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Sporting Events 2019 - 2020


8th November 2019

Yr 3/4 Cheerleading Festival

On Friday, children were selected to take part in a fantastic new opportunity...cheerleading! Children had been looking forward to this all week and were thrilled to get the chance to make routines, practice balances and make some pom-poms.  The children were extremely well behaved and represented the school perfectly. It was an exciting day out and you can tell by their faces that they had a lot of fun!

17th October 2019

KS1 Gymnastics and Dance Festival 

Children from KS1 had a fantastic time at the sports festival at Totteridge Academy. It was an eventful afternoon where children took part in a range of activities from dance, balancing, jumping, skipping challenges and parachute games. There were smiles all around.  Well done to Arbel, Calvin, George, Bianca, Ruby, Nadine, Lukas, Medina, Matthew and Alberio who modelled all of our core Livingstone values.

10th October 2019

KS2 Cross Country

On Thursday, children who took part in trials attended a cross country competition against other schools in Barnet. With practice and determination, the children managed to finish with great scores. Sammie from 5B came 6th, Gabriella (5S) came 14th. Zoe from Year 6S came 14th and Maisie from Year 4 came 17th.  It was a lovely day out and everyone who participated modelled great sporting attitudes. Well done to Noah, Tyler, Amie, Aiden, Ollie, Alfie and Alexandros and Roxy.  Thank you to the parents and carers who came to support.

Sports Festivals at East Barnet School

We are very lucky to have connections with our local schools and we are fortunate enough that East Barnet host sporting festivals for all year groups. Students from East Barnet lead a variety of activities for the children to participate in such as trampolining, bowling and volleyball. 

Year 3/4 New Age Kurling 15.1

Children were selected to represent Livingstone at a New Age Kurling event. The children modelled superb sporting values and excellent skills where they progressed into the semi-finals placing 4th.  Well done to Jamie, Emmanuel, Zack (Y4), Aiden and Nathan (Y3)

Y6 Boys Football 16.1

Boys from year 6 attended a football competition at Friern Barnet Powerleague. The boys had little practise but this didn’t hold them back. They managed to win 2 games out of 5 where they demonstrated great team work. Well done to JJ, Malachai, Kiah, Adam, Aedan, Harry.L, Samy and Ryley.

KS2 Dodgeball Intra-House Competition

Due to popular demand, years 3-6 took part in our first intra-house competition of the year. Dodgeball! Over the past two weeks, Years 3-6 have been competing in their house colour teams against each other to collect points. These points were added together to determine which house team would come out on top. The overall winning team was the greens!

Y5/6 Netball 22.1

On Wednesday, children from our afterschool club were selected to represent the school at a Barnet Competition with over 180 children attending. We took two teams where they played 5 games each. It was an enjoyable day full of sportsmanship. Both teams modelled great skill and had lots of fun. Well done to Jordan, Maisie, Mahi, David, Karolina, Sammie, Leo, Adam, Daisy, Maria, Naomi, Mahek, Scarlett and Arez. 


Y5/6 Girls Football 30.1

Livingstone Lionesses! Cheers could be heard in support of our girls on Thursday as they demonstrated excellent fighting spirit.  Two teams played 5 games each winning a few, drawing a few and losing but what was most surprising was their attitude after the defeats where they modelled togetherness and perseverance.  We had new additions to the team yesterday making their first competition debut; Hailey, Eleni, Maria and Maya.K.  Congratulations to Hailey, Asia and Daisy who scored the goals. Well done to Hailey, Eleni, Maya.K, Sammie, Scarlett, Gabriella, Daisy, Naomi, Karolina, Asia, Maria, Ella and thank you to the parents who supported us.


KS2 Netball Intra-House

We are very lucky with our P.E curriculum at Livingstone and to integrate some healthy friendly competition, children competed in our second intra-house of the year, netball! KS2 learnt about net games in the last academic term and to round of their learning they were put into their colour teams to take part in some match style games.  All of the points were collated together to give us an overall winner. With 12 points was the red team. With 20 points was the blue team. With 32 points was the green team so with 39 points the yellow team won! The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the netball match and it was a great afternoon.

Y4 Football 4.3

On Wednesday 2nd March, children from the year 4 football club represented Livingstone at Friern Barnet Powerleague. The children were eager and excited to put on our kit and wear our badge proudly! They played a total of 5 games winning two and drawing one.  Well done to Maisie, Amie, Sinan, Ged, Freddie, Charlie, Tyler and Louis.

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