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Our Learners


At Livingstone Primary and Nursery School we believe that every child is a unique individual and that each child should be taught to achieve national standards and beyond and have an equal opportunity for learning.

Our vision is for all children to access the whole curriculum whilst developing a lifelong love of learning.

Our core values are shared and embedded across the school. Each half term we focus on a new core value which is discussed in lessons and assemblies.

Our core values are respect, friendship, responsibility, care, determination, honesty, appreciation, cooperation, understanding and patience.

We endeavour to

  • Help each child to develop a lively and enquiring mind and by so doing realise his or her maximum potential.
  • To achieve high standards in every activity that is undertaken.
  • Ensure effective delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum which will enable each pupil to acquire a firm foundation of knowledge, skills, understanding and interest that will be useful and relevant to him/her in future education and later years.
  • Promote respect for religious beliefs, to uphold British values, to teach and nurture moral values, tolerance towards those who hold different views, and a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Provide a safe, well-managed, stimulating, meaningful environment for the encouragement of learning.
  • Provide equality of educational opportunity for all children.
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