary Cross Country @ Allianz Park

Children from Years 4-6 went to Allianz Park and took part in a mile race. Each child proudly represented our school and achieved great scoring positions against other schools from Barnet. We even managed to get a bronze medal. Well done to everyone who took part.

Girls football

8th November 2018

Athletics @Q.E Girls School 

​On Thursday 8th November, children from years 5/6 participated in an indoor athletics competition. The children had practised super hard with our P.E apprentice, Sarah, and some children managed to win their races. Well done to everyone who took part!

Sittin volleyball

4th December 2018

KS1 Sport Christmas Festival @ Allianz Park

On Tuesday 4th December, children from Years 1 and 2 attended a Christmas themed sports event at Allianz Park. These children were selected because they have been attending our ‘Active Club’ throughout the autumn term which is run by our sports apprentice, Sarah. At the event, the children took part in a wide variety of fun activities to inspire and engage children in sport.


Netball intra house 3.jpg

7th February 2019

Livingstone Girls Vs Foulds

Year 5/6 girls played their last game in the Barnet League and what a game it was! Triumphantly, 5 goals were scored overall leaving the score 5-0. The girls have played fantastically together making Livingstone proud. They have been ever so dedicated to team practice and have had an excellent sporting attitude to working as a team. Well done to Roxy, Sarah, Karolina, Daisy, Darina, Zoe, Isabella, Sophia and Naomi.

5th February 2019

Netball Tournament 

On Tuesday 5th February, children from years 4-6 went to Copthall School to participate in a netball borough competition. In total, we played 5 matches, winning one. The whole team showed a fantastic sporting attitude and resilience throughout. Well done to Shyam, Shivani, Darina, Sarah, Olivia, Daisy, Jordan, Leo and Adam.



Sitting Volleyball

On Wednesday, children from Years 5/6 travelled to the Westway Centre to compete in the first ever Sitting Volleyball competition  London Youth Games. We had finished on top in the previous competition which meant we could progress to the final where other schools from different boroughs competed against each other.   It was a massive achievement to get this far so the children should be immensely proud of themselves. With determination and fantastic team work, we progressed through various matches coming in 16th. Well done to Johnathan, Soren, Spyros, Archie, Alfie, Naomi and Ryley.

11th March 2019

Tag Rugby game against Brunswick Park

Children from years 5 and 6 took part in our last tag rugby game of the season against Brunswick Park. The children have been working extremely hard at our training sessions and this was evident in the match. Our team had more confidence and motivation to succeed. Even though the children were driven to win, we lost but only by one try. The game ended 7-6 to Brunswick. Despite losing, it was by the far the best we have played so well done to Sarah, Luke, Shyam, Charlie, Darina, Omar, Ryley, Zoe, Daisy, Isaiah, Jack, Roxy and Alfie.

19th March 2019

KS2 Cross Country

Children from Years 4-6 took part in a cross country competition at Allianz Park.  Each child had to run a mile through the muddy fields and despite the weather, they did amazingly. Those who had taken part in this race before had improved, finishing in quicker positions.  The children represented our school with such determination and motivation so well done to Roxy, Darina, Sarah, Finley, Mo, Charlie, Alfie, Jordan, Ollie, Sammie and Scarlett.  

27th March 2019

Y5/6 Boys Football vs All Saints

On Wednesday, boys from years 5 and 6 played in their last league match. Both teams started the game with high levels of confidence and determination. All Saints managed to score two goals which drove Livingstone into a great comeback scoring one goal by Ryley and narrowly missing another. The game ended 2-1 to All Saints but Livingstone stayed positive and demonstrated excellent sporting ethos. Well done to Ryley, Harry.L. Kiah, Malachi, Adam, JJ, Baheer, Mo and Charlie.

1st April 2019

Year 4 Dodgeball Intra-house competition.

