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The Den

The Den is set up as a safe welcoming place for both children and adults which provides emotional support. As Pastoral Manager I am in the privileged position to work with all children and families. The Den is used for many different reasons but the overall description is “To break down barriers towards learning”.

If anything is stopping a child from learning for whatever reason then it is our job to help.


Diane Burgess - Pastoral Manager

As Pastoral Manager I need to be asking myself:-

  • How can the learning meet the children’s needs?
  • What can I help to put in place for the children to progress and achieve?
  • Do I have an overview of all interventions in place?
  • Do I have knowledge of other factors which could contribute to a lack of progress? Eg...Behaviour/ attendance information.......are there emerging patterns?

Lunchtime Den is... a fun happy place to be and the children want to come in and take part in a variety of activities such as crafts, turntaking games and thought provoking challenges. Then, if a child needs help at other times, they feel happy and safe to come in.

I am also a regular visitor to classrooms and deal with the “hidden curriculum”

In this time, we work on social skills, life skills and concentrating on being the best that we can be!

Anything can affect someone learning and if we can address it early on then we aim to help children reach their full potential.

Quotes from year 5 children

“The DEN is a place that is helpful, creative and you can let your feelings out without anyone else having to know”.


“The DEN is a place where you can discuss your inner thoughts and feelings while thinking about your right and wrong decisions/choices”.

What works for us!

  • Asking the children
  • Being adaptable
  • Fun and different
  • Strive to reach all different learning styles
  • Allow time for reflection
  • Asking open ended questions
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