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At Livingstone School we believe that every child matters. We recognise that every individual within the school is important and that his or her needs should be met. We recognise that for inclusion to be successful some children’s needs may be different and they will need to be educated accordingly. We value the diversity within our school and celebrate our similarities and differences.
As part of our Inclusion Policy, we recognise the needs of the SEN child, encompassing pupils in our Kingfisher resource provision for ASD children. Children who have English as a second language, refugees, travellers and gifted and talented pupils are encouraged and supported in order for them to achieve their maximum potential in the learning environment. Race and sex equality is of paramount importance at Livingstone School and we aim to celebrate diversity through special events such as Black History Month and Cultural Dance Day.
We recognise that children and adults have different teaching and learning styles. We aim to have a variety of kinaesthetic, auditory and visual opportunities to support children’s learning.


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