Throughout the week, Year 4 had taken part in our annual dodgeball competition. Children were split into their house teams to win matches so that they could progress into the final. 4F had their class competition on Monday whereby the red team were successful. Then, on Tuesday, 4SB competed to determine a winner to play against 4F. Their class winner was the yellow team making an eventful final. It is fair to say that the classroom corridors were full of exciting cheers. 4F red team played against 4SB yellow team and the house colour that was triumphant was….the red team from 4F!

4th April 2019

QuadKids Athletics

Livingstone took part in our first Quad athletics competition whereby we had 4 boys and 4 girls compete in 4 activities: long jump, vortex through, 600m run and 75m sprint. We had some amazing scores where Zoe and Ryley came first in their sprint. Luke came first in the vortex throw. Roxy came first in the 600m run. Isabella. M and Karolina came third in the mixed sprint race. In the 600m, Alfie came sixth and Finley finished seventh It was a wonderful day and the children were complimented on how well behaved they were. Overall, Livingstone positioned 11th out of 17. Well done to everyone who took part.

22nd May 2019

KS2 Gymnastics Intra-house Competition

During Summer 1 term, 4F, 4SB, 5BB and Y6 have had gymnastics with our wonderful P.E coach Miss Madden. Within their lessons, children have worked collaboratively and creatively to compose a rhythmic gymnastics sequence to demonstrate all the skills they have learnt. In their house teams, they performed to various judges who awarded points reflecting skills within gymnastics. The standard across the school was phenomenal. We were lucky to see such skilful performances. However, one team had to come out on top. With all the scores added together, in fourth place was the yellow team. In third place was the red team and in second was the blue team. Making the green team victorious. Well done to all the children who have shown great sporting values within their P.E lessons.

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21st June 2019

Y5/6 Livingstone Football Festival

At Livingstone, we are incredibly lucky to have such amazing facilities and the ground space that we have. Every year we host a football festival for children to engage in friendly competitive sport.  The children demonstrated excellent sporting values and thoroughly enjoyed the range of games they played. Even though they had little training, the children worked as a team and we even had some great goals. Well done to both teams!

Football festival teams grouped
Primary Cross Country 2.jpg

8th November 2018


On Thursday 8th November, Year 5/6 girls played their first game in the Girls League for Barnet. If you had watched the game, you wouldn't have guessed that it was their first time playing together.  With the positive attitude, motivation and determination the girls managed to score a goal, winning their first match!


29th November 2018

Sitting Volleyball

Livingstone attended their first ‘Sitting Volleyball’ competition at Totteridge Academy on Thursday 29th November. It was a new and exciting event with children from Kingfisher 2 and children from Years 5-6. Even though the children had never played this sport before, they were absolutely fantastic. The children were praised for their excellent partnership and teamwork. This led Livingstone taking a gold and silver award! The children who won gold will also represent our school at the London Youth Games. A massive well done to everyone that took part. 

18th December 2018

Y5 Netball Intrahouse Competition

Livingstone has had it’s first intrahouse competition of the year! Year 5 took part in a netball competition in their house teams; yellow, green, red and blue. 5BB and 5S had to have a class competition to determine the house winner to complete agaisnt the oppoisite class. For the first time, we had the same house colouring winning both... the yellows! However, we had to determine whether the yellows from 5BB or 5S were the overall winners. The class that came out on top were 5S! Well done to both teams but a big congratulations to Kiera, Roxy, Mahek, Maya, Alfie, Roxy and Adam who won 2-1.

7th February 2019

Livingstone Boys Vs Foulds

Year 5/6 boys played against Foulds, at home, and showed amazing skills. Out of all the games played so far, this match demonstrated how well they can work as a team and the effort they have put into their practice. The boys dominated the first half but sadly the game ended 2-2. With this, it was tie but the boys should be immensely proud of how much improvement they have made. Well done to Ryley, Harry.L, Kiah, Kacper, Archie, Adam, Joviel, Charlie, Baheer, JJ and Mo.

13th February 2019

Wednesday 13th February 2019

Year 5 Volleyball Intra-house

Last half term, Year 5 were learning how to play volleyball as part of their P.E lessons with Mr Prior. As this was their sport for the term, we decided to have our first volleyball competition. Year 5BB and 5S were split into their house teams and played against each other to gain points. The points from both classes were combined. In fourth place was the red team. Third place was the green team. Second place was yellow making the blue team the overall winners! Well done to the whole of year 5 for demonstrating how much they have learnt over the term.

13th February 2019

Year 5 Volleyball Intra-house

Last half term, Year 5 were learning how to play volleyball as part of their P.E lessons with Mr Prior. As this was their sport for the term, we decided to have our first volleyball competition. Year 5BB and 5S were split into their house teams and played against each other to gain points. The points from both classes were combined. In fourth place was the red team. Third place was the green team. Second place was yellow making the blue team the overall winners! Well done to the whole of year 5 for demonstrating how much they have learnt over the term.

14th March 2019

KS1 Teddy Bear Sporting Festival

On Thursday,children from years 1 and 2 were selected to take part in a fun sporting event involving their favourite teddy! This event was designed to inspire children to get active and take part in a range of engaging activities. As you can tell from all the smiles, the children had a blast.

15th March 2019

Livingstone Cross Country Intra-house Competition

At Livingstone, we pride ourselves in leading competitions where children can compete in various competitions to represent their house colour team. The time had come for our annual KS2 in school competition.  Years 3-4 had to run one lap of the field and Years 5-6 had to run 2. We are so proud of all the children who completed the race to gain points for their house team. We combined all the scores together and the overall winner was.... Blue team! Well done to everyone who took part.

KS2 Cross country

20th March 2019

 Y4 Football

Children from Year 4 took part in a power league football competition against other schools in Barnet.  Despite not having much training or playing together as a team, the children did exceptionally well. Before the matches had even started, their sporting attitude was fantastic showing an excellent sporting ethos. They played a total of four matches; lost one, won one and drew two. Well done to Nikhil, Aiden, CJ, Kal-el, Tyler, Ollie and Tommy.

Thursday 28th March

Y5 Tag Rugby Festival

Children from Y5 attended a tag rugby festival at Allianz Park and they represented our school superbly. We were at a disadvantage as we were the only school that had Year 5 players and we had to quickly adapt our rugby league rules to suit rugby union. However, this did not stop Livingstone. The children persevered and with great determination, managed to win our last two games. Not only did we manage to win a few games, we were lucky enough to meet players from the England rugby team!

Dodgeball Intrahouse comp

2nd April 2019

Netball Livingstone vs Churchill

On the 2nd of April, Livingstone played an excellent game against Churchill. Unfortunately, we were not able to play all four quarters so we only played 3 due to bad weather. However, we had a fabulous score. 9-0 to Livingstone!

Players were Sarah.C, Darina, Daisy, Karolina, Adam, Jordan and Shyam.

By Shivani Y6.

4th April 2019

 Netball Livingstone vs Monkfrith

On the 4th April, Livingstone played Monkfrith. Both teams played extremely well and were very well matched. The final score was 3-3 after a very exciting game. Players were Sarah.c, Daisy, Adam, Maria, Shyam, Jordan and a special thank you to Sophia and Shivani for stepping in to play at the last minute.

4th June 2019

KS1 Sports Day

KS1 Sports Day 04.06.19

Tuesday was Reception to Year 3’s Sports Day. What a day it was. The children displayed great sporting values and real patience with the events.  The event started with a heart-warming race demonstrated by nursery swiftly followed by a venue change. Due to the weather, we had to move the races indoors where children competed it an egg and spoon race and a sprints relay race. All the points were added across the year groups to determine an overall house winner. In 4th place was the blue team. In 3rd place was the red team. With only a few points separating second and first place, in second place was the green team. Thus, yellows were the winners! Well done to all the children and thank you to the parents/carers who came to support.

sports day winners
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